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Kart Rush: Race the Clock (KL_KartRush-v1.1.pk3) Details »»
Kart Rush: Race the Clock (KL_KartRush-v1.1.pk3)
Version: 1.1, by ProfessorRenderer (Professor Science Bear) ProfessorRenderer is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (1 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 01-08-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 2
SOCs Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

In the event I do not log in for two months and cannot be contacted, I give blanket permission for Kart Krew and their appointed staff to coordinate and approve the porting and maintenance of my SRB2Kart releases on the SRB2MB, except where stated otherwise. I reserve the right to ask for those ports to be taken down or replaced if I return. You may not edit my work to create other content (such as Original Characters or Remix Stages) unless specified.
Have you ever wanted to have a heart-stopping race against a ticking time bomb? Well, now you can!

Kart Rush: Race the Clock is a modification of Latius's Countdown and Daytona Kart mods intended for single player that has players completing as many zones as possible before time runs out.

So, how do you play?

Kart Rush: Race the Clock adds a bomb timer from A Hat in Time, located at the bottom right of the screen. Your goal is to complete as many maps as possible before your time runs out and you explode. For each lap you complete, you'll earn points based on the difficulty you select. When you complete a map, you earn points based on how much time you had left, plus the difficulty bonus. You will also be awarded a time bonus at the start of the next map. The higher the difficulty, the tighter the time limit and the more score you earn.

You are able to change the difficulty to one of 7 modes:
  • Noob: 150% time limit, 50% score
  • Easiest: 125% time limit, 75% score
  • Easy: 110% time limit, 90% score
  • Normal: Default Kart Rush time limit and score
  • Hard: 95% time limit, 105% score
  • Expert: 90% time limit, 120% score
  • Master: 80% time limit, 180% score
  • INSANE: 70% time limit, 280% score
You're also able to force a difficulty update or turn on adaptive difficulty in the standard mode, which changes the difficulty after a streak of six maps.

But what if I wanted to play the game like a Grand Prix?

We have you covered! GP Mode lets you choose your starting map and takes you through random maps with increasing difficulty as you play the game. Completing a number of maps will increase the difficulty based on preset.

Or, if you're looking for a challenge, try Death Wish Mode!

Death Wish Mode drops you into Green Hills Zone and gives you 1000 seconds to complete as many maps possible. After the first map, you will gain half the normal time you would get outside of Death Wish Mode. Bumping into walls or falling off the map will make you lose time.

Heads-Up Display:

Sound fun? Give Kart Rush: Race the Clock a try!

Special Thanks:

Latius, the co-creator of Kart Rush: Race the Clock
Fav, for creating the original A Hat in Time timers
TorLes, for creating the updated A Hat in Time timers

And all the beta testers playing the game and testing it!

Console Commands:
  • kr_welcome: Displays a welcome message containing all the commands.
  • kr_help: Provides explanations for the various commands.
  • kr_gphelp: Displays the difficulty scaling for the current GP.
  • kr_daytona: Toggles the Daytona-styled timer from Latius's Daytona Kart mod. Default off.
  • kr_daytonatenth: Toggles the tenths place on the Daytona-styled timer. Default on.
  • kr_daytonaspeed: Changes the speedometer type on the Daytona-styled timer. Default miles.
  • kr_dwsoul: Toggles the Death Wish soul timer (Hat Kid's soul) from A Hat in Time. Default off.
  • kr_gpmusic: Toggles music during GP Mode. Music comes from A Hat in Time. Default off.
  • kr_comments: Toggles commentary. At the end of each lap and on map clear, the game keeps track of your pace and your chances of survival. Normal Mode features Conductor commentary, while Death Wish Mode features Snatcher commentary. Default on.
  • kr_diff: Sets the difficulty, altering the time limit and score multiplier. Check above for difficulty settings. Host only, default normal.
  • kr_force: Toggles difficulty forcing. Enabling this command will force a difficulty change onto the next map. Host only, default off.
  • kr_adapt: Toggles adaptive difficulty. The difficulty will change based on player performance and streak. Host only, default off.
  • kr_deathwish: Toggles Death Wish Mode. Host only, default off.
  • kr_gp: Toggles GP Mode. Default off.
  • kr_gprift: Toggles Rift Collapse effects (rainbow flashing) when playing Encore maps during GP Mode. WARNING: IF YOU ARE PRONE TO SEIZURES, DO NOT TURN ON THIS COMMAND. Default off.
  • kr_gptype: Sets GP type, which changes the number of map clears until the next difficulty change. Default "Default GP."
  • kr_driftplus: Toggles Drift Time Freeze, or DTF. Time will stop based on your Miniturbo charge. One second for blue sparks, one and a half for red sparks, and two seconds for rainbow sparks. Scores will be cut by 50% (25% in Death Wish Mode.) Default off.
Possible GP Mode types:
  • Default GP: The regular GP Mode.
  • Legacy GP: The original GP Mode used during beta testing.
  • Rookie GP: Beginners should start here. Difficulty changes every 5 maps.
  • Challenge GP: For experts at GP Mode.
  • Zone GP: A GP based on the zones from Wipeout's Zone mode.
Spoiler: Current Issues

Multiplayer is not implemented yet. Doing so will cause the script to break.

Commentary text is not centered.

Spoiler: Version Changelog

V1.1: Added Insane difficulty, Drift Time Freeze, and commentary for normal and Death Wish modes.
V1.0: Initial release.

