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SEGA Classics Horns - A Rather Nostalgic Expansion for Hornmod! (v5) Details »»
SEGA Classics Horns - A Rather Nostalgic Expansion for Hornmod! (v5)
Version: v5, by B. Comet (Fun is still infinite.) B. Comet is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 08-07-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 0
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A hornmod expansion that contains 261 more horns and 58 more for hell maps, all ripped by me (even if there was no need for that). It's sound effects from Genesis/Mega Drive, Arcade and Saturn games, with some extras from external media and others. Some of the game sounds that are on this mod weren't exactly made by SEGA, but were notorious enough on the Genesis for me to add as a small bonus.
I tried to avoid adding sound effects from games that had a character mod made for SRB2Kart already, for avoiding potential confusion in case it was used with it (For example, there is no Ristar or Super Fantasy Zone horns in this pack, because a character mod for both of them exists and it uses sound effects from their respective games).
I have plans to expand this mod, gathering some extra stuff from more arcade games (Done in v3!) and maybe Saturn ones if possible (Done in v4!).
Now, since it has more than 200 sounds, it might stay like this for a long time, until I get a proper way to access the sounds from games without a sound test available. (Kinda done in v5!).

I am also accepting suggestions, as long as it is related to SEGA and not a too recent/modern of a game (which means no Yakuza, unfortunately).

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this pack.


Horns List:

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle - Jan Ken Pon
Altered Beast - Power Up
Altered Beast - Rise from your grave
Bonanza Bros - Hitting a shield
Bonanza Bros - Stepping on a can
Collumns - Gem Hit
Collumns - Rainbow Gem Hit
Contra Hard Corps - Die
Contra Hard Corps - Lock and Loaded
Dynamite Headdy - Oh no
Dynamite Headdy - Thank you
ESWAT - Mission Completed
Golden Axe - Attack
Golden Axe - Go!
Golden Axe - Thief Damage
Golden Axe - Thief Theme 1
Golden Axe - Thief Theme 2
Golden Axe 2 - Bleh
Golden Axe 3 - Magic Collected
Gunstar Heroes - Confirm
Gunstar Heroes - Hey!
Gunstar Heroes - Smash Daisaku Laugh
High Seas Havoc - SE 62
Juju Densetsu - Ouch
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade - Credit
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade - Death
Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker - Hoo
Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker - Michael!
Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker - Oh
Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker - Who's Bad
NBA Jam - He's on fire
Outrun - Congratulation
Outrun - Get Ready
Outrunners Arcade - Better than that
Outrunners Arcade - Brought to you by Sega
Outrunners Arcade - Good Luck
Outrunners Arcade - Great Job
Outrunners Arcade - Hear you tomorrow
Outrunners Arcade - Same time baby
Outrunners Arcade - Smooth Operator
Outrunners Arcade - Stop the cheering
Outrunners Arcade - Try Again
Revenge of Shinobi - Crusher
Revenge of Shinobi - Hit
Revenge of Shinobi - Thunder
Revenge of Shinobi - Jutsu of Fushin
Rocket Knight Adventures - Charge Attack
SEGASonic - Boing
SEGASonic - Eggman Hit
SEGASonic - Eggman says Kisama
SEGASonic - Eggman says Mada Mada
SEGASonic - Eggman says something in japanese
SEGASonic - Maybe a Ring
SEGASonic - Mighty says it's name
SEGASonic - Ray Wow
SEGASonic Bros - Block Set
Shadow Dancer - High Jump
Shadow Dancer - Toryaa
Shinobi 3 - Masao Missile
Shinobi 3 - Musashi Ninjutsu
Sonic Chaos - Bumper
Streets of Rage - 1Up
Streets of Rage - Adam Attack
Streets of Rage - Axel Attack
Streets of Rage - Blaze Attack
Streets of Rage - Blaze Kick
Streets of Rage - Getting hit
Streets of Rage - Police Car Engine
Streets of Rage 2 - Axel Grand Upper
Streets of Rage 2 - Axel Yell
Streets of Rage 2 - Barbon Cmon
Streets of Rage 2 - Big Ben Laugh
Streets of Rage 2 - Blaze Kikoushou
Streets of Rage 2 - Hey!
Streets of Rage 2 - Jack Laugh
Streets of Rage 2 - Shiva Final Crash
Streets of Rage 2 - Vehelits Incoming
Streets of Rage 2 - Vehelits Damage
Streets of Rage 2 - Hit
Streets of Rage 2 - Max Oryaa
Streets of Rage 2 - Mr. X Laugh
Streets of Rage 3 - Ash Laugh
Streets of Rage 3 - BGM14 Intro
Streets of Rage 3 - Camera Shot
Streets of Rage 3 - Robo X Laugh
Streets of Rage 3 - Shiva Voice
Streets of Rage 3 - Shiva Voice 2
Super Monaco GP (Arcade) - It's Up to You
ToeJam & Earl - Hmmmmm
ToeJam & Earl - Jammin
Virtua Fighter 2 (Genesis) - Akira Attack
Virtua Fighter 2 (Genesis) - Excellent
World of Illusion - Donald Duck Alakazam
World of Illusion - Donald Duck Wow
World of Illusion - Mickey Alakazam
World of Illusion - Mickey Ouch

