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Kart Krew™️
This is a modification of SRB2's default palette to use more colors that many pixel artists use. As a result, the colors are much more vibrant. You may include this with your mods without permission, but credit would be nice~

There's also new flash colors for the Teleport and Recycler monitors, along with a new Nuke-shield explosion color, and several flashes that can only be used by Lua scripting. Palettes 5-13 aren't used in SRB2 by default, but you use P_FlashPal in Lua to use them. All except 0 and 4 will show as a white flash without this file.

List of flash palettes:
0: Normal
1: White
2: Inverted White (Teleport Monitor)
3: Hue-Shift Green (Recycler Monitor)
4: Red (Armageddon Explosion)
5: Orange
6: Yellow
7: Green
8: Teal
9: Blue
10: Purple
11: Pink
12: Hue-Shift
13: Invert


  • Pal-ColorPlus.zip
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  • Greenflower Zone.png
    Greenflower Zone.png
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  • Techno Hill Zone.png
    Techno Hill Zone.png
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  • Deep Sea Zone.png
    Deep Sea Zone.png
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  • Castle Eggman Zone.png
    Castle Eggman Zone.png
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  • Arid Canyon Zone.png
    Arid Canyon Zone.png
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  • Red Volcano Zone.png
    Red Volcano Zone.png
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  • Egg Rock Zone.png
    Egg Rock Zone.png
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  • Pipe Towers Zone.png
    Pipe Towers Zone.png
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  • Aerial Garden Zone.png
    Aerial Garden Zone.png
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  • Azure Temple Zone.png
    Azure Temple Zone.png
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  • Thunder Citadel Zone.png
    Thunder Citadel Zone.png
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  • Lime Forest Zone.png
    Lime Forest Zone.png
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  • Skin Colors.gif
    Skin Colors.gif
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  • Palette.png
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The unreliable judge
Well this is quite interesting. I'm no authority on colour theory and the like, so I'll have to pass any critique onto those who are better at this kind of thing than me. But this all works in game perfectly fine, so I'm happy to pass this.


Roach when Sonic
Sonic Team Junior
Whoah, this is a really neat thing to see. As an artist, I find this to be a wonderful palette edit. The colors look very nice with a really vivid tone to them, it makes the game be a lot more colorful. I specially like the contrast in the red palette, it's a huge aesthetic improvement, not to mention the skin colors don't clash badly with each other as well, as most of them seem to keep the same amount of saturation now.

I also really like the detail of differing the flash colors. It's really nice being able to tell them apart now.


This palette makes SRB2 look incredibly vibrant and much more colorful than it did before. I really love it.


Kart Krew™️
hi roach

Thanks! I never really considered myself to be the best at coloring, but it pleases me to hear you say this!

Also I've been working on getting a sorta inkish color (one that I've seen in pixel art a lot for gray colors to give more depth) for the white-black colors. I like it, but I'm not sure about releasing it.


I've also been thinking of redoing some colors, but we'll see.
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Roach when Sonic
Sonic Team Junior
I support the idea of keeping the white and black colors with that tone. It's something very fitting to the current saturation you kept in the WAD, and a lot of Sonic games had it vivid like that, so I say go for it.


Kart Krew™️
Yay new version.

Includes these new things!
*New, vibrant Gray range! Who knew you could do that!
*More equal Teal range! Now it fades better!
*Equalized regular Green! Fade-tastic!
*More pretty pictures for the thread!
*A .gif showing all of the skincolors! It's a colorful one.
*Different FLASHPAL! Same colors, just a couple RGB values are slightly different!

Okay, to be honest, I was stretching to try and add as much stuff as possible to warrant downloading this again. Hey, I hope you at least think the new gray is cool! Literally. It makes metal structures look really cold.

Anyways, it up there.


KartKrew Dev
Sonic Team Junior
Kart Krew™️
Ohoho wow, this looks absolutely gorgeous and I'd love to see it replace Vanilla's palette if I had my way, albeit with some sprites and textures being recolored to accommodate. I love the inclusion of genesis like gray with the slight tinted hue, rather than old boring one. Also, the new blue is what I've pretty much wanted forever, srb2's normal selection is pretty awful.

My only complaint is that the new yellow looks almost... sickly. At least from those in-game views of ACZ which seems to suffer greatly. One of SRB2's main gripes on its palette is actually the lack of rich-tan yellow, I suggest you try and look into that next release.

I feel like actual thought was put into this palette replacement among some other ones, but it probably looks like I'm cranking it up more than it oughtta be. I probably won't be playing solo without this added though now. :V

Edit: Hmm looking at it now. You did add the proper yellows every texture artist and spriter has been looking for, but because of the way srb2's palette shifting works under light level changes, it made the ACZ floors look greenish in some shades because its sharing both lines of yellow. This is just another case of having to retexture I think?
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Chaotic Chao

horns Horns HORNS
Oh great both teal and cyan look good now
Dammit I'll have to choose between them
But really, SRB2 looks so much more...alive somehow with this. If lua didn't still hate my PC, I'd add this all the time.


Kart Krew™️
Alright, yeah, I see what you mean by that. I attempt to find a decent yellow shade for next release. I didn't choose a different one because I was worried that using the first color I picked for it would look too close to orange or gold.

Here's a color close to the original yellow I picked (bottom) compared the the current yellow (top). Would you think this is an improvement?


EDIT: @Chaotic Chao: This has 0% Lua within it; it's just a modification of the palette.


KartKrew Dev
Sonic Team Junior
Kart Krew™️
I think getting rid of the larger yellow line and making it more tan like the shorter one below it would fix the problem. No one ever uses that yellow shade or likes it, I would just eliminate it and see what happens.


Kart Krew™️
I just got a little color range to work with it works (mostly) fine. It's, however, not exactly just an extended version of the line below it, but it's pretty close. I did this instead because I very much dislike redundant colors; it wastes space on an already extremely limited palette. It does make ACZ look more gold/tan, Super Sonic look more golden, and nearly everything more natural. Only problem so far is that it's darker than most of the colors, and when used with other colors it looks quite odd. (most notable on the title screen, when gold is used as the shading of the yellow ring) I should be able to get a good working version done and released today, er, tonight.
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KartKrew Dev
Sonic Team Junior
Kart Krew™️
Well, the problem with me wasn't the brightness, but moreso the hue your main line of yellow was using. It was more of that default MS paint yellow while the one below it was the rich tan gold kind I was loooking for, and I think both lines should be that kind. It could be brightened up to fit.


Kart Krew™️
Well, the problem with me wasn't the brightness, but moreso the hue your main line of yellow was using.

Oh, I was talking about the new line of yellow I was making right now to replace that old MS Paint-ish yellow. I apologize for not being specific about that. The new one, which is, being worked on right now, was at first too dark, but it's starting to come together. I was just attempting to inform you of my progress.


KartKrew Dev
Sonic Team Junior
Kart Krew™️
Ah, that's good to know then. I can't wait to see how it turns outfor you. I wanna know if this palette change is perfectable, as I already find it nicer than Vanilla's for starters.


Kart Krew™️




I think that it just needs to be a tad brighter, fix up the colormap because there's one strange super bright yellow in the fade-out, then it's getting out!


That Aries Title
To be quite honest, this needs to replace the original color palette. Because this makes the game feel more lively due to the color choices. It suits Sonic Robo Blast 2 entirely. And if the developers decide to ever change the color palettes in this game. They should replace it with this.

Other then that, I say fantastic job.
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