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TheLastKitchenGun submitted a new resource:

ABOSIDWRS - A Bunch Of Scripts I Didn't Wanna Release Seperate

I had like 10 scripts sitting in my lua folder so I decided to compile them and make a few new stuff
now this exists

commands: 1
small when using this it makes you small
you wont be allowed to use this command when either of the admin variables are on

variables: 8
admin variables have an a_ before it
(on/off) a_forcenormaldashmodeskin: forces allskindashmode off
(on/off) allskindashmode: does what it says, gives everyone dashmode
(on/off) superafterimage: gives a neat little super effect...

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One thing I kind of want to see is, well, more random scripts. Granted, it's, well, a bunch of random scripts you didn't want to release separate, but maybe you could take this concept and rebrand it to (name)'s random script pack or something, they're always un to play with.

Though, I may have to do a mini char run with this...

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