CrispyModels: Mid-Poly

CrispyModels: Mid-Poly 1.2


mogus is cool
yea, scjhool is pretty much the main thing keeping me from making good progress on my models lol
do you will make more mods compatible with the model?
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make paper peelout CD because just have paper peelout
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I ran into an issue
Don't know if it's just me, but the peelout treads wont show up


Crispy updated CrispyModels: Mid-Poly with a new update entry:


uhhh yeah so if you for whatever reason have not read the title MODERN SONIC is now here

and heres a list of the other stuff that was updated lmao
-SONIC has a new roll animation, improved running animation and gave him new super flt animation, added highlights to his shoe texture
-SHADOW's blend and texture are updated so it doesn't look like shit when he's super, revamped his skating animation (so you will need to redownload all 3 files for him, the md3, the texture, and the blend)...

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For some reason, I can't use the ModSonic model. I put the CHRISPYMODELS folder in my models folder, I even pasted the model codes in models.dat! What am I doing wrong?


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I like the models, but Modern Sonic has buckles on the inner part of his shoes, other than that, 10/10.


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Can you make your models compatible with sloperollangle? Because it looks like this ingame


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Crispy updated CrispyModels: Mid-Poly with a new update entry:


yup, that's right! after 3 and half months, i return with 3 characters!
it's been so long since the last time that i updated this pack that i don't even remember everything i changed lmao but i'll try
also thanks to pepper for animating tails' swim animation for me lmao

so here's everything that was updated:
-FINALLY finished (and revamped) TAILS after like an entire year of starting him (and i promise he looks a LOT cuter than he did in the initial release)
-added AMY and JUNIO
-changed a...

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Amy looks so cute
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And tails looks cuter
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In a way the Sonic and Tails models kind of remind me of the fighters models.

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