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What in the hell?
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I guess I'll throw out my opinion about the Single Player division.

Gothic Garden Zone: Well this level isn't terrible, it isn't good either. For the most part this level suffers from cramped areas, and a lack of alternating pathways. There was some interesting ideas in this level though, like the long wooden board with the canons shooting at you from the bottom; unfortunately, this is easily avoided by a lower, and easier path (I guess that's what you get if you fail). This level also suffers aesthetically with some noticeably unaligned textures, and some poor texture choices in general. As said, it isn't terrible, but it isn't really good. 4/10

Graceful Coast Zone: First, I'd like to say that this level is absolutely beautiful. Now let's get down to the gameplay. Well I love levels that make you think, which this one does. But 2-D mode isn't exactly the greatest mode for precise platforming puzzles. This is most noticeable in the area right after the first zoom tube, with the geysers of water pushing the rocks upward. This area requires precise timing and platforming (which again is something I love). But 2-D mode makes this pretty hard, since when you jump on the second platform, your view of the 3rd is obscured, making you guess the time when you jump on the 3rd platform; then after you finally get the time, you have to deal with 2-D mode's slipperiness, which usually makes you fall off, and start over. My only other gripe, is that there are too many enemies in some places. The area right next to the area with the geysers (to its left) have about 4 Crawla Commanders flying about, which is really annoying. Love the music choices also; it fits really well with the level. 6/10

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone: Through playing this level, it revoked my hatred of platforming upside-down, so I tried staying on the lower paths here. Well the first lower path I took, I couldn't figure out how to get past one of the rooms, so I went on the ceiling it tried it from there. So, yeah I hate platforming on the ceiling a lot. But this level is packed full of great ideas; I particularly liked an area that had low gravity and a lot of small platforms that switched you from the floor to the ceiling continuously until you reached an extra life, and a zoom tube. The level also has some annoyances, most of them in the upside down areas when I tried them; most noticeably a room that has a laser moving in a circle, while lowering and raising itself continuously; while you had to jump on a series of platforms. The levels looks pretty good though in the aesthetics department. The music in my opinion is pretty bad and hurt my ears. 7/10

Magma Core Zone: I really had a "meh" feeling when playing through this level. Nothing to me really stands out. I felt like there were way too many rock slides in the level, which are pretty hard to avoid considering where they're placed in the level. The custom enemies were kind of neat. The Jettysyn flamethrower things didn't offer much of challenge like I hoped they would. The flamethrower turret thing is pretty neat anyways; they actually hurt me a few times. Aesthetically this level looks pretty cool. The music fits the level perfectly also. 8/10
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ms reflec beat stan
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Originally Posted by LightspeedX View Post
...and what the hecks up with that platform all the way down with those ? monitors?...
Congratulations, you found the big shortcut! I'm not telling how to use it though.

Anyways, here's my votes. I still need to rate a lot of them, but I'll get to that hopefully.

Single Player:
Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501 - 2/10
I'm sorry, but this level was nothing but a bunch of mindless jumping over bottomless pits. There needs to be more to this level, be it chains, pulleys, any gimmick you can think of. Furthermore, the 2D part seemed to be 2D because you could, not because it added anything to the gameplay.

Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64 - 5/10
This level actually looked very nice. The fact that it was 2D didn't bother me at all, because I like playing in 2D mode. However, the unsynched waterfalls were very hard to do as Sonic. The time limit was unnoticable to me, and the music change when you head into the cave makes the level feel segmented. However, the music fits incredibly well for said cave part. My only real gripe is the fact that Eggman is not there, even though the title card said DEFEAT EGGMAN IN 6 MINUTES!

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster - 4/10
There were some good ideas in here, but barely any of them were executed well. The anti-grav made platforming a chore, the water slide part was horrendously easy, and the light room was stupid. But my LEAST favorite part was the "here's some invincibility, now go jump on spikes" part. What was that about? :/ In addition, the first part of the level was solely jumping, and tedious jumping at that. Fortunately, it looked nice, and it was the right size, so that's a plus.

Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade - 7/10
This level has potential, but it doesn't seem to ever get to the phase of adrenaline that I'd like to see in a level like this. I want a part where you're running for your life. The flame jets were very easy to dodge if you jumped right, and the flame enemies didn't seem to have a weak point except to go find an elemental shield. However, there were points that definitely looked cool if nothing else, and I like how you used polyobjects in the stage. The pulley part would be cool if it weren't for software destroying any depth perception.

MAPM1 - Battle Forest Zone by Aaron
MAPM2 - Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan
MAPM3 - Acid Comet Zone by D00D64 - 4/10
I'm sorry, but this map wasn't appealing. The level as a whole was fairly bland, with nothing interesting to see. Also, the ring draining slime was a very stupid gimmick that made the elemental shield worthless. Really, the key is to not use so much slime. However, it was fairly easy to tell where you were at a glance, for the most part.

