BuddyEx v1.2

*Insert Khaby Lame with shoulders lifted and hands opened showing that it's the way the thing's done*
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Oh, and that was fast! I've thought that my post would take some hours for someone to see it and reply to it with the answer.
I always get notifications for when every time somebody replys on buddyex


For some reason i can't add Metal Sonic, i've tried 100 times typing "addbot metal sonic" "addbot metal" and it just spawns Sonic. How can i type skins that have more than one word? I've tried "addbot metal_sonic" but no success.
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Oh, and before you ask me. I've have him unlocked.
It's addbot metalsonic

i like the tails chain with this addon


Rule 15. Do not ask people to make things for you, or request certain mods or features. If you have a suggestion for the SRB2 developers, we have a Suggestions thread related to the game. If you want to learn, there are plenty of resources if you search.
We need metal overlord now


Rule 19. Do not ask where to find files without looking through the Releases subforums and searching on Google first. Older files can be found in the various Outdated Releases subforums. If you still cannot find something you know existed, and you know wa
Can you link all the good mods that add a sonic variation


Say,is there a way to make your buddys stand still

The reason I'm asking is because I wanna take screenshots of them idling but they keep on moving

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