Gunstar Heroes - Pickup
Virtua Fighter 32x - Akira ORAORAORA
Virtua Fighter 32x - Kage Amai
Virtua Fighter 32x - Jeffry I win
Virtua Fighter 32x - Jacky Yeah
Virtua Fighter 32x - Lau Aii
Streets of Rage 2 - Abadede Yell
Streets of Rage 2 - Corkscrew Kick
Streets of Rage 2 - Kage Bushin
Virtua Racing 32x - Fastest Lap
Virtua Racing 32x - Get Goal
After Burner Complete - SEGA Intro

Sonic CD - Hit it
Sonic CD - Huehue
Sonic CD - Turn it up
Dynamite Cop - Credit
Dynamite Cop - Stupid Fools
Dynamite Cop - Sucker
Dynamite Cop - Poor Baby
Daytona USA - Coming up behind you
Daytona USA - Wrong Way
Daytona USA - Try to make a hole
Fighting Vipers - Bahn says something in japanese
Fighting Vipers - Honey says yes
Fighting Vipers - Picky being very mature
Fighting Vipers - G
Rail Chase 2 - Credit
SEGA Commercial - He called you a wimp
SEGA Commercial - You still don't have a SEGA CD?
Sega Super Ski G - Yeah
Sega Rally Championship - Oh God
Sega Rally Championship - Wow
Virtua Cop - Get'em boys
Virtua Cop - What is that?
Virtua Fighter 2 (Arcade) - I am faster than lightning
Virtua Striker - Brazil
Wave Runner - Confirm
Wave Runner - A Racing Genius
Wave Runner - What's the matter
Wave Runner - Your skill is the only limit
Sega Water Ski - Somersault

Altered Beast (Arcade) - Never give up
Altered Beast (Arcade) - Rise from your grave
Alien Syndrome (Arcade) - Hurry up!
Alien Syndrome (Arcade) - The time bomb is set
Alien Syndrome (Arcade) - Game Over
Dynamite Dux (Arcade) - Nakigoe/Player Damage
Dynamite Dux (Arcade) - Get Box
DecAthlete - Oh no
DecAthlete - Select
DecAthlete - Bingo
DecAthlete - Fantastik
DecAthlete - Long Jump
Daytona USA (Saturn) - And they're under way
Daytona USA (Saturn) - Lucky 777
Daytona USA (Saturn) - Gentlemen, start your engines
ESWAT (Arcade) - Get out of my way
Golden Axe Duel - Hell Flame
Golden Axe Duel - Yahoo
Golden Axe Duel - Zoma Laugh
Golden Axe Duel - Jamm sings something
Gale Racer (Saturn) - WAHOO
Gale Racer (Saturn) - Hey You!.
Gale Racer (Saturn) - So long baby.
Power Drift - Do your best, and good luck.
Power Drift - Hurry up!
Power Drift - Later sucker
Power Drift - Eat dirt bozo
Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder - Enemy Laugh
Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder - Enemy OOF
Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder - HIYAH
Alien Storm (Arcade) - Eat lead, alien scum
Alien Storm (Arcade) - Yabba Dabba Dude
Alien Storm (Arcade) - You're toast, dude.
Sonic Boom - Destroy the Target
Sonic Boom - Operation Successful
Sega Saturn - Music Player
Thunder Blade - Credit
Streets of Rage 3 - Danger Alarm
Streets of Rage 3 - Unused Laugh
Golden Axe 3 - Shattered Crystal
House of the Dead (Arcade) - No, no, no!
Last Bronx (Arcade) - Joe muda da
Last Bronx (Arcade) - Laqss Bronz
Last Bronx (Arcade) - Yoko Ora
Last Bronx (Arcade) - Joe Jibun no Chikara
Last Bronx (Arcade) - Red Eye Laugh
Revenge of Shinobi - Pause
Vectorman - Default Shot
Wave Runner - Are you having trouble?
Wave Runner - Look! A slowpoke.
NiGHTS Into Dreams - Select
NiGHTS Into Dreams - Select 2
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams - SE 11 (I don't know what is this supposed to be, please tell me if you know!)
Heavyweight Champ (Arcade) - KID K.O. CRUSHER
Indy 500 (Arcade) - Sorry, time is up.
Indy 500 (Arcade) - There is a crash.
Shinobi (Arcade) - Ninja Rescued
Shinobi (Arcade) - Ninjutsu
Virtua Striker - DIRECTO SHOOT!

