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JABSphere94 submitted a new resource:

Battle Mod JAB Edition - a version of battle mod no one asked for...


This is just some edits I made to battle mod 9.3 plus some things from Jab Patch (no wall combos...for now)

If you have no idea what battle mod is please check out the original

- replaced some P_TeleportMoves

- removed dodge roll code

- Slightly edited jump physics

- Guard start up sprites changed
- Guarding a projectile effects the...

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JABSphere94 updated Battle Mod JAB Edition with a new update entry:

update 1.2 JAB reluctantly nerfs tails swip

- Sonic now spawns with most of his thok speed charged rather then none

- can now hold jump during piko spin to gain more height

- tail swipe has more end lag while in the air

- tail swipe projectile hitbox height slightly reduced

- fixed some bugs regarding analog mode

- increased explosive punch's thrust a little bit

- Armageddon shield ability now has invulnerability frames during the charge time

- parrying a player during Armageddon shield's ability charge removes the shield


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JABSphere94 updated Battle Mod JAB Edition with a new update entry:

v1.2.1 JAB realizes just how op tail swipe is and nerfs it again

- tail swipe cooldown slightly increased

- tail swipe end lag slightly increased

- tail swipe projectiles no longer bounce off of players in invulnerability frames

- tail swipe projectiles are removed when Tails takes a hit

- added control point and diamond in the rough support to some of the arena maps because I can

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