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Old 07-13-2020   #181
hol on lemme grab somethin'
easysqweasy's Avatar

Based off my irl nickname, Easy.
I put "sqweasy" at the end because of the saying "easy peasy lemon squeezy",
except i removed "peasy" and "lemon" and replaced a few things in "squeezy"

not much to say.
hey, look up, my post is above, not below.
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Old 07-15-2020   #182
zevirik's Avatar

this is actually the name i go by on the internet! though nowadays i go by 'elias' more (i stole that name from a sonic character lol)
for where i got my name though..... if i told you i just went on a fantasy name generator and kept clicking until something seemed cool, would you believe me?
amy and fang are best characters. fight me.
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Old 07-16-2020   #183
papaya paya
paya's Avatar

Papaya tastes good and the word sounds funny. My friends shortened it to "Paya" and now here I am.<br>
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Old 08-04-2020   #184
TehPuertoRicanSpartan's Avatar

I was originally going to be a Sparta remixer, but the task is failed due to less luck.
Originally Posted by Silver Sonic View Post
Rude. You could at least use the releases thread and cut the cursing...
Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I agree with Silver on this one, could you please refrain from using cuss words?
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Old 08-07-2020   #185
so i exist
The_Oofer's Avatar

I just got it from my youtube account
I will change this again when kart is on android

Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
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Old 08-07-2020   #186
Local Idiot

There are two names I normally go by online: SuperDoom1 and UltraSUPRA.
I felt like combining them for a funny nickname as a joke on Geometry Dash, and I came up with SUPRADoom.
Somehow that morphed into SeproDep.
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Old 08-07-2020   #187
I do things, I guess
FabulousNinji's Avatar

I went by NinjaDude101 on an old online game and on Flipnote Hatena (rip), and I wanted to come up with something new for a Miiverse account years later. I still wanted to keep the Ninja part, but "FabulousNinja" didn't have a nice ring to it, so I changed the A to an I and now here we are.
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Old 08-15-2020   #188
The Snoc
SnocBoi's Avatar

I probably just made it up back when my cousins and I played with our NDSses, I still don't know where the "snoc" came from but hey, it's cool.
Boo! I'm a ghost!
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #189
Supahsta's Avatar

I based my name off a SiIvaGunner commenter back in 2016.
I liked the name so I kept it around.
Thanks for the gold kind stranger chunghus 1000
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Old 1 Week Ago   #190

I Enjoy Good Vibes So I Choose That As My Name...
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Old 2 Days Ago   #191
Chili Dog
Chezi's Avatar

Remember that scene in Despicable Me where the Minions went to the mall to get a unicorn toy? When the Minion dressed as the dad saw the recliner, he said something in excitement and I interpreted it as, "Ooh, chezi!" So, that's why my name is Chezi. My online nickname right now is Chili Dog, but that's because I'm currently making TerminalMontage's Sonic right now
Hasn't anyone told you not to play with FIRE
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Old 2 Days Ago   #192
Hacker 101
Hacker 101's Avatar

yes i am a hacker that why i use this username for every social media just to mock people that dont know literally everything
Enjoy la totinos pizza roll sonic
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Old 2 Days Ago   #193
CrayFray's Avatar

Around Halloween 2018 I searched around for a new name as my old one was cliche and arguably rather embarrassing. During playtime on a TF2 community server, I was named "Carol Tea", the green cat from Freedom planet. I was asking a friend something in chat and I thanked them for their answer, and they responded with "np crayola". They have accidently not only given me a good halloween name, but also a name I have chosen to take until this very day. It rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

Only about 6 months I have learned that "Crayola" is an actual crayon/paint company selling painting and drawing utilities and have been mocked for it ever since, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
"Is PRONTO a real word, Sam?"
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Old 2 Days Ago   #194
professional idiot
DJInferno978's Avatar

Well, 3 years ago i made a roblox account and since then i've been using the same username.

Last edited by DJInferno978; 2 Days Ago at 12:54 AM. Reason: typo
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Old 1 Day Ago   #195
Just vibing!
LuxisLand's Avatar

(This is awkward but...)
I was thinking on making a name for Geometry Dash, my sister said "Luxis", the name for me was kinda interesting, and i added "07" there, and there was "Luxis07", i haved that name for years, and used it on all my accounts, and then, i removed "07" and added "Land", and here i am!
Oh so you're a Sonic Robo Blast 2 Fan?
Name every Emblem Hint.
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Old 9 Hours Ago   #196
Part of the SSG3 team
STG3's Avatar

Well back in 2019 I joined SSG3's Server. I don't know why but for some reason i wanted to be STG3 so he gave me the name and here I am now. Before that name I used to go as jesus34310 which yes. Jesús is my real name. I just added a bunch of numbers because 7 year old me said "Yeh. Dis is cool" I used that name since I think 2013 until that day in SSG3's Server.
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Old 5 Hours Ago   #197
MRoach's Avatar

Since I've recently changed my username, I feel the need to update the reason where I got it.
My user name comes from my actual IRL name, MRoach meaning "Mario Roach", I stopped using XleederTH, because some people where using it and some of my friends started associating me with them.
Nothing for nothing, is the key :v
Visit my youtube channel!
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