Download Now

File Type: pk3 KL_KartRush-v1.1.pk3 (30.87 MB, 91 views)


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Old 01-09-2020   #2
The unreliable judge
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Originally Posted by Renderer View Post
Am I okay for releases now that the filename is correct?
Yes, you are! I tried to release this last night but the website's server went down as I tried to do so, so sorry for the wait.

I actually really happen to like this, it's good fun and GP Mode stands on its own as an enjoyable single-player experience. The only thing I think this thread needs is a list of console commands in the opening post of the release topic to make things a little easier to use, but that's hardly something to hold this back in submissions for.
Meanwhile in Aerial Garden Zone
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Old 01-09-2020   #3
Professor Science Bear
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Ah, yeah, that would be a good thing to do. Commands have now been posted.
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Old 01-09-2020   #4
Hybrid Kart Mapper/Porter
Latius's Avatar

Well, for now, I'll put them here - and will have this as any updates which I need to point out about.

kr_welcome = Displays a welcome message and a list of commands
kr_help <command> = Gives help on how to use a command, and the current value of said command if it's a CVar or NetVar
kr_gphelp = Shows the currently selected GP Mode's difficulty settings

kr_daytona = Allows you to use the Daytona HUD for the speedometer. Defaults to OFF
kr_daytonatenth = Increases the precision of the speedometer to show tenths. Defaults to ON
kr_daytonaspeed = Changes the units of the Daytona speedometer, between MPH, KM/H, M/S, FU/T, KNOT and FT/S. Defaults to MPH
kr_dwsoul = Changes the Death Wish timer to include Hat Kid's Soul. Defaults to OFF
kr_gpmusic = Changes the music which is played based on the current difficulty level in GP Mode. Defaults to OFF
(Calm Hour on Easiest and Noob, Rush Hour on Easy, Train Rush on Normal, Sped Up Train Rush on Hard, Wound Up Windmill on Expert, You Are All Bad Guys on Master Mustache Girl EX on Insane, Collapsing Rift on Encore)

kr_diff = Sets the starting difficulty. Defaults to NORMAL
kr_force = Forces the difficulty to reset next map. Does not work if in GP or Death Wish mode, or if Adaptive Difficulty is turned on. Defaults to OFF
kr_adapt = Adapts the difficulty upwards the better you play. Defaults to OFF
kr_driftplus = Enables Drift Time Freeze (otherwise known as DTF). Defaults to OFF
kr_deathwish = Enables Death Wish Mode. Defaults to OFF
kr_dwdiff = Sets the difficulty of Death Wish Mode. Defaults to NORMAL
kr_gpmode = Enables GP Mode. Defaults to OFF
kr_gprift = Enables the collapsing rift effects in Encore maps. DO NOT USE IF YOU OR A MEMBER OF YOUR SERVER IS PRONE TO SEIZURES! Defaults to OFF
kr_gptype = Changes the next GP's type to one of the following: Default, Legacy, Rookie, Challenge or Zone. Defaults to DEFAULT.

'Secret' CVar:
rtc_pa = Toggles the bomb's announcements. Defaults to ON
You're giving me a little MANIA.

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Old 05-31-2020   #5
Hybrid Kart Mapper/Porter
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While we plan for an update, I just want to point out that you can use "LUA.clocktime = timelim" in your map headers to give the time (in seconds) which you get for the map.

Also, if the map is already DaytonaKart compatible, you don't need to add that in, as it'll use the data from that to figure out the time - although you can have a different time limit for both mods by having both LUA.clocktime as well as the Daytona bits.
You're giving me a little MANIA.

SRB2Kart Track Mapper

Last edited by Latius; 05-31-2020 at 09:54 AM.
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Old 06-03-2020   #6
Professor Science Bear
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Version 1.1 of Kart Rush: Race the Clock has been released. It features the following new changes:

INSANE difficulty: Ever thought Master difficulty was too easy? Insane difficulty takes it one step further. With only a 70% time bonus on map clear, the rewards are huge as a result: a 280% score bonus should you dare to challenge this difficulty.

Drift Time Freeze: Drift Time Freeze (or DTF) is a setting that, if turned on, freezes the clock on every miniturbo you do. Blue sparks stop the clock for 1 second, red sparks for 1.5 seconds, and rainbow sparks for 2 seconds. However, it will cut your scores by 50% (or 25% in Death Wish Mode.) You can turn on DTF through the kr_driftplus NetVar. Default setting is off.

Finally, commentary. No, not the commentator from Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. Every lap you complete and every map clear, you will receive remarks on your pace and your odds of survival. Different commentators are available for the mode you choose to play on. On Normal Mode, your commentator will be the Conductor and on Death Wish Mode, your commentator will be the Snatcher. You can disable commentary through the kr_comments CVar. Default setting is on.

That covers the new features for Kart Rush: Race the Clock. Coming soon:

A new KR:RTC logo to replace the current logo
Multiplayer mode
Voiceovers for the commentators

We hope you enjoy this new update!
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Old 06-03-2020   #7
Hybrid Kart Mapper/Porter
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Oh, and one last thing: Death Wish now has a few additional difficulty modes, determined through "kr_dwdiff". Depending on the mode you choose, depends on how much time you get added, and also modifies your scores.

Normal is the default setting which gives you 50% of the time per map, but there's the Minor Death Wish options Easy and Easiest which gives you 75% or 100% of the time, but reduces what you get as a result. There's also the Major Death Wish options Hard and Expert with 35% and 25% of the time respectively, but gives more points.

Finally, if you have a Real Death Wish, why not try Insane difficulty? You might want to consider turning DTF on for that though, as you will not gain any bonus time from the maps.
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