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Probably a few days.

Anyways! Hey! Please don't double vote, or triple vote, or vote spam. I'm trying to do something nice, so please respect that. (This post was originally a lot angrier; nobody deserves that.)
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The poll might have come and completed, but I've decided to make some quick edits to show merging of certain cases of skin colors.


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I really like Tapeworm's Sunrise and toaster's cobalt. And Dirk's blueish clay textured colour from page 1..
I'm not entering anything into anything but I just thought I'd share my ideas


I only remembered there was a new palette for 2.2 near the end (and IMO the new palette is far better than the old one), but I just did this for fun since I did like to mess with the palette in srb2 for a while
I like the second from last yellow I made, but that might be too close to super-yellow.
Regardless, a lemon-like yellow would be quite nice, maybe..


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I appreciate your work, guys, but it's review your stuff at the moment. This is because I've been busy with the form for stage 2! I've chosen to make only the skincolours applicable to the votes visible this time around. You'll see the total set in stage 3. Probably. Soon enough, at least. This stage will last a few days as well.

Review the text, make your votes, happy rainbows!


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Damn, Frosty on the right looks perfect!

I might as well post the things I made while I was waiting 10 minutes for a map to nodesbuild, and I heard there was gonna be a stage 3 (unless I misunderstood the meaning of stage 3???) :^)


This is Bronze (at least it looks like it?)


This is...a fusion between pink, purple and magenta, let's just call it UltraViolet. I think it looks semi decent.


Sundown. One of my favourite.


Chinese diamond knockoff. It's not really diamond, more like a failure.


Super high contrast grey. Edgy Metal.


Reverse UltraViolet. let's call it InfraViolet. It looks very bad. :)


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That's full name of the colour by the way. It's not too good. The taste, I mean. The color too.

If stage 3 is a thing, uh, RMP I suppose.


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You totally misunderstood its meaning! Stage 3 is intended to involve only existing colours.

I mean, I'll mull over yours and HitCoder's because they do look pretty neat, but it's unlikely at this point.


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Maybe I'm late, Maybe I'm early... I just did them for fun.

Hanzo - Sora (first attempt)


Dr. Pepper


Ancient Aliens

Lime Yellow

Dust Yellow

Blue Larimar



Green Garnet

Pink Guy


RMP the ones who are palette support.
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Finished my submission I guess. Are these, like, gonna be added as new skincolors, because that would be sick.


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Are these, like, gonna be added as new skincolors, because that would be sick.

There is a chance 2.2 may have more skincolours than the ones in this image. If I create them myself, I'll show them off here; if, on the other hand, stuff I find here is sufficiently cool, it COULD end up in the main game

Yeah i'm pretty sure some (or many) might end up in the game.


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Right, suppose I'll state my thoughts on some of the colors and extra bits in the thread itself, in no specific order.

Aether and Snowy seem too similar, same could be said for Slate-Steel BlueAzure, and Peachy-Yogurt
The above also goes for the 3-4 extra colors within the white-black spectrums, though I'll let Bone slide because 1. It seems to look better than white on the newer characters and 2. How could you say no to this face? (...If you did, then say no to this face)
Cloudy is pretty much a combination of grey and silver, Carbon's fair enough, and Jet is okay... ...On the off-chance that someone decides to make a "B-2_Sprit.wad" I mean, CoatRack attempted to make something involving tanks back in 2.0, it could happen!

While I do like Army GreenCamo, I thought that the usage of grey as opposed to a lighter green on the brighter shades would be off-putting to others at first, but it seems it became the only discardable color from Round 1 that wasn't actually killed off, so it has that going for it atleast. Plus, the potential usage would be the character SRB2 really needs!

RosewoodRust's missing potential usage was a missed opportunity to mention the AoSTH/SatAM Tails, seeing as other characters from both were mentioned. But other than that, it does look better on FSonic than 2.1's Rosewood

Lemon's good on the fact that it's pretty much the 2.0 yellow all the while allowing that other yellow to sorta be its own thing.

Sunrise I like for a completely unbiased and reasonable reason

The changes torwards Olive, Tan and Teal are actually quite refreshing. Tan has a more unique hue, Teal seems miles better than what we currently have for it and Olive... ...Looks more Olive I suppose.

Cyan... ...Is actually a bit of a mess. The third-fourth color is too saturated while at the same time not appearing to be brighter, so it only looks passable on Knux and Metal while looking awful on FSonic and Smiles.

Ocean is the supreme an alright form of Blue and you will learn to love somewhat tolerate it!

Vapor I like for a completely unbiased and reasonable reason

The one change to Magenta in 2.2 compared to the 2.1 Purple makes its shine seem less shinier and thus a tiny bit more dull.

Lilac's potential usage would just allow Ken Penders to sue us, all the while missing a quite obvious opportunity to mention another character, but i'm having some trouble remembering their name. ...Nevermind the fact that said color doesn't really seem to be close to the character's. The color itself is a bit decent though, stands out more than Lavender atleast, which i always found to be the weakest color without a palette that changes it to something like Pal_ColorPlus' Purple.

Ruby seems like it could actually be my favourite red along with Crimson, even though the former was put within the Pink category


To be very honest, it was EXTREMELY hard to choose which one's weren't as good, because if I was in charge, I would just let all the colors be added as new skins! But, since many of the best ones will probably be chosen, I'd like to give my thoughts on the best colors I thought should be added in 2.2, and they are: Salmon, Flame, Peachy, Sunset, Apricot, Sandy, Sunrise, Lime, Peridot (YOU CLOD), Forest, Emerald, Mind, Seafoam, Aqua, Teal, Wave, Sky, Sapphire, Icy, Sky, Ocean (Because I REALLY want a dark blue skin that would be awesome), Aether, Dusk, Vapor, Pastel, Bubblegum, Neon, Violet, Rosy (Because Amy and it's a MUCH better and nicer pink), and Ruby. I know, that's pretty much most of the colors, but they all look so COOL, and would be SICK as skins! Yes, 30 new skins, but I don't care.

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