Adventure Sonic (v1.5)

Adventure Sonic (v1.5) v1.5


I draw sometimes and it's good.
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A PC? Nah, I have a top-of-the-line laptop!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but quick question: how to do tricks on a ramp? you know when the after images show up when you uncurl by an edge? yeah that.
Spindash off a ledge and uncurl at anytime, it's recommended you uncurl a little bit after falling off curled. You can ramptrick by doing it on an upwards ramp fast enough.

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Ohh, I wasn't aware the Far Thok "bypassed" the homing attack! I've always had a problem with homing attacks in SRB2 where their being "always on" and messing with movement flow or a character's other abilities (see: Shadow), brings me to the point where if there's the option I turn them off, or sometimes even disable them manually in SLADE. Far Thok here manages to give the best of both worlds, as long as you can input fast enough, haha...
How does it work, does it put the player back to where they were when the homing attack started?

I will admit though I'm having some trouble controlling him in the air, it's somehow both slippery and heavy at the same time. Since I play with automatic braking off, the air drag makes it feel like the game's moving Sonic around when I'm not pressing anything at all. It's really weird to get used to.

Also Adventure Sonic is huge! He dwarfs the poor crawlas in GFZ and makes the vanilla Zones feel so tiny!
Edit: I just switched to using a controller with Simple playstyle and suddenly everything made sense. (Is it possible to turn off homing attack reseting the camera angle, though? It didn't turn the camera in SA, did it?)
Yeah, it puts Sonic back to BEFORE he homed and goes from there. It's a small window, but you can easily press jump and spin at the same time to always get it. You can tell I had the same conflict with SMSreborn, where I didn't want a homing thok interrupting the airdash, so it got it's own seperate button.

Camera control's not technically possible without some really hacky BS...which I'm currently using for just the Ancient Light. I'll definitely change some things when more becomes possible in 2.2.10.

also cool pose
These are the pictures I live for. Keep 'em coming!

also will there be somewhere to check out all his mechanics? i remember a whole lot of them being explained in the wip thread but i dont feel like digging through dozens of pages​
I've updated the thread to show some of the more obscure stuff that are usually hardcore references to Adventure. But generally, the moveset you see on the character select is the entire moveset. It's all in how you use it!

View attachment 59202
l love how he has a victory animation. I know we had a few characters with one before but Adventure Sonic's feels the most...special to me
It was one of the things Metalwario wanted to keep as a surprise for the release since we showed so much in the WIP thread already! Glad it's received well!

5/5 mod, but I'm told that dying while having this mod causes a crash; I haven't tested it myself, however, and it may or not be a conflict with other mods; a guy on my server assumes that it's a conflict with SMS, but I'm also using a mod similar to superrun(which I made before it came out), so idk
People found themselves crashing at completely random times so far. No clue if it's SA-Sonic, other mods, SRB2 being unstable or the strain of having 20+ people in netgames at once.

SA-Sonic does use the MusicChange Hook(just like Mario) which is buggy in 2.2.9, so if that's it, everything should fix itself in 2.2.10. If you're really worried about it, turn off SAmusic in the SAmenu.

These animations are SOOOOOOO smooth god DAMN

He plays great too, love this
My man Metalwario64 has kicked it out of the park out into the stratosphere!

I found a god mode oversite in multiplayer:
Lemme know if you can recreate it now.

Where'd you get the green forest level?
This mod is amazing! Although slight question: Where did you find the Green Forest map in one of the gifs? It looks fun!
It's...semi-public, I'm not sure if it's okay to do much more than show it off.

Is there any way to save my changes from the SA-Menu?
Not planning to add I/O support for a long time. Samus made me VERY weary of it, but save files were a necessity for her. For SA-Sonic it's just a minor convenience. Until I can confirm SA-Sonic's stable enough first, I'm not gambling on I/O crashes.

A bug I'd like to point out is that Super Sonic can't seem to hurt Fang at all aside from stopping on a ledge.

Hmm. I suspect something other than Super Sonic caused that bug for you.
Thanks for all the excitement, people. Enjoy v.1.1 with some bugfixes and performance boosts!


Ancient light can bug metal sonic, i defeated him using ancient light and he would stay on the ground without moving or attacking.
Maybe its because of the double damage it does.

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