gametype: chaos

  1. JABSphere94

    JAB's Chaos and Battle Maps V1.1

    hi I noticed a lot of chaos maps are just edited match/battle maps so I decided to do the same with some battle maps I made. Only has two maps as of this post Ancient Fort Zone and Strange Plains Zone. The chaos pack also includes some custom enemies I made/edited, 2 basic enemies, 1...
  2. Diegão

    [Reusable] [Chaos & Match] Marble Acropolis 1.3.3

    Hi, Diegão (pronoums: Di/ gão) here. I'll tell a story. This is Marble Acropolis Zone, a map featured in the OLDC in the match division, and that i've been making and improving since July 2021, ever since i understand myself as a mapper of SRB2. This is my first serious map and i had lots of fun...
  3. BeviLHP

    (1.1.1 Update) Chaos Pack 1.1.1

    After many months of work, I am proud to announce my first release: Chaos Pack! This map pack adds 10 additional levels to CobaltBW's Chaos Mode! Note: For the best experience, it is highly recommended to use OpenGL Rendering if possible. Included Maps: This pack also...
  4. Krabs

    The Chaos Jam v1.1

    This addon is only usable with CobaltBW's Chaos Mode (grab v2.0 if you haven't yet) After a handful of incredibly handsome/beautiful individuals submitted their work to the Chaos Jam thread, an expansion featuring 7 new maps and many new enemies/hazards has arrived! Each new map comes with a...
  5. NeonSRB2

    [Reusable] [OBSOLETE] The Chaos Gametype RETURNS!!

    Alright this is already super outdated and also someone madetheir own chaos mode sooooo.... Yea can like all the mods put this into obsoleted releases when that comes out thank you anyway sorry if this addon is cringe my nettiquette was awful when this was posted; After seeing Princess...
  6. NeonSRB2

    [Reusable] [OBSOLETE] The Chaos Gametype RETURNS!!

    After seeing Princess Draykon's chaos mode script I saw that chaos was quite the piece of content before it was eventually disabled and later removed from the source entirely, starting with 1.09.4. And as I would say, if the content is optional, then I wouldn't care if it was worse than the...