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All ratings in brackets have been rendered invalid due to the level being disquallified

Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan 8/10

Really nice, but the music choice was off. So I had to use the tunes command to get the right feel for the level.

Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power 5/10
emerald hunt mode works, though the level was, small. Try emulating Banjo-Kazooie or Super Mario 64 for a decent size emerald hunt level.

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson 5/10
nice design and the pinguinators were a nice touch, but after a while, the music gets old (most Remixed Sonic tune) and the level just doens't seem to progress. It didn't help that I was Sonic too.

What's with you and frustrating Puzzles? I got farther with Tails only to be killed by water (under the crumbling bridge) and sent back to a puzzle I gave up on. I'll give you points for ring formations with rings you jump for though.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade 8/10
Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up!
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Somebody inform Equestria Daily, MLP has infected SRB2 and the level design was good too. Plus it also made use of the Pinguinator.

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 by KO.T.E 7/10
you just had to put that falling bridge in? Well at least the level turned out good, and the Cammo crawlas make the 3rd variant of the charging enemies this contest. 2nd if you count the 2 pinguinators as 1

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 (1)/10
Rated so low due to it being so incomplete that no one can finish it.

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Chrome (7)/10 (Level requires level select or a run through of GFZ to get to.)
very nice. at one point i did go the wrong way, but that didn't last too long.
Rating may get erased pending enforcement of rule 6.
Originally Posted by Mystic
6. Single player entries need to be on MAP01 or otherwise immediately load when the player starts up a new game.
and this level does neither

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal 6/10
what was that? as soon as i start enjoying the level it ends. the Lava doesn't hurt, and I'm guessing you need a custom boss for the end
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Well here's my reviews on the SP levels, I have to say they were fun to play and frustrating as well. Here's my scores:

Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan 7/10
Flower Cave Zone By MKP 2/10
Sparkling Icecap by Thompson 6/10
Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade 10/10
Stronghold Forest Zone by KO.T.E 8/10
White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 0/10
Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Chrome 5/10
Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal 4/10

SP Level Reviews & Comments


Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan 7/10

I found this level played quite well and the layout in general was good. This entire level is pretty average, and the textures + the music make it feel bland. There are a few quirks that were frustrating, for one thing the spacing between starposts seemed a bit far, especially the second and third one. This meant if you fell in one of the many death pits you'd have to go all the way back to that last starpost and make it back to your original position. The colormap was a nice touch since it was apart of the level's main theme and the trick you pulled with the damaging water was great, since it got you thinking about the previous water pit at the beginning. Overall I'd say this level was fun to play and it had a simple design but a challenge.

Flower Cave Zone By MKP 2/10

This was too easy and the overall level design was sloppy. For starters the entire map was just a square, and without any kind of reason to justify it's shape. An big open space in a cave still should have shape, not just some random raised sectors and a few neat features. Also you could've added something in the middle, like a basin to which the water falls in (instead of a pond) or a large stalagmite which the water flows off of. Was the large group of falling boulders needed? They were placed to close together and the noise obscured my own char's sfx. Again there is better ways to execute this. The enemy re-skins were a plus, but like I said just re-skins, nothing exciting. It was also very easy to complete the emeralds spawn in easy locations, it was quicker to complete than this review.

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson 6/10

In a perfect world, this would be an excellent level, but in this one it was hell. I loved the visuals but that was a downside due to the frame rate issues, HOMs, etc. From how my playthrough went (+20:00) I enjoyed it but at the same time felt like going ballistic. The non-linear puzzles were nice, but some of the solutions were out of the way and not at all noticeable. I would've ignored this if it were for a secret path or such but this was for the main path so it was frustrating. The gargoyle puzzle was surprisingly easy for what I thought might take forever. But then the next room ate my lives faster than any level. That platforming was tedious and tricky with the frame rate issues occasionally popping up. I accept that, but the lava was a pain. Specifically the fact it was intangible which meant instant death if you messed up. There was no room for error which made it feel frustrating beyond belief and then the part afterwords I'd rather not talk about but let's say this level may be one of the hardest I've yet to play. So overall the visuals were awesome but at the sacrifice of gameplay, some of the puzzles took too long or were not obvious (You could make an act out of one puzzle), and finally thank God I managed to beat it. Next time maybe balance the visuals and the gameplay.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade 10/10

I loved this level! The custom enemies were refreshing, the custom textures were nice, and the design felt unique. The music was my favorite part, I don't know why but despite being pelted by ice and charged at by murderous robo-penguins the music made me feel calm. I did get a bit lost in the beginning, but this was made up for with the hidden monitors and such. Although as Fawfulfan mentioned, what's the idea behind the river of snow? Is it thick slush or something? On a side note this level reminded me of Snowboard Kids for some reason. Overall I find this level was fun to play through and has some nice replay value.

Stronghold Forest Zone by KO.T.E 8/10

This was an interesting twist on the forest and castle theme, or rather fortress theme. I found it very engaging, and the custom Crawla enemies were neat but rather annoying in groups you should space them out like in some areas (especially since they can follow you and gang up). The spring nets and the overall fortress structure was done nicely, and the area before it were nice too. Also the cameos were great too. This was also quite difficult since many of the walls were non-climbable which meant you had to rely on gliding more often and had to be careful of where you go. Overall this level was great and the custom gimmicks + enemies too.

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 0/10

Since this level is unable to be beaten due to no exit sector I'll review your level design but give you a score of zero due to it being qualified as unplayable. The map itself has potential but it feels so cramped and the hazards that are close together make passing through a pain. The use of switches to move the lava flow was nice and that's really all. I suggest you make future levels a bit less cramped and beatable.

