[Reusable] Changable Secondary Colors

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


To use, type in "secondcolor [colorname or number]" or colorb. (secondcolor2 or colorb2 if splitscreen player)


0.8: First released version.
0.9: Tails and splitscreen support added.
0.95: Knuckles and support for Sharp (sprites for character wads are in secondcolor_custom.wad) added.
0.975: Added support for Shadow the hedgehog, with a great deal of help from speedwagon.
0.9875: Added support for FSonic. May my legs remain as intact as possible.
0.99: Hey Dirk. When I said I wasn't going to put an update out just to fix TD? I lied.
Shoe appears over shields. (must be fixed before 1.0 comes out!)
Chaos Control with shadow does not work properly if second color is loaded before shadow.
Lua breaks for new joiners as spectators. (I might have fixed this? may need confirmation.)
--Likely unsolvable--
The shoe color does not change on the after image from speedshoes or super forms.
OpenGL does not support 2 player splitscreen.
OpenGL causes slight graphical shifting of the sprite overlay, causing the original shoe color to leak through.
Add a menu to allow for colors to easily be modified by the player
Add more than a second color, but this might become a bit excessive if done.
Ensure that Second Color changes Endsigns, lifemonitors, and hud icons accordingly.

I will not be updating this to 2.2 in the foreseeable future. Thus, I give permission for anyone to take it upon themselves to update this to 2.2, and any other future versions. Realize of course, that the code I had made for this is terrible, and really should be replaced by a more competent coder, and any sprites included would have to be replaced to fit the new character sprites anyway. Reuse Licence should be applied to the port of this, as well, if another SRB2 Version breaks everything and the person has no intention of porting it themselves.


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>WTB lamp oil
Kart Krew™️

Sonic's gone all goth all of a sudden.

Seriously though, I am impressed by the sheer amount of cleverness in how you made this work. Boinciel and I had a good laugh over the gutted sonic sprites when we opened it up in Slade.

Some of the color combinations are surprisingly entertaining, and I assume if we had that much silly fun with this, others will be able to also. There's just three issues:

#1: You've left stray pixels on the overlays, and it makes naked sonic rather dirty.


#2: The shoes disappear on death.

#3: Only Sonic has shoes. What about poor Tails and Knuckles? :(

If you can fix at least the first two issues (though the third is definitely important), this is good for releases.


I seem to be unable to reproduce bug number 2, And I will be right back with the update to fix up number 1.

Edit: Number 1 has been fixed on the wad side of things. I take no responsibility for the vanilla sprites. Also, special cases for Super Forms in Team gametypes and Power Stars has been added.
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>WTB lamp oil
Kart Krew™️
Weird, I can't reproduce it anymore either.

'sall good now then.

Presenting: Sonic's New Shoes
coming to an SRB2 Community near you!


Oh, so this got released ?
I would call it more secondcolor, because it's more that than anything else.
It's still possible to see a bit of the red, but that can't be fixed.

A character(megaman) that was built to support both colors like that(and had the sprites split up in 2 parts) would probably work great, but this doesn't fully work with shields or opengl, so it might not be a good idea.
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Fun Fact: Its only called shoe color in the title of the thread due to the fact that the secondcolor for all characters is the shoes, currently. Also, If you have a character wad in releases that you would like support for, give me a word in PM's so I may be able to add it after 1.0 is released, which should fix the bug with shields and add support for Knuckles.
That's damn great! I always wanted to have a cyan tails with green shoes just like my oc :)

That is called a recolour. Technically a OC is an official character and the word your looking for is FC (fan character) but your saying that you are a fan character.

FCs is a original with original stuff. A recolour is a complete edit/pallete changed original character. (For e.g: Orange Sonic with Blue gloves and pants (America)/Trousers (British).


Added another bug to the known bugs: Bug reports are actually very important, as I don't know everything that can go wrong with this! So please, post any bugs you happen to find.
Edit: Added development zip, which has an updated version that is to be bug tested, but is unknown stability wise.
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Roach when Sonic
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I actually like the idea of this WAD. It would probably apply very well to some designs (such as Megaman or Mario characters).

Shaddy the guy

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Well this is a neat little feature. I like changing shoe colors. I mean, it puts us one step closer to tumblr-style recolor porn RP servers, but it still looks neat. I'd love to see something along these lines make it into 1.3.


I actually highly doubt that this will make it into 1.3, as all supported characters have to have a complete copy of the frames made in order to support color changing of the second area. Its a similar reason as to why custom characters don't have custom nights graphics. (Although I bet one could make that work with Lua.)

edit: (wow how did /both/ of us type 1.3 instead of 2.3?)
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