MAPM4 - Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber
MAPM5 - Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300
MAPM6 - Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E
MAPM7 - 30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna (best map EVAR) - I ran/time
This map wasn't really about making a level that was great, or even fun. :O It was about creating a semi-playable level in under half an hour. I'm actually suprised anyone even remotely liked it. The fun part was copy-pasting the same 5-ring clump across the whole map XD not to mention finding out I had 5 minutes to place emerald spawns. The emeralds are actually too high for their own good, but as far as I could tell, nobody cared about going super in these stages.

MAPF1 - Canyon CTF Zone by Eggmanfan - 000000000/10
omg wat a gr8 map it should be in the official rotation--Also:
<@Arf> You know
<@Arf> Just to make sure
<@Arf> hit the 0 key several times
<@Arf> because you can never have enough zeroes
MAPF2 - Ancient Arboretum Zone by Com Rante
MAPF3 - Red River Zone by darkbob1713
MAPF4 - Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64
MAPF5 - Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E
MAPF6 - Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo
MAPF7 - La Villa Strangiato Zone by Penopat

MAPR1 - Frostbite Peak Zone by RedEchidna - I just accidentally/your whole vision
I'm kicking myself for not saving the log of when Mystic played the Circuit division. It would have been pretty funny to see. But enough about him, he has too much attention anyways. ;) It seems no one knows how to aim their character or look at flats anymore. I honestly couldn't believe that it'd take that long to complete a lap. However, I will own up to the crampedness. The thing there was that no one really told me about it, and I never noticed. (Try to find all the shortcuts! ;D I can get under 15 seconds per lap if I use the right ones.)

MAPR2 - Egg Flower Zone by Mach - 3/10
I'm sorry, but this map just didn't appeal to me. Everything was either painfully annoying (see space countdown room) or stupid and easily passable (see crushers, electric walls) and it just wasn't interesting. If you're gonna make a straight-out thokfest, at least make it look nice. After all, a nice-looking thokfest is better than an ugly thokfest. Also, while my map isn't really a good example, it's best to cripple Sonic's thok without making it too hard, and to create shortcuts for Tails and Knuckles that, again, require skill to use--but I digress. However, with some improvement, this could be a good map.
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
Stop trying to make slopes, guys.

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Graceful Coast Zone 2/10
Honestly, 2D mode is terrible. I see no reason on why people insist on using it. Because of 2D mode's bad camera, the geyser is very hard to accomplish with Sonic. The platforming is pretty bland, as there is nothing interesting in the level. When I get to that spring-spikeball part, I got frustrated. I swear, there's no way to pass that area without getting hit.
On the positive side, I enjoyed the visuals and the music.

Magma Core Zone 3/10
Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks. Your level is filled with them, yet, in truth, it's just the same few gimmicks again and again. Those flamethrowers, rocks, and turrets are used too much. There is so many rings in this level that you can just waste all your rings carelessly at one point, and do the same in the next gimmick. There really isn't anything else in the level. The custom enemies are pretty boring, as they never get the chance to hit me. The turret shoots at ridiculously slow speed, so I just treated it as if it was a crawla. I enjoyed the rising lava part, because I'm a sucker for those. That was probably the only fun I had in the level, because the level is the exact thing throughout the whole experience.
I adored your cutscene idea, but, as Sonic, I went to fast and beat the wall closing, making me stuck forever.

Gothic Gardens Zone 1/10
Man, this is cramped. There's very little room for movement, which really killed the level. There is some cheap deaths here and there, and the level is visually unappealing. The 2D part is very unnecessary, as 2D mode is terrible.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone 3/10
Plenty of interesting gimmicks, plenty of them used wrong. Except for the reversing gravity over the pit idea, which I thought was pretty cool, I don't like most of the gimmicks. I suppose the details is nice, but I haven't payed attention to it.
The camera ruins the time when gravity is reversed. I can't really see what's under me or what I'm gonna land on. The 2D waterslide wasn't really fun because of 2D mode's bad camera. You can't really see what's up ahead, so I just took it very slowly.
I enjoyed the multiple ways of completing this level, though. It was kinda fun to play it three times differently.
Battle Forest Zone 3/10
Undersized. There's a large amount of rings and a ridiculously large amount of ammo, greatly outnumbering the cards. There's no detail either, so the level doesn't get points for visuals.

I'll post more reviews later.

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AKA FuriousFox
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Whole numbers only when voting, guys. If you give me a .5, I'm just going to round it up.
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Prismatic for real, now
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Note: ALL of the levels in the OLDC were played Knuckles, both SP and MP.

