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PKTheThird submitted a new resource:

Battle Round Limiter! - This simple lua will make it so only a certain limit of battle rounds will happen!

This lua file has one job and one job only, when you set the battle round limit to 3. Only 3 battles will happen and will randomly choose a map. This lua file incorporated SteelT's random map lua : and some custom work by Lonsfor.

Command to make this work :

battle_roundlimit # <- put number here

If there's any issues, contact lonsfor in the Official kartkrew discord.

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PKTheThird updated Battle Round Limiter! with a new update entry:

Tiny improvement!

Sorry for not updating anytime sooner but it is now here!

- It now shows in chat how many rounds are left

- It's now a .pk3 file instead of a single lua file.


You can upload a modified version of battle round limiter to the MB, just need to link to the original file and credit lonsfor. If any issues happens, please leave a comment.

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