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Chrome 5/10

This level was a big maze, and not a good one. You executed the textures well, they matched up and they never really conflicted. Also the music was quite nice, and lessened my rage. It was the design of the level that was confusing/frustrating, I mean the near pitch black hallways are a big no, especially in that one part where there were random death pits. Some of the rooms felt like there was some puzzle or a hidden item in them when there wasn't, it was just some raised sectors for no reason that you could jump on. Also at one point I passed a checkpoint that took me to the outside area with the rising floor with the holes that the aqua bombers use to attack. It looked like it meant I had to go down, so I did and wound up at a checkpoint I clearly didn't pass (Although that's probably apart of the same sector as the other one) and wound up lost again. With an open room, at least one path should be clearly labeled in some way that tells the player that its the right way. Overall this map could use some improvement and some clarity as which way is which.
EDIT: I looked at the map in DB and there are some rooms where if the player can confuse many other entrances for exits.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal 4/10

At first I thought "Wow, this level looks like it has some potential!", then I saw the awkward use of seaweed as tall grass. My thoughts became "Oh, just a minor theme conflict or odd choice of textures." and then came the lava you can walk in, you seemed to get it right in the next area so it may have been a slip up but still wouldn't you have noticed when testing your map? Also right path was odd too, why does is the grass on that small platform different from the grass in the entire level? The placement of the flowers and such on the island are unnatural and it doesn't really look good. Also the DSZ textures clash with the ones you are using for your level. Overall though you got a good level layout, its playable, and it isn't that bad.

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As a reminder, glaber, you have to actually vote on all of the non-disqualified entries for your votes to count. Even if you didn't finish the stage, you can generate an opinion and put that opinion in a scale between 0 and 10.
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Well, I decided to make a little review on this OLDC. I hope I'll not be horrified today. :x


~Single Player~
Greenflower Sunset, by Fawfulfan
Rating: 8/10
Long and pretty incredibly designed level. That means only Fawfulfan could do something like this. I liked the design and way how that level actually played (I died on the final death pit, tough). Variety of GFZ textures was pretty good and the level wasn't any enemy spam at all. I enjoyed gameplay on this one too.

Flower Cave, by Miles Knuckle Prower
Rating: 2/10
Bad, just bad. Music sucked a lot, visual design was bad and the rockslides were there multi times for no good reason. It was cheap, not fun and annoying. Emerald locations were incredibly poor. The lake was even bigger than Baikal! Actually, Senku's enemies damned it all even more. The only good thing was probably nothing.

Sparkling Icecap, by Thompson
This was just incredible! You will never stop to surprise me, this map had everything it needs. Great gimmicks, cool design and great gameplay. Socced enemies were good either. The only thing it probably doesn't have is bad rating.

Frozen Hillside, by Blade
Rating: 8/10
It's summer and you decided to make icy levels? You gotta get kidding me! Anyway, the level was great, but I liked Thompsons penguins more, because they weren't that cheaply fast and had SRB2 styled sprites. Other Socced enemy was different coffee, it had good sprites and good idea of having him like a cannon. Overall, Lost World will be one of the greatest released mods so far.

Stronghold Forest Act 1, by KO.T.E
Rating: 9/10
Just-incredible. It's even better than in Chaos Domain beta. They're trying to make this OLDC incredible now. Another Socced enemy, and pretty much cool look, and hard to notice that he's there. I think that the stage is even longer now and has more to design. The end sector is something like tower or balcony with roof?

Jadeflower Act 3, by blahblahbal
Rating: 2/10
Woo, another map that isn't worth playing. Capital question, where is the music? It's even pathetically short and design was horrible. I have no more words to this.

Ponies Suck, by Fawfulfan
Rating: 4/10
Just average, I actually liked the theme but it was probably the only thing... It was bland and I forget where are all the weapon panels just after one play. Having Redwall as sky is really awful. But I know that this was just a joke map, so what am I thinking? :P

Flux Satellite, by 742mph
Rating: 1/10
Awful, that map was just awful. Layout was one thing, but the gravity... And I think that this was supposed to be CTF map, then what is it doing in Match division in the first place? And I could only ask, what the hell was that fire supposed to be...

Southern Sands, by akb778
Rating: 2/10
It was godawful big, it was nearly impossible to find even anyone. It even lacked any good design, one of these holes was big as hell for no reason, hallway with flames was long and copy-paste. The crumbling blocks were here for no good reason either. And the difference between playing it in OpenGL and in Software was horrible.

Frozen Tundra, by Chaos Zero 64
Rating: 3/10
So the joke map was better than all of this? Incredible... Well, this map was simple, but bad aswell. Emeralds were sitting on ground, tons of same panels were scattered throughout the entire map and WRM was placed even more horrible place than in LFZ. Anyway, whats up with those icy maps in summer? This is 3rd one of them!

~Capture the Flag~
Majestic Grove, by Scizor300
Rating: 7/10
Good map is good map. It had pretty impressive design, I like the way of more textures in one level. The bridges and caves were impressively connected and stage in overall was greatly detailed. I have 2 complaints so far...
  • Big, the map was grossly big. I spend like 22 minutes before finishing round with 3 bots.
  • Item placement, it was just godawful. What the heck is up with these WRMs scattered throughout the stage? There were tons of it. And weapon panels, it was too hard to find them, because of the size.

Well, it was actually good map IMO. Keep making!

