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Snow (RMP)


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also i tried not to copy anyone elses :S

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^^ not sure if someone posted something similar to this

This looks ugly imo
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Russian Blue!

It's grey!

Right, moving on.
An awful attempt at Spectraflair Silver

There aren't many colors out there that are apparently too complex to recreate in the SRB2 palette, but apparently this is one of them. If you can do better than that, then mad props to you.
Fun fact, in certain lighting, Spectraflair "Silver" can look like this

Chameleon Blue

Oh god another color that claims it's blue despite it not being blue
And like the previous TVR color, it can look considerably different under various lighting, and this one can have it so the purple itself is nearly invisible

Mystichrome (Example 2, Example 3)

Now, you may claim that this is an alteration of the previous color, and to those of you who will, i'll say...
Yes. ...Eeeeehh....
Anyway, i suppose i could tag this one as RMP, assuming that it won't glitch up the palette in some awfully weird manner and it's possible to find an absurd reason to include it, something as absurd as "It could get more car enthusiasts in the community so they can actually sprite cars for city-based stages" or something ridiculous

Also, i may be blind to how the game actually deals with the palette, but Speedwagon claimed that SKTGH's Dark Blue is not within the palette range and yet its colors seem to match up with the 2.2 palette, so i'd like to know the reason as to why such Dark Blue wouldn't actually work, or atleast isn't considered as within the palette range.


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I was just leafing through this topic a few days ago and was struck by how much darker Metal looks than everyone else. Whilst this is okay for the regular colours, it messes up with the more experimental, cross-hue combinations, such as rose-violet, seafoam, pulsar and solar. With Blade's permission and guidance, the 2.2 version of Metal (which will probably be one of the first characters available when that's ready, given both our dev statuses) will end up looking something like this. If this gives you any additional inspiration, then feel free to update your existing sets.


(potential alt version 1)
(potential alt version 2)

Speaking of - I've selected a handful for my consideration already, but I'm going to officially mark this contestsque as "ended unless someone does something super super cool" in... let's say about 24 hours. Maybe a little longer if I'm playing Minecraft at the time. At that point, I'll start taking everything that's currently set up (people just seem to be forgetting to type RMP, so I'm going to assume it's desired unless explicitly stated), pick my favourites (with input from other developers), and start implementing them in code form. I'll show the full set at some point in the relatively near future.

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I have admit, I like Alt 1 of the Cobalt/Dark Blue color more than the others.


So I've decided to format all of my colors onto a single image, with the new metal sonic, and add a new skin color, which is my attempt to force #00FFFF into a skin color.
Though, it doesn't look too good on Metal Sonic. Perhaps switch out the third usage of pure cyan with the color below it?


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Super Knuckles but not exactly Super Knuckles so I named it Candy instead because I'm very uncreative but I like this colour anyway!

RMP I guess



Did a quick edit of "Azure-Green" which I suppose I could call a better teal. This version shifts a single shade over, resulting in it looking far less bright on metal sonic. It might be too late for this to go in, though.


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Stage 1 begins! I may or may not have renamed a few. If you see your own and you intentionally didn't type RMP as opposed to just forgetting like most people seemed to do, then please let me know so I can remove it. If you're interested in hearing the reasoning I used to narrow this down, let me know.

Input on which of the VSes you prefer would be appreciated, but may not be followed if I get struck by an idea of my own instead.

EDIT: I forgot to put a VS between the Dusks and Chocolates. I am a fool.
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So, to state my opinions on the skin colors, I'd have to go as follows:

While solar does have a better starting shade, fire ends up ending better. A mix of the two might be favorable.

If I had to choose between Peachy~ and Creamy, I would have to go with Creamy, as it's reasoning behind it to be the skin color of Cream the rabbit is far better than my color, which was just to look nice.

Between Sandy, desert, and brass, I'd have to go with desert, since it fulfills a sand color much better than the other two, with it being as bright as it is.

On the contest of limes, I would have to pick either Astroturf or Seafoam. The other two just have too rapid of a hue adjustment.

With Dark Blue and Ocean, I'd have to go with Oceans smoother range, even though Dark blue does have a nice looking beginning. Perhaps a mixture would be a good contender for Cobalt?

Right Dusk. It looks more pleasing with it being brighter.

Snowy has a better range, with hue shifting not getting in the way.

While I do like rose violet, it doesn't really fit well as a rosewood color like the mixture of pink and rosewood does, so I'd have to go with that.

Left violet is too sharp of a hue change on the dark end, while Right is too much on the light end.

I have no strong opinions on chocolate and sunrise.

Carbon, I'd have to pick the lighter one on the right.

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