A.B. Cop - Collision
Sonic Adventure - Gamma: Bumper Car Area
Sonic Adventure - Sonic: Watch out, you're gonna crash!
Sonic Adventure - Gamma: Ba bu ba ba baby
Sonic Adventure - Eggman hates you
Sonic Adventure - Eggman: Uh oh, gotta go!
Sonic Adventure - Eggman: There it is! Right there!
Sonic Adventure - Gamma: This presents a problem
Sonic Adventure - Amy calls you an idiot
Sonic Adventure - Eggman: Away, before I make mincemeat out of you
Sonic Adventure - Spring
Sonic Adventure - Chaos Emerald
Sonic Adventure - Stored Rings
Sonic Adventure - Explosion
Sonic Adventure - Pinball Jingle
Sonic Adventure - Mystic Ruins Beat
Sonic Adventure - Sonic: NOAH
Sonic Adventure - Tails: Wuwl
Sonic Adventure - Upgrade
Sonic Adventure - Eggman: Get a load of THIS!
Sonic Adventure - Sonic: Smells like trash
Aurail - Mission Start
Cotton - Good bye!
Cotton - Credit
D.D. Crew - Oof
D.D. Crew - Aha! Surprise!
Comix Zone - Oh yeah!
Desert Breaker - Credit
Galaxy Force 2 - Credit
Golden Axe (Arcade) - Map Jingle
Golden Axe (Arcade) - Unused Skeleton Sound
Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine - Laugh
Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine - Yippie!
Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine - Yeehaw!
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - Jam it in!
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - Boom shakalaka
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - Sweet touch
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - Welcome to NBA Jay!
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - Showtime!
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - From downtown!
Rail Chase - Credit
Rail Chase - Hey hey hey!
Streets of Rage 2 - Time Over
Shadow Dancer (Arcade) - Ninjutsu
Shadow Dancer (Arcade) - Continue
Shadow Dancer (Arcade) - Woof!
Sega Water Ski - Double Front Frip Roll!
Space Harrier (Arcade) - Credit
Space Harrier (Arcade) - Shot
Space Harrier (Arcade) - Ouch!
Super League (Arcade) - Home Run?
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron - Cool!
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron - All right!
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron - AWESOME!
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron - YES
Turbo OutRun - Arrest the red car!
Turbo OutRun - Take a hike pal!
Time Scanner (Arcade) - Random Board Sound
Time Scanner (Arcade) - Time Scanner
Time Scanner (Arcade) - Laugh
Daytona USA Championship Edition - 777

Hell Horns

Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars (Arcade) - Death
Altered Beast - Awooooo
Altered Beast - Welcome to your doom
Bubsy - What could possibly go wrong?
Contra Hard Corps - ???
Crazy Bus - Title Screen
Dick Tracy - Siren
Ferias Frustradas do Pica Pau - Yeoaw
Golden Axe - Death
Golden Axe - Dragon Magic
Golden Axe 2 - Fire Attack
International Super Star Soccer: Deluxe - Title Screen
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade - PAAAW
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade - Mr. Big Defeated
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade - Weird Laugh
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade - Zombie Noise
Outrunners Arcade - Weather is gorgeous, and it's gonna be a great day for a race.
Revenge of Shinobi - Brain Laser
Revenge of Shinobi - Game Over
Sega Soccer - Goal
SEGASonic - Eggman Laugh
SEGASonic - Eggman says a lot of stuff in Japanese
SEGASonic - Eggman Scream
Sonic 1 - Corrupted SEGA Intro
Streets of Rage - Elevator up
Streets of Rage 3 - Boss Death
Streets of Rage 3 - Heavy Hit
Super Shinobi II Prototype - Crying CPU
ToeJam and Earl - Weird Laugh
Virtua Fighter 2 (Genesis) - Sudden Death
Virtua Racing (Genesis) - Game Over