Mystical Heights, by Metal Fighter
Rating: 9/10
That level is just awesome! Feels like Blade's work. It had obvious music choose, incredible layout, and details for million. It's right opposite of Majestic Grove: It wasn't big and item placement was great. I liked the clouds high above the stage a lot and even these flying islands. Well, it would be impossible to get the last flag without Armageddon Shield, because these bots are aggressive, pretty good AI I must agree...

Frozen Pass, by Kuba11
Rating: 6/10
Now this level was fun! Using the explosion ring made it easy as slap. The level had great design, transluncent walls were improving the stage a lot. The stage wasn't big, had good item placement and the battle was pretty much long, because all the bots stuck in the base in front of the flag so it made it a little hard. But the Armageddon Shield made it easy a lot as always. :D Overall, the map was good, well, you could add any gimmick, buuut...

Sylvan Shrines, by Spherallic
Rating: 6/10
This OLDC really lacks bad maps (for good). Now, another level that was pain in the ass to find Explosion Rings, but oh well. The level wasn't bad, it was actually good, not great. The only bad think was massive ring spam. All I saw in the bases was RING RING RING everywhere. Well, you could at least at the bottom of the waterfalls put white fog, it would look better. Anyway, this CTF OLDC was probably best of all the years.

Croissant Mountain, by D00D64
Rating: 5/10
Finally, it's circuit and we're near end! Anyway, the level was a bit big for a Circuit map IMO.Details were perfect, but there were some really unnecessary bugs and platforms. The cave was pretty much good, but it was... Bad. Yes, bad! And this is why.
Seems like it's happening mainly in OpenGL. It's still bad tough.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... If you're gonna update it, fix that. :x

Frozen Hall, by Metal Fighter
Rating: 6/10
Pretty good, icy and another winter level! Heh, you'll never stop will you? Well, I had pretty good play here, it was well designed, but something bugs me. The crumbling platforms aren't really good for Circuit maps. The other players behind you will have problems with it (unless they'll switch to another character, but it'll slow you down without bind). Mind that after making another maps. Anyway, this OLDC was great now. Seems like all the developers and good mappers were already bored so they made this OLDC awesome. Heh...


Yes! Finally, my work is down, so I'm going offline for OLDC, but not for SRB2. I still could have some fun.

(Steelie received an infraction for this post: No flaming.)
Originally Posted by Majro
or maybe they simply walk at sucking

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---<(Single Player)>---
Name: Greenflower Sunset
User: Fawfulfan
Rating: 6/10
Review: I don't know what to say about this one, really, as the others explained it better than I might of. More checkpoints needed as the ones between Checkpoint 1 & 2 were too far from each other if you ask me, it's still a decent level, but needs some work on it.


Name : Flower Cave
User: Miles Knuckle Prower

Rating: 2/10
Review: Ah... Emerald Hunt, haven't see you in awhile, also... why is the music slow? It sounds like Dark Green Hill Zone, also... what's with the massive Rock Spam? It's already hard to get one of the emeralds which you need to hit the Red Spring in the water not to mention that the Rocks are waiting to kill you in that spot.

Did Senku give you permission to use those enemies?


Name: Sparkling Icecap
User: Thompson

Rating: 7/10
Review: While this is a nice map and all, lag, lag, and... more lag, which cripples gameplay as you have to fight with it also... the puzzle areas such as the Ice Blocks didn't make sense... I can break the clear ones by jumping into them, but for these solid ones, I have to spin into them... but... how does one spin into them when you can't get a clear shot? Oh wait... you have to SPIN & JUMP, oh hey... a way out.

I liked the idea of this area where you break this ice block and the water above it freezes solid. That was neat, oh and by the way... if your going to be using rising lava in a laggy room, PLEASE make it like real lava and not orange slime, it's annoying when you can't make your mark and you fall into the lava and your forced to die if you are too far in it.


Name: Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1
User: Blade
Rating: 10/10
Review: I can't seem to find any issues with this map at all. No complaints whatsoever.


Name: Stronghold Forest Act 1
User: KO.T.E

Rating: 9/10
Review: Better than the first one in Chaos Domain, I have to say that. Also... what's this? The Crawla Tank? Isn't hit suppose to take 3 hits or something or was that the other one?


Sonic can thok through these wooden bars, should of made them thicker. =\


Name: Jadeflower Act 3
User: blahblahbal

Rating: 3/10
Review: Seems short and I can't seem to explain anything else about it as the other voters already mentioned some words about this... also... shallow lava that doesn't hurt the player... what?


There, Single Player down. Didn't vote on the DQ maps unless it's needed to do so.

Fixed a few typos... *God I need a new keyboard dang it...*
Currently thinking of something to put here.

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Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 2/10

It was just a large empty room with very little to see. I spent a while running around trying to find out where that last piece was before I realized it was behind a wall that was supposed to be breakable despite no cue being given.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal - 4/10

This level didn't feel very fleshed out and it was over in the blink of an eye. The theme didn't seem to make sense, when it was GFZ one moment and then the next moment I was running through lava. I don't remember there really being anything notable here.

