Adventure Sonic (v1.3d)

Adventure Sonic (v1.3d) v.1.3d

There's multiple ones coming. You usually find models on the forums misc section. There's one in the making in here. Doesn't have Super Sonic yet, tho'.



And the Jeck Jims models are coming soon too, with and without Soap Shoes. (Footage is a bit old)
The one that jeck is making looks good, but the one you included in the post....yeah, it needs to be worked out.


anyone know a good way to cheat getting the wireframe emerald? i don't feel like putting all of my limited free time into mastering the special stages
download a full gamedata from (ironically) Golden Shine's website, you do "map map57" in the console and then uh...
I have not found a way to consistently beat black hole zone even while cheating. Objectplace would have been helpful except for some reason when you do it your time is reduced to 3 seconds. What i found to work was just enabling "god" and speeding through the stage as fast as i could. Please don't shame me for being a filthy cheater. Truly, the one most cheated was myself


What unlockable?
All you have to do is read up at least up to a page or two of comments in this section.
If you don't want to do that, then I'll tell you that it's supposed to imply there's an unlockable by just beating (not A-ranking) Black Hole Zone, which was mentioned in one of Golden Shine's SA-Sonic patches. That's it!


Who me?
Uh, more bothersome things and stuff. Right after an update too! I'm so so sorry, but the skincolor (SADX/SA2/Advance palette style) loading is causing other Sonic chars to use it, and it's making effects and stuff look off due to it.

uh, what should I plop into the models.dat?
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Emote and time it, it's as powerful as a lightspeed attack hit so try and use it!
emote and time what?
Metalwario64 updated Adventure Sonic (v1.3c) with a new update entry:

The long anticipated transition to 3d!

Yo! It's Son Goku Shine! Another bug I'd feel guilty about leaving you guys to fend off until 1.4, so I added some extra changes to make it worth your while.
-You can now gift Yoshi eggs, gift a pity-shield/shieldless Nasya a shield, and gift either Wido or SMS a speed shoes powerup!
-Input buffer now activates from midair uncurls as well.
-SA Sonic now tricks off bosses as well.
-Buffed post-homing attack accel after hitting...

Read the rest of this update entry...


The Observer
OK so this is a gift update, but I would like to ask how exactly you give gifts to people? It says by taunting but i tried and taunting doesnt seem to do anything. is there a specific taunt i need to do or some specific way to do it?

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