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Very nice. I was hoping to start a 2D level with all the 3D BG scenery and stuff, and this may help me out. Nice use of secrets, too. And I see that 2D mode is better for 2.0, eh? I hope to see more 2D levels and more good stuff from you. =D


I don't really like these levels.
  • One main reason is the fact that it uses the 2D engine. Control is very sloppy and, most of the time, you can't see what's ahead.
  • The level's fairly monotonous. There's a large amount of generic Spring platforming.
  • The flow's awkward. It's hard to get a good amount of speed without stopping because of unseen walls.
  • The textures don't look very nice. It's the same texture on just about every single wall, and the same flat on just about every single floor and ceiling.
  • There aren't many gimmicks to this. The moving platforms move too quickly (and their textures are unfitting), and the current area goes on too slowly.
  • The 3D areas are fairly cramped and short-lived. The transitions aren't very nice, and the 3D levels just aren't very entertaining.

On the plus side, however, there was a decent amount of optional paths to take, and Sector scenery wasn't too bad. However, this doesn't save the level from being somewhat mediocre.


(Er, I accidentally deleted my above post while editing it.)


i would rather not
Let's try again, with feeling this time.

I've found my motivation to continue this pack, and have made a new release. It's nothing major, but here's the change log:

-Improved overall graphics in both acts. (Mainly texture alignments, as well as a due dominant grass texture.)

Act 1:

-Replaced rapid moving platforms (in the 2nd 3D area) with collapsing platforms.
-Added an alternate path in the first 3D area.
-Removed "Sharp" enemy (Don't think anyone noticed it anyways and it seemed out-of-place when I looked at the level again.)
-Some secrets added. Look hard at the ground in the 3D areas.


Two releases are in the main post up there. You know the drill, one with music and one without.

Due to the loss of my flashdrive (and due to my stupidity in not backing up my project), Twilight City Act 1 has been lost. I'll attempt to recreate it from memory and from the posted video, but just know that it will probably not come out for some time.

Oh, and don't expect ZHZ3 anytime soon. Just saying.
I know this is out of date, but Jeck, in my experience, the problem you are talking about is because you don't have room in your computer for the file. You may try moving your file to a large flash drive that has room for all your files for Srb2. I suggest 8 to 24 gigabytes.
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