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson - 5/10

There were a lot of things about this level that I loved, freezing the river was a great moment, the Aquaria mix of Ice Cap was lovely (until the music stopped working for me) and I loved some of the set pieces included, as well as the endless penguin slides. However, several things made me absolutely insane. I only figured out that I could spin to break the ice because of an IRC conversation.
I have a large display, so the smallest aspect-correct resolution I can play without booting SRB2 up with a command line is 960x600. As a result, the sparkles caused a lot of lag, and because of that some of the platforming that should have been easy resulted in restarting large stretches of the level. It took me ten minutes to get to the top of that one area and I was kinda annoyed when I found out just what was there. Harmful water in an ice level still bugs me.
Naturally, I messed up on the rope hang, but at the end of that I went to go after the ledge only to bump into an ice thing which fortunately broke, unfortunately stopping me dead so that I could fall on a crawla and drop to my death. The enemies tended to cluster and in some areas going over the pillars was kinda cramped, the camera got stuck sometimes when breaking the ice.
That big room at the end was extremely annoying. I went the wrong way seeing that it still took me the same direction as the arrow, and then got hurt because I couldn't spin-jump-break the ice. The first time I made it to the top I didn't realize the lava was rising. I wasn't on the stalactite when it fell so I simply jumped back down to sink in the liquid lava. The second time the exact same thing happened because I couldn't aim on the yellow spring. The third time I was on the stalactite but after hitting the yellow spring I had nowhere to go so I died again. The fourth time (I was using setlives a lot because I didn't want to repeat the level) I didn't fall with the stalactite and then backtracked, but the level rose too fast and it beat me to the bridge. The final time I managed to backtrack fast enough, only to cry foul when the thing said "move forward" and I wasn't going fast enough. Turns out I'd missed the speedpad. I didn't really like that you had to tell me to move forward either.
You had some great things going here, but there's a ton of serious issues that made the level a painful experience when it could have been so much more enjoyable.

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Chrome - 6/10 (Disqualified)

I actually enjoyed the aesthetics of this level a lot. I also felt that it played very well. I could tell that one of the dark rooms had platforming areas and pits because I could see the edges but it might have been more fair to put something down there to catch the player. Overall, the level would probably do much better to get rid of some of the pits. I liked seeing the snailers get some attention. Is that Tidal Tempest?

Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan
- 7/10

I quite enjoyed this level. The use of the GHZ decorations (yay, the tiki doesn't look as horrific as I thought it did) and the use of the seaweed complimented the visual aesthetic of it very well. I don't like the name, using names from SRB2 stages is not very original especially when you could have chosen something that reflects the mountain-oriented platforming here. Also the music doesn't fit either. Some of the platforming areas still could be a little bit more fleshed out though. I'm not asking for gimmicks, I think the community is a little too fixated on the flashy things nowadays. I just want to see a little more done with some of the areas, especially the opening room which is basically just a transition into the springs.

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 by KO.T.E - 8/10

Its CEZ1! I enjoyed the basic platforming and the theme of the level. The badniks were also very cool, but I think there should be quite a delay between charges for the tank because the noise and constant charging got extremely frustrating.
Also the bouncing gimmick needs to be reworked having that at the top makes it extremely difficult to get through without a lot of trial and error which in the one room is very punishing. Its very difficult to get out of the mud, and when one of them falls down it leaves few alternatives to cross.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade - 10/10

The badniks chosen complimented the platforming, the visuals both old and new were handled very well, the Diamond Dust-esque snow rivers were a lot of fun, and the gimmick was simple and yet so rewarding. The level was just a joy to play. I wanted to play it over and over again.
The second time I finished it just as the song finished, it felt good. With that said, I recommend you place a loop point in that thing, as the thirty seconds of silence is kinda awkward. Other than that, this level is perfect.
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Ack, I see what happened. I didn't use SKYNUM in the MAINCFG for Ponies Suck Zone, so it ends up with REDWALL. My bad. Also, I meant to remove that Death Pit in the area with the Armageddon Shield, as I think you can tell from its texturing. I have added these admissions of error into my comments about my levels.

Geez, though, in spite of how many fantastic levels we've got here, this contest seems almost cursed, because there are tons of people who should know better making really stupid errors. Aside from my own goofs, we have Kuba11 failing to add an Exit Sector, Chrome doing that...thing...that got him disqualified, Aries City lacking a proper header, and D00D64 misusing the Star Post Activators. It's like the Twilight Zone or something...
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Monster Iestyn
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Hey Mystic, I just noticed: The name for the multiplayer divisions' zip and wad file have "mtf" instead of the usual "mrtf" prefix - I'm guessing this was a slip-up, right? =P

(Maybe I might actually vote this time, who knows? Some of the SP division entries were great this time! =D )

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Originally Posted by Fawfulfan View Post
Ack, I see what happened. I didn't use SKYNUM in the MAINCFG for Ponies Suck Zone, so it ends up with REDWALL. My bad. Also, I meant to remove that Death Pit in the area with the Armageddon Shield, as I think you can tell from its texturing. I have added these admissions of error into my comments about my levels.

Geez, though, in spite of how many fantastic levels we've got here, this contest seems almost cursed, because there are tons of people who should know better making really stupid errors. Aside from my own goofs, we have Kuba11 failing to add an Exit Sector, Chrome doing that...thing...that got him disqualified, Aries City lacking a proper header, and D00D64 misusing the Star Post Activators. It's like the Twilight Zone or something...
Not to mention a lot of the levels have a good amount of frame lag. A lot of people in my server were complaining about that.
Not sure what to put here.

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Multiplayer votes first:


Ponies Suck Zone by Fawfulfan - 2/10

The layout, except the central room, all looks like the same thing, so it's very hard to memorize where the weapon panels are, or even find them. I found it just bland in general, and there seems to be a shortage of rings.

Flux Satellite Zone by 742mph - 1/10

Well, this was more fun than it looked from the preview picture, but it has a ton of flaws. First off, getting hit near the edge of the map gets you stuck going up and down in your hurt frames and unable to do anything until the space countdown kills you. The rings have very awkward placement and are hard to grab, look like they are inside the floor, and there's not nearly enough of them. The weapon panels are very hard to find, and even harder to memorize their locations because the map is symmetrical. Lastly, the space countdown is inconsistent, at one point I can stand outside the space station just fine and then next sector there is suddenly no air.

