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Recently this game blew up in popularity, I don’t really know how many people from this message board have played Among Us, but either ways, this is a pretty fun game. Personally, I barely ever get Imposter, but when I do, I play relatively well. (I say relatively because my friends make fun of me when they get Imposter way more than me :c)


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Among us is hella fun dude. It's gameplay mechanics are great, almost every match is a super fun time and the graphics are simple enough to run decently on whatever device you're using, but good and charming enough so the animation is greatly conveid. There's also a sequel in the works which is pretty cool. I think one of the main reasons to why the game suddenly got popular was Henry Stickmin's new rise to public recognition. So yeah, among us is super fun.


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There is 1 impostor among us.
No but seriously, i loved that much the game, that i am working on Impostor for SRB2.​


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There is 1 impostor among us.
No but seriously, i loved that much the game, that i am working on Impostor for SRB2.​
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In my opinion somebody should make a game mode called srb2 is among us


I've always thought there was a lot of untapped potential in the social deduction genre so it's good to see something new making the rounds. As someone who likes playing complex Mafia setups I hope the sequel adds more variety, especially in the form of unique roles for players.


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Well... I played recently and... I enjoy it! Especially if you want to cover your actions.
Also for some reason, when you play with randoms... Is a mess 'cuz everybody is leaving for not being impostor... Gladly there's a... "cooldown"? Sorry for the bad English


It's pretty funny how Fall Guys was popular and then a game that came out 2 YEARS ago was like: yeah no me popular now


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There are tons of mods, like Crewmates can fight back, Impostors don't know who the other is, you can kill anyone on the map from anywhere, Impostors have 0 second kill cool down, there is a max of 100 players and I think that there are a whole lot more!


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I like being able to team up with 2 more imposters, since I'm bad at being one by myself
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feels strange to talk about Sonic Robo Blast 2 and Among Us with the same people lol imagine a 20-year old game along with a 2-year old game

This is a very good game and i'm somehow happy it came to light and became super-popular, specially because the developers probably never intended to make it a winner of a GOTY (best multiplayer game) award; i just don't like when "toxic" people joins the game and practically ruin the experience

yeah don't do emergency calls when the match started just 10 seconds ago please