AoStH Dr. Robotnik v1.2

Here he is, the one and only, Dr. Ivo Robotnik (or you could call him the distinguished Dr. Robotnik), based on Milton Knight's design from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Although Long John Baldry's role as Dr. R is a work of art, sadly I could not get entirely clean voice clips, I tried to choose select clips that fit more and with the least bothering background noise, sounds or music, thankfully at least 3 clips are completely clean, including that one self promotion quote.

With that said dingbots, break time is over, we got a hedgehog to hun- I mean, beat at kart racing.

EDIT: Thanks to Tiniest Turtles for putting and rearranging the wad files into a pk3!


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I forgot the wheel shine on all sprites



(I also don't know how to properly update this stuff so sorry for that too)
Aaand here's yet another minor graphical fix, I'm not sure if any further updates will happen if they're not something I missed.

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