Southern Sands Zone by akb778 - 2/10

Pretty empty and bland, and everything in the map in some shade of yellow or brown. I know it's a desert, but there's plenty of non-yellow and brown things you could add in, just look at ACZ. :P But regardless of how it looks, the underground section is a huge flaw, it's very cramped, so much that the camera often gets stuck above ground and you can't see what's going on. Someone hit a teleport monitor and I wound up down there, and never found the exit before the time ran out.

Frozen Tundra Zone by Chaos Zero 64 - 3/10

Someone likes the rail ring a lot. There's two rail ring panels and a ton of ammo for it. I easily maxed out the rail ammo just running back and forth between the two panel locations. The map itself is way too vertical and doesn't seem to be wide enough. I also wasn't expecting the non-icy floors to slow you down, it doesn't really look like it would, I would expect thick snow to do it, but the slow down floors just look like normal frost floors.


Majestic Grove Zone by Scizor300 - 8/10

This was pretty fun, only two complaints. First one is that the big wooden thingy with the river in it at the center of the map needs an alternate path around if for flag carriers. I got intercepted there every time I was carrying the flag except the one time I was able to bypass it with a Whirlwind Shield. Second complaint is that the bases are too big, if you run out of rings in the other team's base you have to run two miles to get some rings. Also, one more thing, a giant unidentified flying HOM appears every now and then and is very distracting. >_<

Mystical Heights Zone by Metal Fighter - 3/10

I like the way you used the colormap, and it looks pretty. But there's not much room to move around, all the trees and such make it too cramped. It just feels like there's a ton of wasted space here the could be better used by something other than a deathpit. There's also a huge amount of frame lag, enough to where it hurts the gameplay a lot.

Frozen Pass Zone by Kuba11 - 4/10

The path between the bases is okay but nothing unique, there are a lot of spots that are way too cramped though, mostly around and in the bases.

Sylvan Shrines Zone by Spherallic - 6/10

Pretty fun, the balance of horizantal and vertical was done right. I love all the different paths, but there's a big problem in that Sonic only has one route into the flag room, which makes it very easy for someone (me) to jump out from behind the rock and blow the would-be flag grabber across the map with a scatter ring. There's some frame lag, it's not gameplay-breaking but it's still enough to knock a point off your score. :(


Croissant Mountain Zone by D00D64 - 6/10

First time playing this, someone hit a teleport right away and I was totally and completely lost. That's not really your fault though, teleports going off ruin every race map ever. Second time playing this, teleports were disabled and it was a lot better, and actually fun. The star post activators could use much bigger sectors, it's very easy to miss them until you memorize the map. Good thing it's very easy to memorize the map after just one lap. :P

Frozen Hall Zone by Metal Fighter - 4/10

First time playing this, someone hit a teleport right away and I was totally and completely lost. That's not really your fault though, teleports going off ruin every race map ever. Second time playing this, teleports were disabled and it was a lot better, but I still managed to get lost for two more laps before finally figuring out which way to go. The culprit of all my getting lost is that one water spring thingy, which sends you up through a window and then you jump out, falling into a cheap death pit if it's your first time doing the jump, and land on a platform and go the wrong way if it's your second time doing the jump. I also don't like how some of the water hurts you and some of it doesn't, with no visual difference between them. I like the shortcuts you added for Tails and Knuckles. :P

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Act 3 FTW!!
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Okay, I know my level is short, it's rush job, and I didn't have time to finish it. I'll improve it, make the lava hurt you. Also, the reason the lava theme is in there for a short time is because this is a TROPICAL ISLAND theme, and those tend to have volcanos on them. You see? Further, I see the turtle problem, and I'll fix that.

My votes to come, probably later today.
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Originally Posted by Mystic
There's this amazing things called the English language
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Yay my first votes! I'll rate SP for now.

Jadeflower Act 3 - blahblahbal: 5/10
When I saw Act 3 in there, I was expecting a boss.Oh well. Aside from that, it's super short, even for a rush job. I understood the reason for the lava to be there after you explained it so no problems there. Being short is the only real problem this level has.

Flower Cave Zone - Miles Knuckle Power : 1/10
Oh the cave-y emerald hunt-y horror. I was gonna give it a 0 since the last emerald sometimes spawns at the ceiling, but the keyword is SOMETIMES....I think.The whole level consisting of one big cave, slowed down GHZ theme,they were all awful.

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 - KO.T.E : 8/10
It's Castle Eggman except better. The modified Crawlas game me A LOT of trouble.The level design was excellent,and the scenery was good too. Though it was too cheap for me at times.

Greenflower Sunset Zone - Fawfulfan : 7/10
For a Greenflower themed level, this was executed pretty well. Enemies were laid out perfectly and there were a few small gimmicks here and there. However, it seemed to consist of nothing but platforming,which got boring after a while.

Sparkling Icecap Zone - Thompson : 10/10
It's an awesome gimmick heaven, just what I love. Lag wasnt really bothersome for me, and that ending got me good. Awesome design, awesome graphics,awesome music,awesome custom enemy.What else?