CTF Division now:

Canyon CTF by Eggmanfan: 0/10

Yeah, narrow passages with unavoidable rocks and REALLY weird working quicksand work it down to this. Shining River Zone's gonna get company! Moreover, you just DIDN'T CARE.

Ancient Arboretum by Com Rante: 6/10

Although I like these kind of themes, the design doesn't really work; It's way too large! I was having A LOT of trouble returning the flag with Knux since the only thing that helped me up is a platform which rises and lowers slowly :/

Red River Zone by Darkbob1713: 6/10

Yet another normal map. It was very bland and generally... normal, yea, don't know how to explain but it was just generic; no bad or good things really.

Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64: 5/10

Big meh. It was large and not detailed, and that large Death Pit didn't make playing any easier. I did like the color though.

Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E: 7/10

This was a good map, but the scale gimmicks felt useless to me. The design was nice and the scale gimmick wasn't necesarry.

Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo: 9/10

HUGE improvement over the orginal ITZ. The underground area was very cool and the new stuff and all were really good! Only the players can still run from base to base when they feel like. :P

Opinion: Keep returning stages! :D

La Villa Strangiato by Penopat: 6/10

No problems yet nothing outstanding, felt very basic and boring. Oh, and under the blue team base, there are red rings. >_>

Maybe Match later...

EDIT: Match division now:

Battle Forest Zone by Aaron: 4/10

Meh, really bland, open and uninspired. Ring placement was awkward too.

Misty Mesa Zone by Fawfulfan: 3/10

Lags as hell, way too open, rings not deafed, bad execution. This one sucks. :<

Acid Comet Zone by D00D64: 7/10

Hmm... I like this for some reason, too bad it isn't a completely Knuckles friendly level though. The outside parts acid placement is sometimes unfair though.

Icicle Warehouse Zone by Glaber: 5/10

Really cramped; I also remember in that netgame everyone got owned by Mystics grenade's because of it. Weapons were stacked together, not really a good idea.

Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300: 2/10

Way past open, lava was unnessecary and Bounce Rings were stacked together even though they're useless. Generally just bad.

Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E: 6/10

The visuals are really nice, but it causes a lot framerate lag and that's especially a nightmare in crowded Netgames. It also felt cramped at times, and the water acts really awkward.

30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna: 2/10

Your attempt to create a Rush Job Zone act 2 miserably failed. The sky is REDWALL, the same texture is used over and over again, music doesn't fit either. Generally a huge MESS.

That's all divisions rated; I was very dissapointed by the September/October 2009 OLDC, especially the SP division.

The best of this OLDC (In my opinion) concludes:
Magma Core by Blade, Single Player.
Acid Comet by D00D64, Match.
Iron Turret Returns by Neo, CTF.
Frostbite Peak by RedEchidna, Race.
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What in the hell?
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Originally Posted by FuriousFox View Post
Whole numbers only when voting, guys. If you give me a .5, I'm just going to round it up.
Sorry about that, I fixed it.
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Probably Responsible
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Okay, onto SP now.

Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501: 3/10
Frankly, I dunno if I should review this once since I game overed on it, but whatever. Thing is, this is one ugly and confusing level. Let's just take the first area for example; I hit a switch, which opens a door, which takes me to ANOTHER area I've been to with NO explanation. Thing is, a lot of areas here are like this. Also, the level is just plain HIDEOUS, and cramped in a lot of areas.

Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64: IT SUCKS/10
Looking back at this level a few days ago, I realized how much this sucked. It's a goddamn MESS. Unsynced fountains, cheap attacks, and the emeralds were Guide Dang It material at times. Honestly, this is horrible. I am ashamed this is in here.
Also, guys, the level does not look that great :/

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster: 5/10
This felt like some kind of tech demo or test for reverse gravity. While some gimmicks were pretty good (Like the room that you have to move ONLY by maneuvering in the air while constantly flipping gravity), it just felt lacking. Also, as good as that song is, it does NOT fit here.

Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade: 8/10
The only good level here, and it shows. The gimmicks might have been overdone constantly here, but I still enjoyed it. Can't stand that Jetty-Sun Pyro though.

Match will come later.
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Little Djermy
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Default Single Player Division Review...

Here we go...

Gothic Gardens Zone: 2/10: Huh. I can only describe this level in one real way: generally not fun. I won't go into the unnecessary 2D part and the cramped hallways, seeing as you said those are being dealt with. However, I will say that the level itself is just flat, bland, and boring. There is nothing that distinguishes this level from anything else. The texture choices clash hard and mostly just hurt the level even more. However, it was put together fairly well for a beginner map, but there are just too many problems here, mainly being the lack of heart in the design.

