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Adventure Sonic (v1.6b) v1.6b


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1 question: ive seen in one of the gifs that you can turn on advance with the spindash and stuff, but does it also use icezer's advance super color glow with the sprite flashing yellow?


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1 question: ive seen in one of the gifs that you can turn on advance with the spindash and stuff, but does it also use icezer's advance super color glow with the sprite flashing yellow?
Put simply, yes, even in v1.5 you can use the advance super color on SA-Sonic.

As an extra note, this is already built in through the current SP-Color system. To do anything with it, you hold C1, C2, or C2 on level start/spawn. These colors are SA2 (Default), SADX, and Advance, which change every aspect that relates to the skincolor (Supercolor, VFX Color, etc. etc.).

This system will change starting in v1.6 and beyond, being instead done through the Colors/Trails option of the SAMenu.
Don't worry, I was meming along with you.

Black Hole Zone is map map57. SA-Sonic doesn't care how you get there, so long as you beat it with him, you unlock Hyper Sonic.

It's the weapon-ring specific buttons on a keyboard, can the mobile version not change them around? I have no experience ever trying the mobile port, tbh.

I considered it once, but it has alot of issues. Spiky/invisible/holed up fences make no sense to grind, and most fences lead into walls or pits. Imagine ledgegrabbing and suddenly being kidnapped by a random fence that smashes you into a wall and jerks your camera around.


Rails really need intentional placement to work.


Sorry about the delays thus far. There's a very ambitious idea we wanted to try, and ambition takes time. No promises it'll get done, at least for v1.6, but here's some updates from the WIP dev build as an apology!

Single Player colors now get their own menu! Pick any color you want! It'll save your preference, and you won't need the custom1/2/3 trick.

The SAmenu can now be opened with the pause key!(Yes, in netgames too) Due to key detection limitations you need to hold the button if you bound pause to something other than it's default key. Wait, is that a new gameflair?

I've recreated coronas from the final demo days! This time software gets a slice of the pie too. They react to environmental brightness and distance from ceilings/floors, and invincibility gets all-new effects that are easier on performance to boot.

Metalwario64 returns for some new animations! For one of them, Adventure Sonic cheekily turns Marine's Jetski into a surfboard resembling a familiar SA1 snowboard! Animation is WIP, the quill movement is almost done!

And extra mod support for stuff like Icezer's supercolors mod, supporting auras and the new coronas as well! (Note: left GIF is old!)

Or stuff like revamped gift behavior! You no longer have just 1 chance to gift everyone at once. It'll keep track of who you've gifted, and your presents home into even the speediest, least patient players.

Then some bugfixes, yadayada, we haven't been doing nothing all this time.
When can I download v1.6?


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idea: open your heart should play when your super, and live and learn should play when your hyper.


Let me show you just, WHAT. I'M. MADE. OF!!!
i accidentally turned on advance sonic color how do i turn it off
sa2 color: custom 1
sadx color: custom 2
advance color:custom 3
hold one of those at the start of any level
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itd make more sense of sadx and sa2 custom buttons were reversed, but hey i dont make the mod

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