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Angel Island Tour 1.6


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Okay, so this is a bit of a weird one, because yeah, Angel Island Tour's already with the released mods.
However it's getting a big upgrade like Sol Sestancia did, and this time I'd better let some folks playtest it before it's release.
Before I'm frantically reuploading the file 25 times again, like with Sol Sestancia.
So, the file:

So, guess I don't have to introduce you to Angel Island tour anymore, the 3 maps sending you trough the entirity of Angel island trough recreations of several Sonic 3 K/ Adventure/ Advance zones.

Now it's bumped up from 3 to 10 maps, (Only 6 proper action stages tough)
Awkwardly enough, barely any of the new content has anything to do with Angel Island anymore, making the title of this pack a little out of date...

Either way, there's a few things left for me to do, like creating a new title screen, adding emblems, adding the ending cutscene, and proper credits.
Plus this map is supposed to come with it's own custom character, Sticks the Badger, who's technically the main character of the storyline.
Altough it doesn't really matter, any character works as a protagonist, make up your own excuse why they're hanging out in Sticks' home at the beginning.

So while I'm getting these things completed, might as well collect some feedback on the levels themselves, who are more or less complete.
So, if any of you wants to go trough the 10 stages and let me know what went wrong, I can look into these issues before release.

Levels being
1. Story begins.
An interactive story level, like I did with Sol Sestancia. Those who played Boom's zoo of Doom might find it familair.

2-3-4 Angel island Tour
The ones already in the addon folder, little changed besides returning the more cinematic music again since hopping back and forth between zone music was a bad idea. I might add some new routes for Emblems if people find these stages too linair.

5. They found you.
Another story level that transitions the story from the Angel Island themed levels to the GUN themed levels coming up.

6. Huge Crisis.
The best level of the pack in terms of Level design, I think.
Tried to emulate more proper Sonic Adventure level design with this one after being inspired by some other level mods I found.
Level's mosly an adaptation of Sonic Rush's Huge Crisis, with some Gun Base and Metal harbor elements thrown in from SA2 and Shadow.
And party balloons.

7. Follow your rainbow.
Those who played the Winter OLDC 2021 pack should be very familair with this one.
Little changed, other then a different version of City escape's theme playing after I got too many complaints.
There might be some mild additional glitches, as transferring this stage into the level pack has caused a few conflicts, altough I think I've ironed them out.

8. Tragic backstory.
Another story level, more exposition heavy.

9. Pepsiman/ Ma'am.
Hey, I never said the Videogame levels I adopted to SRB2 were all Sonic levels.
Having made a level pack about evil Soda and a city escape level too, I felt it was my solemn duty to tackle the proto City Escape as well. PEPSI MAN.
Level starts very linair and flat, then becomes way more vertical as I try and recreate the real City Escape slopey streets I failed to make in the City Escape level, and then we move back to the GUN base, now as the Pepsi factory stage from Pepsiman. This level might not be very fun for non-speed characters, altough I tried adding some hidden alternative routes for those who are more about height then speed.


10. Commander Towers.
A full blown final boss stage with multiple confrontations.
People were dissapointed Doomsday wasn't present in the Angel Island stages (Since it doesn't take place on Angel Island to begin with) but in order to
tie this levelpack back to it's Sonic 3 K roots, figured it'd be a nice way to finish of the pack.
Final boss is a revamped version of one of Sunset over Chaos's bosses, from Princess Plushima.

But uh, yeah, let me know what I screwed up with or what tweaks you'd like to see.
Can't promise I can get everything right, but I'll give it a fair shot.


i am a toaster
alrighty so first off loved the entire thing it was great but now the feedback so... spoilers if someone else is reading this.

-----Things that i think could be tweaked a bit-----

some of the conveyor belts in the second half of Pepsi man-ma'am are a little too fast i think, its really hard to fight against them well not too hard with Sonic, just thok a bunch but for other characters not so much so maybe make them a tiny bit slower.

