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Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

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if this turns into a mod and if your struggling with power ideas, i got a few!

lightdash from sonic adventure
spindash spam (aka Spamdash), a trick from sonic adventure
normal dash, works like light dash but can be used anywhere and doesnt move you through a line of rings

thats all i got for now.
If I can learn how to program things in Lua and if I can learn how all of this works, I would like to do all of that and have this Sonic play as much like SA1 as possible, but that's not going to be for quite some time before I am at the point where I will attempt this stuff.

Anyway. here is what I have of his back facing running animation:

It's a bit rough (his back details need more consistency, but OBS' compression sorta smeared some of the details between frames in a few spots in my recorded footage, so that will require some old-fashioned hand drawn pixel art), but it's pretty good so far. The blue is just a quick hue adjustment and isn't from SRB2's actual palette; it's just for show.

I greatly appreciate all of the compliments towards this.
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Wow! Gonna echo the others and say that this is pretty impressive!
Despite being a trace this isn't half bad, and that's something I didn't think I'd say.
Keep it up! This is one of the cleanest SA Sonics I've seen yet.


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I don't know how I didn't see this until now, this looks awesome! I'm really impressed that you've mixed a faithful Adventure model base with quality, handmade spritework.


thinking about it, the Masterboard already has a spamdash based on SA1, Spincontrol which makes your spindash 100% controllable like SA1, there's homing attack variations out there that don't screw up your momentum (Learning how those work would make it easier), there's a lightspeed dash addon... somewhere out there. All you'd need is the Lightspeed Dash Attack itself, which (IF I recall correctly) MOTDSpork WAS working on for ModernV5, but cut because it didn't really work out for gameplay flow in srb2...

This IS possible, very much so.
And I say this pre-emptively (I know how people can be), nobody hound MOTDSpork for the Lightspeed dash attack code, please.

Just Luxis

Doing some trolling. (Not really)
(i will talk about this the times i want)

OH, MY, GOD, i really love how this is looking!!!


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Also, this reusable character pack has an Adventure Sonic (SonicRE), spamdash and all, albeit with some SA2 features and maybe not including some SA1 features.

It could be used as a base for the actual character, of couse with your sprites imported into it when they're done.
And then you can learn some Lua, slap some of the non-included abilities in from reusable addons, delete the non-SA1 abilities and you're pretty much done with the programming!

You don't need to delete the SA2 abilities though if your character isn't exclusively SA1.
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Hey, I'm the guy who made, well, helped make the spamdash script.

This spritework looks absolutely AMAZING and I'd be happy to let you use it!


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SA Sonic Base

After mashing together some luas on top of SonicRE, I voluntarily made a base to modify and to put the sprites in once they're finished.
Keep in mind the Dr. Pepper Character Pack and the luas I used are reusable, so this is legal!
Also I really don't know some stuff about lua, and here, the lightdash isn't activated with a spindash like in Sonic Aventure.

Here it is!
(i hope i don't get infracted for this)


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This looks amazing, definitely looking forward to this.
If you want, I could help porting the Sonic Adventure lua to 2.2 so you can use it with the mod, I'd be happy to help with this.


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I'm glad I'm not the only person to think of doing this. I've wanted to see someone do an SA1 Sonic for a while now, and with you taking it up (and doing a bang up job of it at that), I don't have to ;)
Are you gonna be including voice clips from SA1? I know there weren't many in normal gameplay, but still it'd be neat to have that authenticity.
I'm glad I'm not the only person to think of doing this. I've wanted to see someone do an SA1 Sonic for a while now, and with you taking it up (and doing a bang up job of it at that), I don't have to ;)
Are you gonna be including voice clips from SA1? I know there weren't many in normal gameplay, but still it'd be neat to have that authenticity.
I'd certainly like to. I'd also like to be able to implement a custom Super theme so that I could have Open Your Heart be his Super form theme (I think I've seen custom characters with this feature).

Super Sonic on his own probably wouldn't be too much work on the animation side, since in SA1 he pretty much just hovers the entire time. I mean, I could edit the walking frames to give him his super form quills and eyes, but I could get away with laziness in a way that would make it more authentic, so I'd probably take that route. :P

It all just depends on how things go. I still haven't even touched the programming part, but it seems there is some reusable code and such out there, and other people seem interested in helping out. Even then, I'd like to learn a bit on my own as well, so we'll just see how it all goes down.

I WOULD like to make sprites for Adventure Tails, Knuckles and Amy at some point because one of the main goals of this I had from the beginning was to have a visually consistent set of these characters. Of course, that all depends on how well this Sonic goes.

I don't have any progress to show yet, since I've recently redone all of the side facing frames to be at a slight angle toward the camera like the default SRB2 sprites. It just wasn't looking good straight from the side (well, in a rotating motion it looks a bit worse, but that's not really a thing that happens in the game anyway), and so that set me back some. Good thing is I edited the SADX model's textures to use the SRB2 palette (green and all), so that might make things even faster.
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Using OBS to get images/animations to trace isn't practical with the amount of compression it applies. You should try GifCam to record footage with customizable color compression and framerate levels, and EzGif or GifSplitter to extract frames.
I'm curious if there's anyone out there who could just get 5 or 8 angle recordings of all of Sonic's animations at the right scale super crisp, via exporting them and rendering them from Blender... I figured out a lot of the steps that'd be needed for that for SA2 and SADX models/animations in Blender, but I definitely can't offer actual help since I'm pretty busy, and I wouldn't be the best at setting up angles in Blender either. Maybe I can take a peek into what I had figured out if nobody else does some time?

You could also use programs out there like AnimGet or ScreenGet, that attempt to get a clean screenshot from the active window for every time the screen updates, but I don't know how well it'd work for Adventure's resolution.
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