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[Reusable] Blacknide Colors V1.1

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


Reimu Gaming
Here are some custom colors i made for SRB2.


These include:
Royal Grey, Night Blue, Sea Green, Salvia, Inverted and Rainbow

Have fun using these colors as much as i did when making them.
May add more custom colors to this later or maybe not, depends.


  • srb20086.gif
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  • VL_BlacknideColors-V1-1.lua
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I want to recreate the "is it red or is it blue" skincolor as seen in GitHub but I'll need to work towards that.


Cobaltn't 's Unwanted Twin, The Sapphire Blur!
Finally an Dark Sonic Related Color on the MB (Well there are others but this one, i love it), Thank you so much Blacknide i hope u finish NSMB Mario

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