... i cant think of any other thing that needs tweaking either im a terrible play tester or that was the only tweak and this is the best map pack ever idk this is my first time being a play tester! being a play tester is hard!


this guy only says T until you walk away from him then he says the rest of what he has to say its a little odd. and thats the only bug i could find :P maybe i should play it a few more times. or let other people leave feedback idk why i think im the only one whos gonna reply to this thread.

-----Reason why Sonic and Tails are in Sticks house-----

they want to know if Sticks has any oreos cause they ran out.

ok daz it bye have fun with game!


Just drawing something Sonic related.
I love that chaotic charm of your levels. It is always great to play your level packs.

My favourite level was by far huge crisis. It has great level design, very great change of diferent areas, which make the level way more interesting to run through, and of course the gun commander in the monitors.
All levels feel great to play through and it is really satisfying to speedrun them. I didn´t quite get the story, but what was there was pretty cool and funny.
I hope you have fun making this mod.
Overall I just want to thank you for all the great mods like SAGenisys or Sol Sestancia that put a smile on my face while I played them.

Found a glitch in the pepsi man stage:

Good luck with further development! :wonderful:
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Turret 49

I can see is that this is named 1.5, 1.5 is the current release version, so shouldn't this be 1.6? (1.5 is the one that fixed the slowdown issue and changed the music to be a bunch of short clips of the zones)

I'm playing the first map with Amy currently and have a bunch of feedback, a lot of the issues might also be in Boom's Zoo of Doom since it's an edit from that. I guess since this is a WIP thread and you're asking for feedback I'm more keen to bring them up, or something.

The Adventure Begins:

Since I didn't actually know where Tails' workshop is, I walked into these invisible walls at the start. I realised later there are a few rings that point away from them, but I feel something more should be there to make it clearer heading into the wilderness is not a valid direction, and guide the player to head through the town. (Why is it even called Hedgehog Village, they have a mayor)

Jumping into the wells is a deathtrap.


The back of Dave is misaligned, and there's black pixels floating above these npcs, not sure what from.


I had to jump to get over this step where the Comedy Chimp is. Also similar to the T guy El-fire mentioned, he gets stuck on the first letter when standing next to him.


Jumping behind these buildings leads to more entrapment.


Parts of the stairs inside and outside this building are too tall to walk up, and require jumping.

Also I reached the attachment limit, oops
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Continued (more images/gifs, also reminder this was an Amy playthrough):

Angel Island Tour:

The radii of the badniks are big, mostly the Rhinobots, as can be seen by their huge shadows. Maybe they could be tweaked a bit? Display Object Hitboxes was used in the image above.

This part of Hydrocity Zone doesn't have the rising water volume.

I didn't notice until now that the cinematic stuff like bombs exploding isn't actually timed, but the triggers are positioned so it looks correct if you're at running speed. Anyway, standing in these triggers loops the sounds.


There are these ring trails leading from diagonal springs in Carnival Night, I'm not sure what their purpose is, as there's no apparent way to get them.

Angel Island Run:
The stage starts with the Ice Cap Zone music from 1.5, is that intentional?


You can softlock here by simply holding right, either getting stuck inside the polyobject or behind an ice pillar. You can also get stuck behind some geometry by holding left instead, if playing as a lower-jump character.


Speaking of holding left, there seems to be an invisible wall here?


Software unfortunately doesn't like this window. There's also a HOM above a pink building next to the Hall of Learning.


There's a couple of RhinoBots stuck in the fences in Launch Base Zone, and due to their big hitboxes they can hurt you from the other side.
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Angel Island Fall:

Jumping onto these boosters makes me get stuck and have to hit them again. Maybe the slope needs more of a curve?


Could this last bit of toxic waste not be instant death? It looks like the less lethal pool you've just been running from, and it sends you all the way back to the start of the toxic waste area if you touch it...

Funny billboarding Death Egg
Not that major, just found it amusing.


