Adventure Sonic (v1.3d)

Adventure Sonic (v1.3d) v.1.3d


Heh, a PC? I have a laptop coming soon!
Was messing around with skincolors and found that cornflower looks really nice with SA-Sonic oddly enough

Adventure PoseTM

Dr bob

So when will you add a Exp system to your Addon???
Im loving this Addon so far, Though i do want to suggest one thing,
Maybe make a Option for Adventure Sonic That is:
Turn off Superform Rise
I just find it annoying to have all my speed halted for a 1 second cutscene, Not that the cutscene isnt Cool.
And a Option for Super adventure sonic That is:
Dont rise after Flight enable (or something along Those line's)
This is because I sometimes Collide with Invisible Walls and its so annoying!
(And i Think i remember that you could keep some amount of speed in flight But in a straight line or something. Correct me if im wrong!)


I can't be able to get this model to work, I only get the sprites.
you need to manually edit "ADVENTURESONIC SAMODELS/SADXSONIC.md2 20.3 0.0" into "ADVENTURESONIC SAMODELS/SADXSONIC.md3 20.3 0.0", seems the readme has a typo or is outdated
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some animations need a bit of smoothing up but otherwise this model is pretty good! definitely gonna be my goto for a "high" poly sa sonic model

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