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[Open Assets] Chat Command [Universally works]

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Oh, THAT Youtuber...
(This is just a repost of the 2.1 version. The initial release, v1, has nothing different since it actually works in 2.2 and srb2kart with no need to change anything)

Do your friends not know what a console is? Fear no more with the utility known as Chat-Command! Execute commands in the chat as if it was the in-game console.

Usage: type cm_<command> in the chat - e.g. cm_skin sonic


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Right! This checks out. I've personally given this file the go-ahead to combine the VK prefix as it works in both Vanilla and Kart by design. And it'll go in vanilla SRB2 releases as I need to choose one place to put it in at least.
The modtype prefix needs to use an underscore, not a dash. Feel free to wait for the mod's next update to fix it, since this is already out.
Shouldn't this be prefixed with XL_ if it works in both SRB2 and SRB2Kart?
Probably not. The official "Filename Conventions [...]" thread currently doesn't mention an "X" prefix, and all other SRB2-compatible mods already use "V" while all other SRB2 Kart-compatible mods already use "K".
Removing both of those for this mod in favour of some "mixed" letter would just confuse those that are used to the "V"s and "K"s, especially so as it'd most likely just be a one-off situation.

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