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 - Blade : 8/10
I don't get what is so PERFECT about this zone,but meh,gotta respect opinions.While the custom penguins were good (^^^similarities are slapping me) and the graphics were almost eye-candy quality, I got lost in the level's graphics.A LOT. I couldnt actually finish the level due to getting lost. Pretty good, but more confusing than Inception at places.
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Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan - 6/10

For once, this old and overused theme felt like a breath of fresh air, you didn't overuse the crawlas, had a healthy amount of secrets for the player to find, and a moderate challenge, I really like this. A few segments of it were confusing to me, and I went around in circles a bit, but I eventually found my way. I didn't like that certain water was safe while the other wasn't, even with different textures to tip the player off, I think you should go with either one or the other. The ending was also a bit unfair with those small platforms combined with red crawlas, I suggest making them a bit larger if you intend on leaving the crawlas there.

Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 3/10

I guess my assumption to use Knuckles was a good choice, because getting that last emerald required me to climb the wall. The level overall was very boring and bland, and the custom enemies (Did Senku give you permission to use his sprites?) harassed me as soon as I entered the level. If your going to require a certain character to complete the level, force the player to that character at the beginning.

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson -6/10

All of your levels frustrate me to no end. First of all, I shouldn't have to resort to a lower, not recommended resolution just to get rid of the frame rate issues that plague all the large rooms. Second, don't punish me for going in the water at the start, then expect me to traverse through it to get to the next segment, it's either one or the other, having both will only confuse and annoy the player. Now, your big rooms look great and all, but my frame rate matters more than how pretty it is, and when I have to spend a good 10 minutes in one area because I keep falling down only to annoying lag and poor enemy placement, I get pretty pissed, and I do all of this for a gargoyle! Lastly your puzzles could use a bit more indication on what the player needs to do, clips that show hints are fine, but in areas such as the icicle room require you to move under something that you can't even see (I had to turn chasecam off just to find those icicles...) It brings people close to rage-quitting the level due to the confusion. Try adding shadows or making areas darker than others to hint that there's something above you. (I noticed the rings and water droplets, try using more water droplets) Lastly, you don't need to tell me to hold forward, If I hear lava, I'm going to run in the direction the path leads me as fast as possible.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade - 9/10

That area with the moving snow was a bit hard to maneuver in with out using thok, make it a bit slower. Otherwise, I don't know what else to say here.

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 by KO.T.E - 8/10

I really, really, liked this something about the forest theme always puts me in a good mood. The crawla tanks are pretty in accurate, and make too much noise, try using a visual cue instead of the spinner badnik's noise. Slow down the speed of the spinning maces in Knux's path, it makes putting the gargoyle in place a real pain. The level could stand to be a bit easier on Knuckles overall, actually. I thought the sound cue for the button was actually helpful instead of annoying, and your enemy placement was pretty good (Minus the Tanks). Lastly, you should remove the painful mud and replace it with safe, quicksand mud, it makes it a lot less punishing to the player when they fail that bouncy net area. (I also suggest removing the ceiling bouncy fof, that's just unfair)

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 (Disqualified)

I'm enjoyed what little there was here, but don't enter incomplete maps, there's no point to it.

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Me (Disqualified)

....Oh, I must have overlooked that rule before I submitted my map. I wanted to change it back to MAP01, but Doombuilder won't let me open the damn MAINCFG. I apologize for that.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal
- 4/10

This is a 20 second run from start to finish, it's hard to give this a good rating, since it's so short, but all I can really say is get rid of the seaweed for grass, there are other options that can be used.
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Internet Explorer
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And here are my notes.
So, three levels have been "removed". It's unfair, it is too bureaucratic, they have worked hard on their wads. I will anyway write them down and give my opinion. I do not want to withdraw them from the competition.
Note : I have not read any post before. I don't want be attracted to some opinions. When I finished my post, I will look at other notes.
Another note, I'm pretty good mood ! The notes are well paid and high.

: overall assessment : Ok.
Confusion reigned over the world. A confusion of Level Design. Some levels have given me the urge to Alt + F4.
1-P is the mode I least liked.


Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan : 7 / 10
A basic way that I take a positive way. However, the level is a little narrow and a bit strange.
1) There was a relaxation, it is unfortunate, especially at the sectoral level, which affects many things.
2) I see more than this level in "Angel Island" as in "Green Hill / Flowers".
3) Effect of light pretty well. Even under water, is a marvel. I want it in all levels of world !
4) The texture isn't quite varied.
5) A very good thing is that the basis of SRB2 is respected. The tradition, if you prefer !

Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power : 6 / 10
Well ! There is already a little better ! But we must continue to progress, I was nice for the note.
It's been a long time since I didn't do a "Emerald Hunter Mode".
Lost Chaos Citadel was the last.
1) I love this remix of Green Hill. What site did you find the music ?
2) It is a small level that can be playable fast ... like that for fun. It is classic, well ... classic, normal, it is simple and fast and can do normaly ... and spend a minute. Very good, very classic, it's normal, it's fast ...
I found myself playing your level 3 times in a row, I do not even know how !
3) One thing I'll gripe is the placement of some emeralds. You see the area where there is the red shield ? The texture to break is the same as the wall, I had trouble finding this place.
And of course, continues to work on L. Design !

