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Alternative Match System (Meleeweapons.soc) Details »»
Alternative Match System (Meleeweapons.soc)
Version: 1.0, by Princess Draykon (Plush Princess) Princess Draykon is online now
Developer Last Online: Sep 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (8 votes - 4.25 average)
Released: 11-05-2009 Last Update: Never Favourites: 12
SOCs Re-Useable Content

Finally got around to screwing around with updated 2.0 SOCs, and here's what I came up with. Since SRB2's match isn't very Sonic-ey at all, I made an attempt to make it slightly more Sonic-ey, yet at the same time a little less Sonic-ey.

So what this basically does is give the spintrail "missile" properties- allowing you to damage opponents by spindashing into them, and- the more interesting part- replaces the weapon rings with advanced movement tricks. Basically it's weapons.soc but less rangey, and with the damaging trail.

The following weapons exist, with fancy names for no reason:

Zero Shot - Replaces Redring
Should do nothing, not properly tested due to no one joining my test netgame. :(

Photon Shroud - Replaces Autoring
Gives you the same invisibility as Spectators, which much to my surprise, is much more invisible than in 1.09.4. But that doesn't mean you can cloak yourself and ninja everyone to death. This thing eats through your rings like delicious candy, and makes a loud annoying noise to alert your opponents, and even (This is totally not me trying to pass off my being too lazy to get rid of a couple details as a feature. o.o Really) Still handy for throwing off your opponents though.

Perfect Thok - Replaces Bounce Ring
Basically allows you to perform a quick thok-like 'dash' at any time, as any character, at the expense of one ring. Similar in potential strategy to multithok, but harder to attack out of.

Ring Scatter - Replaces Scatter Ring
Sends forth a 'splash' of force, causing any nearby rings to go flying. Useful for both keeping your opponent away from precious jewelry, as well as herding massive reserves into a corner for your own taking.
A little buggy. Again, it would've been nice to properly netplay test it. >_>

Aero Hop - Replaces Bomb Ring
Now Sonic can Fap Fap until he runs out of juice! (Oh God why did I reference that?!) Allows you a variant of multijump. Increases your vertical momentum rather than resetting it, and thus is less powerful. It's hard to use, but this is a FEATURE and not a BUG. If I wanted an overpowered free flight, I'd map this to the autoring instead (If you're feeling adventurous try it, it's actually kinda cool. But it still kinda loses to Pac's glider.)

Zero Rail - Replaces Rail Ring
Rail ring doesn't like weapon SOCs, so I don't like it. Same effect as Zero Shot.

Grenades - Replace Grenades
Grenades are awesome and I will not tamper with them.

Absolutely no graphical modifications are caused by this SOC, so no screenshots.

I'm not going to move this myself because that would be arrogant and I'm a terrible Judge anyway.

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Old 11-28-2009   #22
Formerly known as 'Neo'
Fred's Avatar

I just tried this out, and I'm sorry, but only the bomb ring is at all interesting. And even then, when you strap it onto Knuckles he basically becomes god for all intents and purposes.

If the multijump idea was balanced and turned into a regular character ability, it would probably be a pretty good one.
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Old 12-21-2009   #23
I fail at programming.
SML's Avatar

SRB2 crashes when I use the Photon Shroud and Perfect Thok. Those are the only ones I've tested aside from Zero Shot.

EDIT a day later: WARNING: These only work in srb2win. They DO NOT work in Srb2MFE.

Love the ring scatter. HOWEVER, the rings will keep flying away from you unless shoved into a 90- degree corner. (The minus meaning "90 degrees or less")
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Old 06-11-2010   #24
a guy
Wild In The Streets
a guy's Avatar

This soc(Melee combat)
+Pain failsafe soc(Hit after hit posibility)
+2D map
=Possibel fighting game.
Revamped for the 90's
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Old 06-23-2010   #25

Well Automatic Ring is Like a "Chaos Control".
Player didn't see you. And it's making user an little OverPowered.
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Old 07-11-2010   #26
Monochrome's Avatar

If you can make Bounce blast you forwards, then (I'm gonna regret this) you should be able to make Rail either teleport at wherever you shoot OR blast you at an even higher speed. I dunno, something of that sort. Also, try changing the autoring sound (if you can, as I know zilch about SOCing) to something more fitting. A buzzing perhaps?
EDIT: You could probably change the rail-ring's trail into something solid that lasted, like, 10 seconds, as if it were some kinda semi-invisible barrier.

Anyways, what I like is that it completely changes SRB2's gameplay, as it makes match loads trickier. If I could make levels, I'd probably do a coop level with this, plus sprite edits to fit the abilities in the same wad.

Originally Posted by Neo Chaotikal
If the multijump idea was balanced and turned into a regular character ability, it would probably be a pretty good one.
And unbelievably cheap in platforming. In 1.09.4, if you combined double jump and multiability in a character, they got infinity jump, which basically kills a good wodge of the actual difficulty in SRB2.

Last edited by Monochrome; 07-11-2010 at 10:24 AM.
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Old 07-02-2011   #27

Hey, sorry for bumping and being a n00b, but which part of the SOC relates to Zero Rail? I'd like to integrate it into my WAD. Thanks.
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Old 07-03-2011   #28
Princess Draykon
Plush Princess
Princess Draykon's Avatar

Originally Posted by TheBetaFox View Post
Hey, sorry for bumping and being a n00b, but which part of the SOC relates to Zero Rail? I'd like to integrate it into my WAD. Thanks.
There isn't one. The railring is nothing more than a redring with some hardcoded properties. It's completely impossible to touch it with a SOC.

Also it didn't work anyway, so I'm not sure why it matters.
Princess Draykon is online now  
Old 01-02-2013   #29
beware the night
macrosthedark's Avatar

I think you should turn the zero ring into a speed booster it woad make a lot more fun that way
ps. remove the one that scatters the rings its useless
darkness is serprem i will destroy you all

(macrosthedark received an infraction for this post: Act like a mature adult. Use some common sense when posting.)
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Old 02-14-2014   #30
Permanently Banned

Originally Posted by macrosthedark View Post
I think you should turn the zero ring into a speed booster it woad make a lot more fun that way
Technically the bounce ring's thok effect is like a speed booster. I tested out a speed pad and the way the ground thok works, they're both technically the same
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