Altered Beast - Death
Virtua Fighter 32x - Wolf Awooo

Brazilian Robotnik - 4000 PONTOS
Dynamite Cop - Wolf Hongo changed his body to destroy you
Fighting Vipers - Sanman woofs
SEGA Commercial - The entire Genesis Does commercial (Yep, the entire thing)
Virtua Striker - GOOOOOOOOOAL

Daytona USA (Saturn) - Let's Go Away Intro
Alien Syndrome (Arcade) - ??? (It's even possible to understand this?)
Alien Storm (Arcade) - Male Civilian Scream
Alien Storm (Arcade) - Enemy Death
Revenge of Shinobi - Failure
House of the Dead (Arcade) - You shall all DIE
House of the Dead (Arcade) - Generic Tiger Sound
Heavyweight Champ (Arcade) - Generic Boxing Bell

Shadow Dance: (Arcade) - Japanese stuff again
Shadow Dance: (Arcade) - Female Boss Death?
Turbo OutRun - Police Siren
Rail Chase - Oh my dear!
Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine - Robot Noise
Sonic Adventure - Big: GET
Sonic Adventure - ITS CHAOS
Sonic Adventure - Eggman can't believe this is happening
Show do Milhao - E voce vai pedir ajuda a quem?

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Old 08-07-2020   #2
Probably Responsible
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Welcome to releases!
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Old 08-22-2020   #3
B. Comet
Fun is still infinite.
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v2 Update

Small stuff.

I was unsatisfied with the volume of some sounds, so I gave 22 of them a little boost (and some hell sounds too. After all, these are really intended to be heard), in special the OutRunners ones that used to blend a lot with other sounds in the game.
And just to not make this the most boring update, I added 12 more sounds for the pack, and 2 more for hell.

For the dude that asked if there wasn't a JoJo related horn in the pack, I added the closest enough thing I could find, so it's better that you enjoy it.

Last edited by B. Comet; 08-22-2020 at 07:33 AM.
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Old 08-22-2020   #4
Sunnyside's Avatar

My first thought when reading the v1 list of horns was to request Jeffry's "Iiiii Wiiiiin" line from VF2... but I see you've already taken care of that. Great horn selection!
Poppo! Poppopopopopo!
- Marie Poppo
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Old 09-03-2020   #5
B. Comet
Fun is still infinite.
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v3 Update

Reeks of the 90's.

When I said that I wanted to get some sounds from more arcade games, I did it! Most sounds added in came specifically from games than run on the Model 2 arcade, with some bonus ones from other media related from SEGA, like the infamous "Genesis Does!" commercial. It is a part of Classic SEGA's history, so I thought it was a good fit.

If you want to see what was added, go to the main post and check the horns list.

Last edited by B. Comet; 09-03-2020 at 08:19 AM.
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Old 10-21-2020   #6
B. Comet
Fun is still infinite.
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v4 Update!

To be this good, takes ages...
...because this update took A LOT OF TIME to be finished.

Hello again! This time managed to get my hand in some Saturn games! There is also a whole lot more from various titles in the arcades, with very obscure picks and some other little things I missed.
A large amount was added this time: 59 more sounds and 8 more for hell!

Also, ALL the previous sounds in this pack got a decent volume boost and were compressed to reduce the file size, despite having more horns, this new version is 1MB lighter!

As always, if you want to know what was specifically added, go to the main post and check the list of horns.
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Old 11-26-2020   #7
B. Comet
Fun is still infinite.
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v5 Update!

Get a load of this update!.

Since I got to emulate and discover a whole lot more of SEGA Arcade Games, I thought that I could push a sizeable update once again. I also found a way to rip audio samples from Genesis ROMs, so now I could get my hands on sounds that were unavailable to me when I started making the expansion! (Like the NBA Jam narrator)

...And also...
I remembered that the original Sonic Adventure fits as a classic.
Lots of voice lines from the game were added as a result, with some sound effects.

As always, if you want to see what was added, check the original post spoilers.
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