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  1. TimeChamber

    [Open Assets] TimeChamber's character pack! v1.5.1

    After days and days of making characters and getting a good abundance of some, I think now is a great time to present: Hey guess what? After months of this thread existing, it actually got updated!! Character list Credits Atticus - Sprite assistance and coloring Sounds resource -...
  2. RadFeenix

    [Character] ScottFalco V2.0

    ScottFalco joins SRB2K! with a side of salt If you don't know who ScottFalco is he is a Animator, Streamer and Youtuber! I made this character because I enjoy his content! He also happens to play and stream SRB2Kart he even made a video on it here! [changelog] Version 1.1: increased volume on...
  3. G

    [Character] SilokHawk & Fish Vince In SRB2K

    Based on the YouTube personality who created Kermit the Frog as a side character, and that Wii Tanks video that got like a million views, SilokHawk joins SRB2Kart as a playable racer. Hope you all enjoy this mod! UPDATE: Fish Vince has now been added as a playable racer! Alongside other sprite...
  4. Sharb

    [Character] Rae the Doe

    The gay disaster, Rae the Doe from the web series of the same name is finally here for SRB2Kart after being teased several months ago! Download I want to give a special thanks to Olive for communicating with me and allowing me to create something from a series that means a lot to me...
  5. Diggle

    [Character] DigChars!

    With no consistent theme whatsoever! Just characters I thought were cool and felt like making. Characters are available both as a pack and seperately. Introducing:
  6. SlumBurger

    [Open Assets] Slumburger's SLUMPACK V1

    "What even is this pack?" A Character Pack with possibly the strangest selection of characters; It's the SLUMPACK! I hope you enjoy this pack! And thanks for everyone in the Discord for helping me make characters!
  7. RobinE

    [Character] Robin E's Character Pack V1.9

    Robin E's Character Pack V1.9 Changelog: Characters:
  8. Chrispy

    [Level Pack] [CCCP] Chrispy's Content Creation Pack

    The first mod with every prefix! KRBCL is longer than CCCP! The whole name is alphabet soup! KRBCLCCCP is a content expansion mod that features 15 characters and 11 stages created by 21 members of the community (including myself) This was a lot of fun to put together and everybody did a great...
  9. RobinE

    Humquat Farms

    Battle it out on Humquat Farms! Time to go to the farm! Map includes Battle Plus modes except Ringrunners. Farmer Humquat drawn by: The Lazer Sofa Changelog: Song used:Monkey Blue Face-Off!- Ape Escape 3
  10. Strife

    [Character] Strife's Character Pack v6

    By popular demand, I've compiled all of the characters I've drawn into one handy dandy package! I've also split them into individual pk3s, so you can choose the download that best suits your server. This pack contains the following characters, in order of creation: Shantae Jigglypuff...
  11. GigaLem

    [Character] Lythero streams himself into the Track! (Mild Language Warning)

    Even before Lythero started streaming this game, I've always wanted to make this character become a reality. Now you can make other players get BODIED with your very own playable Lythero! Speed:4 Weight:4 All the Voice Clips are from Lythero's Mario Kartastrophe Series And no the sign post...
  12. ☆𝙅𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙧★

    [Character] ☆JOKER☆ Chars Pack v6.1 PLUS [Pikachu]

    Welcome to the new release of the ☆Joker☆ Pack, this started out as something for personal use, but I continue to improve it. This pack contains more than 27 exclusive characters from each universe Current Version: 6.1 Plus List of features include: • Update Kid Goku & Kid Krillin • Plus Mode...
  13. Kiylo

    [Open Assets] Kiylo's Character Pack v6! Resprites ahoy!

    Characters have recieved a massive facelift, looking alot more clean than before! plus 2 new karts coming soon, along with a much more appealing look for a showcase for all of them a seperate wad.rar has been encluded that has all the characters in thier own wad files, these can be used in...
  14. GreatWario

    [Character] T+Rabbids & The Stream Team! v2.7 NEW CHARACTER: Socket!

    Racers from all across time, space and continuities come to SRB2Kart to test their mettle... So too, have these racers that I've assembled before you. They are...! Let's have a rundown of each character: And if this fine lineup of characters wasn't enough to entice you, what if I...
  15. MarioFreak2001

    [Character] MEE6 the Discord Bot joins the race!

    The Discord bot you all know and love(?) has joined the race! He has a speed of 9 and a weight of 1.
  16. DirkTheHusky

    [Character] Dirk's Character pack R13

    --Standard Release-- I present to you all my character pack. I made this little thing so that people can enjoy the characters I've done or collaborated with. There are 27 characters included in this PK3 file. The zip file below contains both the entire pack itself and the separate addons for...
  17. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] SJBCP 2.7 - On a Weird Way

    Since more character packs have been releasing lately for SRB2kart thanks to the increased character limit in servers, I figured I’d publish mine that I’ve been using for quite some time. (click "Overview" in the top left to see the pack's contents)
  18. TheRickyWill

    [Character] KC_MultitapMugen 1.5

    Half of the long-time streaming duo races into SRB2Kart! Art/Spritework: Jazzman "Omega" Who's work you can find more of here and also here Editing/Compiling: TheRickyWill Inspired by: Multitap Classic Console Showcase • Trailer and character overview...
  19. KamiJoJo

    [Open Assets] Pelo Plush

    P E L O P L U S H Hug it! Kiss it! Download it! Race with it! Origin Pelo Plush originated as a plushie of the mexican animator known as Sr Pelo (Also known as 123pendejos), it was advertised in the video Pelo Talks - In my Opinion... as a limited merch in 2018...