Sparkling Icecap by Thompson : 7 / 10

Also known as the "Sonic's Nightmare Episode 7", it's a level that has enormous potential, but also a weakness ... very accessible.
1) Another remix of Icecap ! And I like the custom music. Strangely, I do not have this music in my Sonic music library ... you can give me the site where you found this music ?
2) Good thing you're trying to exploit the limits of SRB2, I really appreciate this thing. I mean, you try to pass through the square sectors "Tetris", but without much use the next-gen. ... You try to turn SRB2 in Sonic Adventure, in fact. It is not easy !
3) The traditions are respected (Ice Cap) (enemies penguin, falling snow, etc ...)
4) Sorry, but now you will have a bad time : I was ANGRY in your level. Barely arrived in the halls, even with Tails, I do not know where to go ! I searched everywhere, I tried everything ! The challenges should not be boring or ..uh...spend players in "angry mode" (bad English). They must simply be hard. When I say "boring" isn't good ... I go on small platforms. If I fall, I must go back for half an hour to return to these small platforms. This, I hate.
5) I authorize you to forget the basics of SRB2 to get through limitations. The next-gen mode in the old-school mode.

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1 by Blade : 9 / 10
Full of winks and other good things, it is also the first level of this competition that I tried.
1) The beauty of the level is exemplary. The textures are very well chosen. It is a paradise for the eyes. It is pure.
2) Next-gen mastered. Here, since your beach level (hum...Saphire Coast, I think it was called) you have proven that you can control it. The new features are very well adapted to this wad. I ran in the level as in a standard old-school level without being shocked by some new.
3) There is a confusion. By the third minute, I realized that I was at the beginning of the level. I do not know how I found this... short, little confusion.
4) The winks are primarily from Ice Cap (Sonic 3) and Diamond Dust (Sonic 3D Blast), is not it ?
Continue like this and your wads will never lose their potential.

Stronghold Forest Zone Act 1 by KO.T.E : 8 / 10
Mix of forest and castle is a beautiful starry level. There are many assets, modifications and good ideas for gadgets.
1) One thing that many people have seen, the difficulty is very high. I lost three lives and I am touched at least 20 times during my test play. But we can take it positively, like me ! Even if it's hard for some time, I like strong challenge !
2) Crawl / Turtle combo ! If I want to Spin, the spines of the turtle hurt me. If I want to jump, the crawl military goes hurt me when I retouch the earth after my jump !
3) I'm starting to love the castle theme by your level.
4) CONFUSION ! I have not managed to finish the level. I stopped in the room with a wooden house with launchers and cannon balls !

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11 : 7 / 10

For some time, I love your levels. I think Sunken Caves Riders is your best work. In this odd levels, I found myself doing big eyes by seeing the 1001 colors. Beginners, usually, create narrows levels Yours is close, but it is built in a strange way. I love this strange way, I can not explain it.
1) I spotted a realistic effect ! Some narrow passages made me think of a real volcanic excavation, I do not know why.
2) I was thinking about the fact, there was just no end. What a pity !

Waterway Ruin Zone Act 1 by Chrome : 10/10
It's really too cruel that your level have been denied ! I just loved it !
... Because it is the following of Neo Canyon, so I can understand completely .... they use the maps 01, 02, 03.
1) The music is Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 or 2 (3D Blast Saturn), I think. I hope I am right. Anyway, it is well suited !
2) It is full of challenges. I was never bored !
3) There is this concept so natural ... the spaces are large and seem to exist. They may exist.
4) The aquatic ruin theme is very well respected. It is divided into three parts : the water ruins (purple), the "mountain", and ... the dark. These three parts are linked.
5) One of the best levels I've ever played. If I am the creator of SRB2, your level would be present in version 2.1.

It was a real pleasure to play this level.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal : 3 / 10
This is a level that looks pretty beginner. It does not matter, it gets better by practicing it in training. Training and make progress.
1) The beginning seem to me nice.
2) It's too basic, too "rock". You have to put more details, more personality, more ... more juice level. It must flow like pure water ! Seeing the big orange walls with water 100% deep blue, I saw the colors too powerful.
3) When I saw the flag against the wall, I thought: "Oh, It's a trap ! This flag will not turn !" eh ... and I was wrong. Your flag is just too misplaced.
It should be placed in the middle of the passage, and above all create a level longer !

CAPTURE THE FLAG : overall assessment : Awesome
The CTF had the highest levels this time !
The rules have been generally well implemented, the work was very serious !

Majestic Grove Zone by Scizor300 : 8 / 10
1) A very large part of this note is about the sectoral aspect of the level, which is extremely well done. There is an impression of "natural" and "sweet" at the same time, and my eyes are happy. Your theme is almost unbeatable, in my opinion.
2) However, the placement of objects should be reviewed. I found that only the scatter (or grenade. I can not remember ...) is easy to find. Other weapons are harder.
3) And the bases are too large and have no "exit" like the official CTF. The battlefield can have size you want, but the bases should be of medium size, about the size of the Lime Forest bases.

Mystical Heights Zone by Metal Fighter : 9 / 10
Well, I take it that view, maybe someone will start with something else :
1) The theme (waterfalls), the gray color, style "paradise" gives a funny feeling, half angelic. I take it very positively, it's wonderful.
2) Another good thing, the placement of weapons. That's fine.
3) Some small lags caused by the amount of detail, but it's not your fault.
4) The flag may be *slightly* hard to get because of the stairs. But however, after taking it out is very simple, the "exit way" is well done.

White Pass Zone by Kuba11 : 8 / 10
Evidence that the basic is pretty good..
1) The level design is divine ! I love the overall level ! I can not say much about it.
2) There aren't strong feelings. I mean, complexity. The level I looked a little too simple. Otherwise, it is well built.

Sylvan Shrines Zone by Spherallic : 9 / 10
Wow, what is beautiful ! I had a flashback of Cloud Palace.
1) The theme is simply amazing. It is so fresh and air, so "heaven", it is a vision of paradise.
2) The sector investment is strategic. I feel that you have analyzed the various passages that can be taked in different situations. You have created strategic passages.
3) The base is a little strange. A little confused.
4) The weapons are fairly placed.