Due to the rising lift, this robot can't really shoot at you until it reaches the top. Can't do much about it without scripting a new firing function that accounts for the movement of the lift, though. Also, you can jump off the lift back to the start at any time, though that means you then have to suicide/retry as there's no way back up.


Wait a bit, and Robotnik will fly back and gleefully bathe in the toxic waste.

After leaving the Death Egg, instead of a distant storm the Sandopolis Zone's theme from 1.5 plays. Not sure if intentional?

The space underneath these platforms isn't marked as a death pit. Also if you die in this final sequence the music stops, until you reach the Flying Battery Zone music trigger again.

They Found You:

The water is weirdly toxic green below the surface.

I'm not really sure what happens in the cave, the camera cuts away from the UFOs to unrelated GUN soldiers and suddenly you're somewhere else with a giant general? very confusing...
I kinda wanted to do the taste test to see what would happen, but alas.

I'm aware I'm not providing much feedback in the "This part was great! I like what you did here!" sort of way, and I apologize, I'm in a bugtest-y mindset I guess? But I did enjoy playing. Will post more later.
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Huge Crisis:

All this training in jumping through windows and this window isn't actually supposed to be jumped through? :(


I'm unsure if this is actually completely intentional, but just wanted to show you can ignore this room by going left.

Finishing this level I noticed something, and it's that there's a complete shield drought in this level, there's not a single one I could find, just ring monitors and 1-ups! This is going to continue into Follow Your Rainbow, too. It's made me aware that this is a common theme in Roger maps, with at most Armageddon Shields being given whenever there's tough group of enemies. The first Angel Island maps were nice enough to give a couple Elemental Shields, but after that I think it's just Arma Shields meant for specific encounters.

Follow Your Rainbow:
Basically the same level from the OLDC, and though I don't really understand the music change, both the old track and the new one are decent.
There might be some mild additional glitches, as transferring this stage into the level pack has caused a few conflicts, altough I think I've ironed them out.
Unfortunately uhh, there's this node nightmare in Software mode:

I have no idea how this appeared, since the sector work hasn't changed at all, right?

I recall giving feedback that the truck horns were really loud in the OLDC version, and here they've been quieted down. However I feel it's too far in the other direction, as now they're awfully quiet. ^^'

I also noticed there's a new Super Sneaker box right before the mall. Clever, as I assume Roger maps avoid Sneakers and Invincibility powerups specifically because they disrupt the level's music, and the mall's music interrupts the sneaker music almost immediately.

Tragic Backstory:

Why can I die and lose a life in someone else's flashback? :dramahog: It made me have to start the story over, too. The voiceclips play over each other if you go through them too quickly.


Also Amy can jump over the fence at the start. (not a softlock, but it does skip the story)
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Turret 49

Quite a list. Thanks for the effort Turret! I got work to do.
I meant to give feedback on the pepsiman level and the boss level, but I ran out of steam, I apologize. :dramahog:

I really liked how varied the house designs are in the starting area of the Pepsiman level, they had a lot of effort put into them and look really nice!

Any of the trap manholes can be fallen into if the player avoids their trigger. They can be escaped though, so it's whatever.

I got really confused on this sidepath and thought I was at the end of the level (or a dead end), I didn't know where I was supposed to go, and thought behind the bushes was just the skybox. I think I'd be more inclined to go up the grass ramp behind the van if bushes weren't covering the end of it. Video is a re-enactment of what happened.

I did want to bring up that the end boss has a speedbooster sound that's annoyingly audible no matter where you are in the level, I don't know if you've fixed that or not though. I also read in the release thread that you're really tired of things not behaving as intended and are really burned out on it, so I completely understand if you leave it as it is. :<

Thank you for the cool map pack, and sorry again for being late. > <

EDIT: I realise now in my feedback for Huge Crisis I said that the shield drought would "continue into Follow Your Rainbow", but there's actually a whirlwind shield and force shield in the mall that I forgot about. Though the mall is at the end of the level, it was still wrong of me to say.
EDIT2: There's also another whirlwind shield near the beginning of the level next to Spatula City, oops
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