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Yeah I am still having issues with this mod. Most noticeably in the run level. It starts fine but then my FPS goes straight to 7.
Hey, I know this is an old comment but, why not come and try it around again? I suggest Ogl but Software can still run this map fairly decent.

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Ah, I'm torn... it's cool going through the areas and hearing what's essentially a medley remix (my favourite transition is Marble Garden Zone's!), but Carnival Night Zone and Launch Base Zone sound...different? I don't recognize the tunes. Also the way it went from the intense Big Arm theme to just.. Flying Battery Zone felt like all the energy was lost. Isn't that supposed to be taking place inside the Death Egg, anyway?
Lastly, the Mystic Ruins theme felt really out of place to me, like it doesn't have the same energy/style the stage is asking for, or doesn't really get enough time to get started. Maybe change the track when passing through the warp ring, rather than when breaking the wall?
thats kinda because its the prototype/pc port music you are hearing, remember the Michael Jackson thing? yeah.


In my opinion, the more dramatic music is way better than just randomly hearing the music change ever 5 seconds. The only anticlimactic thing in the older versions was the couple of seconds you get to hear flying battery. But now the tracks barely get any time to shine, especially since some of them barely fit the intense gameplay. It just feels off.


ive been having these weird thoughts lately...
i just played this lafter watching the animatione on youtube this is so cool here is link to the video version of it
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Rogerregorroger updated Angel Island Tour with a new update entry:

Rage Quit Edition

So here it is, the big promised update.
We go from 3 maps to 10 with a complimentary new character, Sticks.

View attachment 69594

She can float a bit and throw boomerangs that don't come back since I can't be bothered to figure out how that works. As usual, characters are just for aesthetics, I don't actually enjoy making these.
If anything, I would recommend you play this pack with Adventure Sonic over Sticks anyway. But who wants the full Roger Cartoon experience, there she is...

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I think there's 3 emblems that are technically in the levels, but never visually show up.
Yeah, I got an emblem in Huge Crisis and another in Follow Your Rainbow without seeing them.

Another in Pepsi Man Ma'am. Maybe there's more than 3 invisible emblems?

When using an Electric Shield, Pepsi cans aren't pulled in.

I can't get Time Emblems in first stage (Angel Island). Maybe because I've played version 1.4?
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I didn't find an visible emblem yet. All emblems until now are invisible.
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The character add on you made for the mod does not work
seconding this; here's a screenshot of the error:
Huh, Sticks is working fine for me?

EDIT: Oof, Angel Island Run crashes Zone Builder in Visual Mode for me, I can see how nightmarish working on this might be :dramahog:

EDIT2: @Rogerregorroger Ohh, the section right before Huge Crisis was expanded! Thank you for humouring me, haha.. that was really neat. I also noticed a lot of the things I brought up have been fixed/changed, my feedback having so much effect feels weird! But I appreciate you taking in feedback and going through the effort to make changes in an already-large project.
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The character add on you made for the mod does not work
Yeah, sorry about that, the sprite was in the wrong place. Fixed now.

Huh, Sticks is working fine for me?


EDIT2: @Rogerregorroger Ohh, the section right before Huge Crisis was expanded! Thank you for humouring me, haha.. that was really neat.
Sure, that's why I asked for Feedback, thanks for giving it!
Can't always fix everything but I try.
Yeah, I did upload a broken Sticks, I quickly re-uploaded her.
Finished the Level Pack, and all I can say is...That happened. It was honestly pretty crazy how the plot started at stopping Eggman on Angel Island and ended at bringing Pepsi back to the forces of GUN after the Commander gets addicted to a knock-off cola.

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