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Creative Worlds Level Pack. 0.27

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Due to unoptimizations in the game, blocking sightlines with ceilings does not actually work to solve lag. To block sightlines, you will want to outright delete sectors, making a "void" in the map of sorts.
That is partially what I meant actually. To makes voids work as an optimization in a non-jarring way (in an outdoor level), you have to slope the ceilings around it as smooth as possible. This is much easier to do with equation slopes and vertices.

Why slope the ceilings, if you have them high above the surface you end up with high pillars in the middle of the level, which may not be what the theme called for. Sloping them can reduce the height of the walls dramatically and ensure flying characters do not look at that part of the level from above.



I was not very impressed with this set of maps. I played it and wanted to be as honest as I could but I found myself getting frequently lost, there was a lot of not too great level conveyance, and then there was a moment like this which feels like it was made exclusively for people who play in first person only. Running through this section just caused me to run straight into enemies I had absolutely no way of seeing. There's a lot of cramped spaces in Lawn World. And there's a lot of really weird decisions made that I just don't like at all.


Found this while I was trying to point something else out

However I think the worst thing to me is level rule consistency and conveyance and I feel . And I don't feel that any other moment makes that more clear (imo) than this

The fact that I can't easily jump back to an earlier part of the level here had me confused the first time I played this level. When I was going through the level I straightup got lost because when I tried to make this jump from the reverse was met with an invisible wall which made me think I wasn't supposed to go that way. And given that there's this wall any time there's an invisible wall had me believe that this was a dead end initially. This kind of stuff is present all over the level pack. This stage in particular has a problem of having too much terrain that looks playable/explorable surrounding it leading to a very confused death.

I can appreciate these levels from the confines of it being a location, but I do not appreciate them at all as Sonic stages. The conveyance isn't very great and I feel like you could do a lot more to help guide the player towards the right path.

Overall I did not have a great time playing through this level pack and feel like a lot of work can be done to help improve the experience.

Ace Dragon

Ace Dragon updated Creative Worlds Level Pack. with a new update entry:

Smaller things, fixes, and quality checks

New version, much smaller this time, but I am getting back to working with the binary format so I can resume releases. I will also start using Software as my renderer again to reduce the chance of major issues sneaking by.

  • Fixed - backwards logic for the Brute Crawlas (in terms of checking z distance) was fixed. The broken logic made them more annoying than they should be
  • Fixed - Poly Object rendering in software, for the WIP zone Greenhouse Scamper
  • Large numbers of excess...

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Ace Dragon

Ace Dragon updated Creative Worlds Level Pack. with a new update entry:

0.26, new Lawn World route and bits and bobs

NEW - Lawn World act 1 now has a new route to take, just remember to not lose the whirlwind shield at the beginning to access it.
FIXED - SOC error breaking a Skyward Garden emblem
- A couple of texture alignments were also fixed (tm).
- Easier to hit starpost near the start of LWZ 1

In addition, a couple of changes in 0.25 I forgot to add. More playable space in BCZ 2 with rings and goodies to find, slight changes to make a few starposts (not the LWZ ones) easier to hit, and some extra...

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Ace Dragon

Ace Dragon updated Creative Worlds Level Pack. with a new update entry:

Changes, fixes, additions

  • Skyward Garden - extension of the Amy and Fang route. The temple annex is live.
  • Skyward Garden - a few colormap and detail changes in the temple sections
  • Skyward Garden - fix a few sectors that did not get tagged as a deathpit
  • Broadside Cliffs (both main acts) - additive shading for all light beams (instead of simple transparency
  • Default Castle Eggman thumbnail for Skyward Garden Act 2 WIP (barely started) replaced with a placeholder box
  • I noticed Skyward Garden Act...

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EDIT: Imagery of the recently added sections (in Lawn World Act 1 and in Skyward Garden Act 1).

The framerate is just the product of the gifs being compressed (to fit in 8MB).
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