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R. A. Extended v3.1 - "SUPER! GBJ! HOTFIX!" Edition Details »»
R. A. Extended v3.1 - "SUPER! GBJ! HOTFIX!" Edition
Version: 3.0, by Fayt_XIII (Sen ⎝⎠ ╲╱╲╱ ⎝⎠Pai) Fayt_XIII is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (15 votes - 4.53 average)
Released: 06-17-2019 Last Update: 03-01-2020 Favourites: 11
Multiplayer Levels Scripts Code Changes

Welcome to the Record Attack-Ex pack, where speed is the name of the game. This is a completely unique set of levels designed to push you to your absolute limits.

-Stardust Drive zone-

-Monster Monarch Zone-

-Super Rainbow Road-

-Cosmic Eclipse Zone-

Spoiler: Changelog

Super Rainbow Road
-Fixed an issue where an issue where players would get stuck in a deathloop
-Lowered the steepness of slopes for better visibility
-Widened particular problem areas for better mine evasion

New level - Super Rainbow Road
New level - Cosmic Eclipse Classic

Cosmic Eclipse Zone
-Removed the left path after the ice sheet to stop Regal Wall (And because it was FREEEEE)
-Changed textures for clarity
-Thinned rainbow strips
-Adjusted several powerful cuts
-Removed the initial item-set to tame RNG

Stardust Drive Zone
-Seaside-Proof patch-fix
-Straightaway aerial deathlane fix for those unlucky bouncers
-Eased the difficulty of the final turn by... Adding an arrow

Monster Monarch Zone
-Checkered off-road now changed to normal floor
-Minor Checkpoint change for SPB's sake
-Attempted to fix that one sloped section that growth users get caught in

-Fixed an exploitable bug in Stardust Drive where players would refuse to die when falling into part of a certain pit
-Mitigated an issue with an rare bug in Cosmic Eclipse where your momentum refused to carry after the space minigame (An actual fix will happen in the future)

Stardust Drive Zone
-Removed Balloon Cut to let Monster Monarch retain it's exclusive gimmick
-Removed pesky midair invisible walls on the quarteripe that were long forgotten

Monster Monarch Zone
-Further optimization of framerate
-Detailed the bottom floor with fog, a new portrait (Sorry, Tag.) and a few other things to make it spookier (They won't hurt you.)
-The friction-less tiles have come back (and I'm not sorry about it.)
-The bouncing spikes have been replaced with easier to dodge maces

Cosmic Eclipse Zone
Another newer layout change to make the course accessible to newcomers
Proper starting level redesign
Removed a lot of sneaker panels
New cuts added for catch up
SPB/Mine/Eggbox are all now consistent across the entire level (Mine/eggbox will still knock you up for longer)
Certain areas have now been adjusted to let you spend less time respawning
I'm TERRIBLY sorry for all the trouble I've put you all through with these redesigns.

Stardust Drive Zone
Proper musical loop!
-Minor signage add-ons and fixes for beginners

Monster Monarch Zone
Proper musical loop!
-The friction-less tiles have been turned into weak-offroad and all cuts have been adjusted to reflect this.

Cosmic Eclipse Zone
-Reduced particle effects and half-light/lighting effects to improve performance
-Minimap update!
-Faster Space section!
-Gravity has been split to remove off-course frustration!
-90% of short gaps have been removed with ice clean-up!
-New Spiral section
-Metal Sonic is a good boi again

Hot-fix patch that had an exploitable bug I couldn't remember.

Stardust Drive
-Shrink+Easy+1/1statblock is A-Okay! (But why, though?)
-Fixed the rolling start's jank (I hope)
-Removed invisible walls inside the moon room, but added more checkpoints to compensate
-Redid the entire set of death planes to prevent anyone from repeating a lap, ever again
-Reduced spinning mace frustration
-Reduced a couple of excessive item boxes in the beginning
-Tidied up textures and put in some much needed signage and guidance arrows
-Cleaned up the balloon hop and added a nice hill to jump off of in the second quarterpipe
-Removed certain... Favorite skips

Cosmic Eclipse
-Has received many quality of life adjustments!
-Minimap added
-MusicID updated (and loops)
-Everyone gets a fair start in the space minigame!
-Redid the checkpoint system
-Reduced the depth of all deathpits
-Removed a certain replay that was causing sigsevs for players
-Tamed a lot of pesky ice that added nothing but frustration
-Added safety rails and safer traverse options to a few turns where I demand that you prove your ability to sliptide
-Added several new cuts including one that sends you to space for failure
-Overall increased the speed of the level

Not much, other than... A new map and update to all maps, including a return of an old favorite.