MATCH : overall assessment : Average
One half is good, the other half is average.

Zzzz ... I'm tired, I do not really want to note.
The remarks will be less interesting, I'm sorry...

Ponies Suck Zone by Fawfulfan : 7 / 10
1) The first thing to do ... it's to notice if you want or not to send a message, and when I say that, I see the title and central levels that are against the ponies.
I do not know much about this message, even if it is not anti-social or something other, but it's better if you avoids this in your levels, ok ?
2) About the construction, the only flaw is the sky red. I did not understand why you put it.
3) The sectoral level is good, it reminded me of Noxious Factory, and the items were a good investment.

Flux Satellite Zone by 742mph : 4 / 10
I can not be too nice here.
1) About the theme, this base is small. Even a satellite is at least 40 times larger than that. But these transparent platforms are always nice.
2) Since this is a match, you could convert the red / blue CTF colors in black or white.
3) Objects are very difficult to achieve, and given the gravity and the size of the arena, fighting can be very confusing.
4) The rings are placed in a loathsome way.
Try something basic, like a style Greenflower next time.

Southern Sands Area by akb778 : 8 / 10
A small canyon nicely built.
1) The sectoral level is very good, even strategic, well, that's right !
2) I feel like I have seen some "hiding places" ... it's not bad when I must flee.
3) Slight issue about the placement of items, it must retouch them. Except for the grenade that you have placed like a skilled artist, in a great place.
For me, it's a kind of Meadow Match. It is good and rather strategically built.

Frozen Tundra Zone by Chaos Zero 64 : 5 / 10
.. Huh ? Chaos Zero by 64 ? It's really average, honestly. Maybe you did not have time because you was building SRB2Riders ...
1) The one small good thing, the ice tunnel in the middle of the level.
2) A small arena refers to too bad battles and items too close.
3) There are too many objects pannel.
I can not say much, it's a too simple level.

Aries City Zone by EternallyAries RedX : 7 / 10
Disqualified or not, for me, it does not matter, I give my impressions.
Yes, so ... it is a city that is in the same style as several cities in SRB2, as Tyrcity, for example.
1) There are lags, but we can't say this, just that SRB2 is not powerful enough to handle, it's not your fault.
2) The same style in all the cities of SRB2. There is another darker style, such as Drowned Downtown or the Metropolis KO.TE. I prefer the darker style ! (It's just my taste)
3) I think you have a good basis in terms of decor, after see this level. Now, train yourself more in the level design overall.
4) This is really important for me :
You have tried to reproduce, you've inspired, or mimics your city or another place, or you have built the standard "it looks to agree here" ?
I mean, you tried to copy parts of a real city where you live or you've built according to the level design ?

overall assessment : Ok
We have therefore a fight between a crystal cave and a mountain near the water.

Look the CTF spoiler.

It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try

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Act 3 FTW!!
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Originally Posted by *Steel* View Post
Jadeflower Act 3, by blahblahbal
Rating: 2/10
Woo, another map that isn't worth playing. Capital question, where is the music? It's even pathetically short and design was horrible. I have no more words to this.
What do you mean no music? There's really awesome music(IMO). Do you have the most recent version of SRB2? If not, then it won't play the music :V
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Originally Posted by Mystic
There's this amazing things called the English language
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My work is never done yet
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Ponies Suck Zone by Fawfulfan--3/10. Feels quite empty, and there aren't nearly enough rings. The weapon tiles are quite difficult to find in a lot of cases. The layout is rather confusing as well. However, I do like the symbol in the center and the writing on the crates, they look like a lot of work was put into them.

Flux Satellite Zone by 742mph--N/A

Southern Sands Zone by akb778--2/10. Also rather empty and ring-deprived. It's annoying how you have to rely on springs to get many places, and the caves are rather pointless. As far as I can tell, they don't contain anything except rings. The textures aren't bad, but they could use a bit of work.

Frozen Tundra Zone by Chaos Zero 64--3/10. Once you fall down, as you most likely will upon spawning, it's a bit confusing to get back up. This map's layout is just confusing in general. There are also slight problems with the diagonal yellow springs, although those are ignorable. However, the level is quite pleasing to the eye, and I applaud you for that.

More reviews may be coming later.

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Internet Explorer, Waterway Ruin's music is Tidal Tempest Zone (Present) from Sonic CD.
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it's lamp for supper, kids
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Originally Posted by 742mph View Post
However, I do like the symbol in the center and the writing on the crates, they look like a lot of work was put into them.

You call that thing work? Just you wait. It is nothing compared to what I have to show you. I've only been talking about my precious every 5 minutes on IRC.
Planning ahead is for ninnies who think they can predict every possible outcome. The future is mutable! Go with the flow!

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My work is never done yet
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Originally Posted by Charybdizs View Post

You call that thing work? Just you wait. It is nothing compared to what I have to show you. I've only been talking about my precious every 5 minutes on IRC.
My computer doesn't support IRC, so I don't know what's going on in #srb2fun. And as for the symbol and the crates, it would be a lot of work for me. Maybe not for you.
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I don't believe the hype
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Originally Posted by blahblahbal View Post
What do you mean no music? There's really awesome music(IMO). Do you have the most recent version of SRB2? If not, then it won't play the music :V
I have version 2.0.6 so the latest for now, and when I entered the stage... I heard nothing. I wonder what caused it but I really heard nothing.
Originally Posted by Majro
or maybe they simply walk at sucking
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