ArchPack v2.0 (scmrtf_archpack.wad + Parts pack) [Outdated version]

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ArchPack is out
(This is an outdated version! ArchPack for SRB2 2.1 is here:

ArchPack - single player and multiplayer level pack for SRB2 v2.0.x
version 2.0 stable - Genesis Keep Zone is out

All my released maps are included in this level pack. You'll find single player and multiplayer maps, including my very first map called Miscellaneous Trip Zone released on July 2008.

I hope you enjoy playing this level pack and feel free to comment in this topic.

Along with the wad file, I added three batch files that starts up SRB2, SRB2CB and XSRB2 with ArchPack. You just need to download the attachment below, unzip, move the content into SRB2 folder and double-click the batch file at your choice.

To see the complete list of changes for v2.0, go here.

More info: ArchPack Doc. Videos: EzerArch's YouTube channel. Images: Ezer'Arch's albums. Homepage: Ezer'Arch's site.

Add-on's short link:


Single Player maps:

  • MAPB1 - Genesis Keep Zone Act 1
  • MAPB2 - Genesis Keep Zone Act 2
  • MAPB3 - Genesis Keep Zone Act 3
  • MAPB4 - Mill Citadel Zone Act 1
  • MAPB5 - Mill Citadel Zone Act 2
  • MAPB6 - Mill Citadel Zone Act 3
  • MAPB7 - Miscellaneous Trip Zone

Multiplayer maps:
  • MAPC1 - Aqueduct Circuit Zone (Race)
  • MAPC2 - Lift Bridge Zone (CTF)
  • MAPC3 - Water Plant Zone (Match/Tag)
  • MAPC4 - Soccer Field (SP, Co-op, Match, Tag - Unlockable)


2014-08-19: ArchPack ported to SRB2 2.1. New topic.
2013-07-14: ArchPack v2.0 stable is out! 4 new maps + Parts pack.
2013-05-12: NEW MAP: Genesis Keep Zone Act 3 alpha release.
2013-05-11: NEW MAP: Genesis Keep Zone Act 2 alpha release.
2013-04-16: NEW MAP: Genesis Keep Zone Act 1 alpha release.
2013-01-27: ArchPack 1.1a stable is out! (small fix for SRB2 Wad Speedrun competition)
2012-01-26: New levels in the making
2011-10-20: ArchPack v1.0 stable is out!
2011-07-17: Arch Pack v0.6 is out!
2011-02-26: Arch Pack v0.5 is out!
2010-11-09: Arch Pack v0.4 is out!
2010-04-25: Arch Pack Repository.
2010-04-19: Arch Pack v0.4 will be out soon.
2009-12-18: Arch Pack v0.3 is out!
2009-10-24: Two new testing releases for v0.3: Lift Bridge Zone and Miscellaneous Trip
2009-10-20: Scripts for Arch Pack released.
2009-10-03: Lift Bridge Zone and Water Plant Zone for v0.3 are out for testings. Mirror for IE users removed.
2009-09-29: Mirror added for IE users (go download FireFox!)
2009-08-21: 101 downloads!
2009-08-17: Beta version 0.2 released - level design fixes
2009-08-13: Beta version 0.2 coming soon and the new Addon System
2009-08-01: Version 0.1, first release of ArchPack.

Ezer'Arch's YouTube channel - Minecraft and level design [Featuring: Galacticraft + Modular Powersuits]


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Re: Arch Pack (scmrtf_archpack_a1.wad)

Ezer.Arch said:
- Spikes (no collision)

This is due to the new way of how spike things are set up. Instead of using buggy thing collision, you can use the sector collision by using an invisible invisible solid FOF over the spike things and apply spike damage to them.


Steven Duda
The Review

Well I played through all 4 single player levels and here is what I thought. (I didn't try the multiplayer levels yet because I would need people to play with in it and noone wanted to join my netgame)

Mill Citadel Act 1
It was a pretty good level. I liked the sand gimmicks. (Thats not a bad thing.)

Mill Citadel Act 2
Act was was more of the same as act 1. But needed new things to differentiate itself from act 1. But another great level.

Mill Citadel Act 3
I liked the boss choice because the boss was missing from SRB2 2.0. It was a nice well constructed level.