Placeholder update to fix conflicting map IDs

Monster Monarch
-Reverted the balloon cut difficulty nerf
-HOWEVER, failing the cut is now significantly less punishing
-Adjusted the difficulty of the spiral cut
-Fixed waypoints
-Added a sound effect. :D

Stardust Drive
-Small quality of life fixes!
-Made a certain area around the spiked mace no longer bonkable
-Added a few guide arrows for newcomers
-Removed physics from certain slopes so you won't die to SPB
-Removed problematic exploding toads (Sorry, Waifu.)
-Lower the ramps in the beginning of the map. (Go crazy, I guess.)

Monster Monarch
-You guys asked and I delivered.
-Nerfed the difficulty of the spiral spring and balloon cut.
-Sweetened the deal of the normal route since the balloon cut is now far easier.
-removed certain slope physics to better the flow
-Added Super's vertex fix to smooth out the spiral turn

Stardust Drive Zone
-Has been given a terribly ugly Encore palette for clarity's sake. I will give Stardust a full makeover in the future~

Monster Monarch Zone
-Increased the width of certain roads to feel less claustrophobic
-Increased visibility for all hairpins
-Fixed checkpoints to function properly
-Eliminated sudden walls that would frustrate beginners
-Included WAY more options to traverse!
-Removed certain deathpits
-Includes a new Record Attack ghost to show you the ropes on how to succeed
-Included more Kart Community portraits! (Feel free to message me if you'd like something added!)
-No, really. I fixed that pit everyone kept falling into.
-Has been given a terribly ugly Encore palette for clarity's sake. Monarch will get a proper Encore palette in the future~

Monster Monarch Zone
-Complete overhaul of Monster Monarch! There are WAY too many changes to mention, sadly.
-But there's a little bit of something for everyone in there.

Stardust Drive Zone
-Stardust has received another set of bugfixes across the board!
-Items and SPBs now work properly on the straightaway start
-there's a wall sector so people can't drive backwards and grief players
-Fixed any and all darkness to discourage item hiding
-Respawn-key'd over all checkpoints to make sure they work properly
-Cut the new quarter pipe exploit and all other skips (except one intended one)
-Combi now works properly!

- Fixed an issue that allowed players to clear the level early
- Fixed clippable walls

- Base Release. Contains two maps.

If you have any other comments, bugs or concerns, please let me know!
Your feedback is much appreciated!

Current MapIDs In Use
MapPC - Monster Monarch Zone
MapPE - Cosmic Eclipse Classic
MapPF - Stardust Drive Zone
MapPG - Super Rainbow Road
MapPH - Cosmic Eclipse Zone
MapPI - Monster Monarch Classic

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File Type: pk3 KRL_RA_Extended-v3.1.pk3 (22.08 MB, 1844 views)


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Old 02-29-2020   #42
Alessand97's Avatar

Loved Super Rainbow Road, but the minimap is missing the Sneaker cut.
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Old 04-13-2020   #43
Sen ⎝⎠ ╲╱╲╱ ⎝⎠Pai
Fayt_XIII's Avatar

Super Rainbow Road
-Fixed an issue where an issue where players would get stuck in a deathloop
-Lowered the steepness of slopes for better visibility
-Widened particular problem areas for better mine evasion
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Old 07-10-2020   #44
Hallan's Avatar

Okay, I gotta know... where in the world did you get that voice clip for SUPER RAINBOW ROAD's intro? It's just so GOOD, so clean and professional.
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Old 07-10-2020   #45
Claudiadoe's Avatar

dood64 voiced it
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Old 07-23-2020   #46
Ooga Booga Cheeseballs
「AxeCrusader」's Avatar

It may be just me but when selecting Super Rainbow Road there is no intro music or announcer heared.
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Old 08-13-2020   #47


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