6. Addons & More FAQ

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Where are the download buttons for older addons?​

Unfortunately, the process used to convert threads to the new system doesn’t carry over any attachments except for pictures. Therefore, content creators will need to update their pages to make the Download button appear. In the meantime, use the “Join the discussion” button on the right side of the page.


The files are still attached to their respective threads, so you should be able to download them from there.

How do I make the Download button appear for my addons?​

Navigate to your addon’s page. Click on the drop down menu on the right side of the page. Click “Change resource type.”


Click the checkbox next to “Uploaded files:” and attach your files. Version numbers have not been carried over, so you should take the opportunity to fix this. Simply type the version number in the text box at the bottom.


Click Save and your download button should appear.

How do I add an icon for my addon?​

Navigate to your addon’s page. Click on the drop down menu on the right side of the page. Click “Edit resource icon.”


Upload your image.


Click Save and it should appear on the Addons & More overview.

What’s a resource team?​

Content owners can add up to 10 other users as team members for each resource. Team members will be able to take actions against a resource as if it were their own. Team members are not displayed publicly, except to moderators and team members themselves. If you would like to add users to the team for your content, navigate to your addon’s page. Click on the drop down menu on the right side of the page. Click “Manage resource team.”


Add your team members. Their names will auto complete for you as long as the spelling is correct.


Click Save.
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How do I add new tags?​

Users cannot add or create tags on their own, but moderators and judges can. When you update your topic with the "Post an update" option, simply specify what your update contains. Please make sure to check for any pre-existing tags.


The easier your tags are to read, the easier it is for us to tag them correctly. Keep in mind that we consider spinoffs as part of the same group as their main series, such as the groups for Super Mario Bros, Mega Man, and Shin Megami Tensei. Exceptions like the Diddy Kong Racing group are incredibly rare, and don't exist without good reason. Groups for OC universes are only considered if said group has more than one topic, like the Silverhorn group.
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