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[Kart] Orihime Inoue Details »»
[Kart] Orihime Inoue
Version: 1.1.0, by spikeman750 spikeman750 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2019

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Released: 01-11-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Characters Re-Useable Content

I wasn't kidding.

But why Bleach of all anime/manga?
Why Orihime "KUROSAKI-KUUUUN" Inoue of all Bleach characters???
Why that outfit, too? You just wanted to attempt to revive the long-dead Loituma meme, admit it.

Ok in that order:
I'm not very deep into anime and manga, and picking a series that hasn't been relevant since 2013 should illustrate that.
I'll be honest, I just like her, ok...
I could have gone for the dress thingy she wore during the Hueco Mundo arc, but I wanted something more colorful that'd fit in better, so I opted to play favorites and go with the attire she wore in one of her earliest appearances. It just so happens to have a dead meme from 2006 related to it (though I will admit I ended up putting it in the goalpost portrait).

On to the technical stuff, now that I've explained myself:

Her stats are similar to Knuckles, with one more point in weight. I like middleweights.
Since her most prominent physical feature is arguably her hair and hairpins, I decided to make her hair color-adjustable. Her default color is Pumpkin.
The voice clips come from Bleach: Dark Souls, and sorry, subs-only purists, but it's the english voice.
While this is the first release version of this WAD, this is marked as v1.1 due to me wanting to refine the lighting/shading of the sprites (and trying to make her fit in better with the other anime waifu characters)

i'm so sorry i should have done something better for a first wad i promise the next one will be a character less reviled

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Welcome to releases!
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Well I, for one, welcome our new leek-spinning overlord.
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