Takis the Fox for SRB2Kart!

Takis the Fox for SRB2Kart! v1.1

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Takis the Fox joins SRB2Kart!

Drift and boost your way through race tracks in record time as you drive with Takis.
Takis is 2 units heavier than Sonic, but he can reach average speeds of 60mph (45 FU/t), almost as fast as his SRB2 version.

You'll emit purely visual afterimages when going above the average speed.



Made with Kartmaker
luigi budd
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Latest updates

  1. Shiny new kart sprites, speed buff!

    Replaced the old stinky vanilla kart sprites with awesome, kickass Crash Team Racing-esque...

Latest reviews

yeah hi, i'm neon :]
i run the account with my friend, avery.
though avery's away right now, i'll be the one making a bite sized review of the char.


they're well made, nothing looks out of place, though there's not alot of room for expression, which is a bummer cause it could be used to make drifting look more.. expressive than a simple frown. in contrast to the hurt sprite which just looks amazing for takis standards.


I like how you mixed the srb2 takis' sfx with anton's voicelines, there's not much to write about, they do their job, and they do it well.

THE LUA?????:

I love little details in my kart characters, so when I saw takis having gibs when hit and his clutch afterimages, I was very much overjoyed. what makes this even better is that you even provided a lua-less version incase people wanna use takis for time-attack, since lua makes the unlockables unachieveable. it spares others the trouble of having to manually edit the character to get rid of the lua scripts. cheers to that!


it deserves it's rating


we fucking love takis.
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I love Pizza Tower character parody
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Pizza tower if it had wheels!,!?!?!?!?!!,
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this is my favorite pizza tower inspired skin
luigi budd
luigi budd
Your execution date is March 20th.
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Takis+Funny sonic cars game= Epic mod
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