Misc Realm
As you stated this was your first level and it was a good one at that.

Final Verdict
So far this mod is looking good. I can this mod to have a good future. I hope to see more levels from you. The only bad thing was the spikes not working but of course you know that.

Rating: 4.5/5


What the heck?!?!?!
I loaded it in the console and started the game, but it gave me GFZ1 instead of Mill Citadel Zone act 1!!! Any suggestions?

Also, how do you convert maps? I have a whole 13-map pack almost completed, but for 1.09. I really wanted to release it.


ArchPack is out
Metal96 said:
I loaded it in the console and started the game, but it gave me GFZ1 instead of Mill Citadel Zone act 1!!!

Look at 1st post, and you'll see 1st map is MAPB1, not MAP01. I did so because I don't want to use slots of official levels (01-99 and A1-AZ) for my maps. Then you can finish official campaign and play my maps after them.

Do this: Open the console and type in: MAP MAPB1

Metal96 said:
Also, how do you convert maps? (and follow the instructions)
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ArchPack is out
LOL! I'm getting famous :D

EDIT: O nice. Now whole internet will know that spikes in my maps aren't working properly because of 2.0, and music in MAPB3 is wrong. :<



ArchPack is out
I'm thinking of releasing a new version of Arch Pack soon, next weekend. So, if you have any comment, idea or bug report about this level pack, post it as soon as you can so I can have enough time to work on.

Intended/completed changes for Arch Pack v.a2:

- MCZ1, 2 and MRZ: no spike collision (fixed)
- MCZ1 and 2: unwanted change states (fixed)
- MCZ1 and 2: minor changes in level design (75% done)
- MCZ3: less wide room (75% done)
- MCZ3: wrong music (fixed)
- LBZ: weapon layout revamped (done)
- LBZ: bridge controls/buttons (fixed)
- WPZ: weapon layout revamped (started)
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i would rather not
Why don't you use a SOC to tell the game to start at MAPB1 instead if you don't want to overwrite the official maps?


Insane Idealist
I had my first online games of tag on some of these maps a few days ago. The bridge level is bloody fabulous, but trying to get into the zoom tubes is an incredible pain because I keep walking straight over the hole in the ground when I try to get in. Making the hole bigger or throwing a small stopper in would be much appreciated.

That's... pretty much my only complaint right now. I need some more playtime with these to critique further.


I was playing the level, and I had alot of fun. I remember playing Act 1 before 2.0 was released, and for some strange reason, the sand reacted differently then I remember. Certain areas did the traditional slide, and on others I could run through the sand.
Also, in the middle of act 2, I got somthing telling me player 0 (me) and something to do with the zombie glitch. Though I never seen it actually effect me.


Other than your obvious first map (ugh, really dark blind jumps), this is quite solid and I'd quite like to see this expanded upon.
I agree with Mystic. These have always been some truly solid levels; built well and very fun. I would truly love to see this expanded upon.


ArchPack is out
Arch Pack v0.2 is out!

Arch Pack v0.2 is out!

I had planned more changes, but I was forced to cut some stuffs out. I think people couldn't play with a broken level pack , that's why I'm releasing a "bug fix" version. See 1st post.

Changes for Arch Pack, v0.2 beta:

Consider this release as a Level Design Fix:
- FIX: no spike collision;
- FIX: unwanted change states in grainslides;
- FIX: wrong music in MCZ3;
- FIX: bridge controls malfunctioning in LFZ;
- CHANGE: If you start a Single Player game, MCZ1(MAPB1) will be the first map now;
- CHANGE: minor changes in level design, MCZ1,2 and 3;
- CHANGE: new weapon layout (LFZ 100% done, WPZ 50% done).

If you download and install this add-on, I'd ask you to click on Mark as Installed, in 1st post, to receive notifications regarding updates.

That's all.
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Insane Idealist
Cheers man, that one worked.

I think it's because the forum-hosted one didn't get uploaded properly. That one is >1mb big, whereas the one you just sent me is 963kb. =\


ArchPack is out
The forum-hosted file was zipped by WinZip, and this one you've downloaded was zipped by 7-zip. This explains a bit.
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