Graceful Coast Zone: 4/10
: Well, it's pretty. The scenery is very well executed and helps to give the player something to look at. I'm not going to judge based on the fact that this level uses the 2D engine, but I will point out my biggest complaint with this level: there are too many enemies! I couldn't even stop to enjoy the scenery or have a brisk run because I was being threatened by robots everywhere, not mention that turrets shooting me from where I can't see them is cheap and generally frustrating. I didn't experience the problem of getting lost or the zoom tube problem that everyone was talking about, but the gameplay did seem segmented and disjointed in most areas. This level was a novel concept, but it needs more work. I would strongly suggest to tone down the number of enemies in the level, especially the turrets.

Magma Core Zone Act 2: 7/10: Honestly, I missed what the big fuss about this level was. The SOCced enemies were pretty cool and it flowed great, but in the end it doesn't really do anything to set it apart from any other levels like it. The flame thrower and rock fall gimmicks get repetitive really fast because of how much they are overused and it is pretty frustrating to be attacked by those spiny things (don't know what they're called), jetty-syn gunners/bombers, and crawla commanders all at the same time; not to mention the overdose of flame throwers made some portions of the level arbitrarily difficult in comparison to the corner I may have just rounded. On the bright side, the texture choices worked well and there are plenty of alternate paths to promote replay value, however, as stated before, the gimmicks became tired after a while. The whole time I was waiting for this level to become the life-changing event that so many people were making it out to be, but it never happened.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone: 6/10: I actually kind of liked this one, but there are a few things that prevent it from getting a higher rating. First off, some of the rooms are needlessly big for no reason; this made them feel bland and uninteresting. The texture choices were actually pretty consistent and helped to represent the level's theme pretty well. The fact that the alternate paths are either on the ceiling or the floor was pretty creative and the use of gravity actually kept me on my toes. However, the camera kills the use of reverse gravity and while that isn't necessarily the fault of the level, it caused some portions to be arbitrarily difficult when they didn't need to be. I did like the room where I had to maneuver between different gravitational fields over that death pit; that was pretty clever. Overall, a novel concept and a solid experience, but it still needs some tweaking.
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Single Player:
Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501- 3/10 It's cramped in some areas, and ugly. I didn't have fun with this.
Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64- 5/10 Looks good, If you redid some areas it could make a fairly good map... as far as 2D maps go.
Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster (Did not play through yet, but looked like a less fun ERZ)
Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade- 8/10 Good layout, good texture usage, just has a few enemy placements that are annoying.

MAPM1 - Battle Forest Zone by Aaron- 7/10 Played fine. Thing placement could be a little better.
MAPM2 - Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan- 4/10 Way too open in the main area, other areas too cramped.
MAPM3 - Acid Comet Zone by D00D64- 5/10 This map should be a work in progress. I really don't think it's done. It could use a lot of debugging and some small edits to make it good. Give it another month and it could be worth an 8/10
MAPM4 - Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber- 8/10 Played the best of all the maps, just isn't as visually pleasing as most.
MAPM5 - Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300 8/10- not as graphically pleasing as KO.T.E.'s map, but it plays just as well and doesn't frame lag.
MAPM6 - Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E- 9/10 the best match map, just the quickwater and the fact that a lot of people just make laps around the outside, and a little lag drag this map to an 9.
MAPM7 - 30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna- (Did not play, but if he really did make it in 30 minutes it will probably get a 2/10 from me.

MAPF1 - Canyon CTF Zone by Eggmanfan- 0/10 (Can I do negitive numbers?) It's unplayable, unsymmetrical, and made my first map look GOOD... Thanks for raising my self esteem, man.
MAPF2 - Ancient Arboretum Zone by Com Rante- 6/10 Looks good, but it's too massive, and seems to let people spread out too much. It's also annoying to get to the bases.
MAPF3 - Red River Zone by darkbob1713- 5/10
MAPF4 - Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64- 6/10 the spring that goes up the waterfall is a pain in the **** to go up, and the fact that there's only 1 plank to go to each side is annoying. That and the netgame we had there went no where fast. Oh, and the midi hurts my ears.
MAPF5 - Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E - 6/10 looks good, but really is too elaborate, and seems overdone.
MAPF6 - Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo- 7/10 It plays well, but it was too easy to camp in 1.09.4 and you made it easier. BUT, if I had a choice between this and the original, this would win. I also noticed a glitch on the back left corner of one of your bases.
MAPF7 - La Villa Strangiato Zone by Penopat- 5/10 Plays well, other than 2 points of issues, but this is one instance that visuals overcome playability. That level is UGLY!

MAPR1 - Frostbite Peak Zone by RedEchidna- Dang, there's no one else here so I can't stagger the votes. :P
edit: It turns out I can, and:
3/10: The slickness of the map made it near unplayable, as even heavily experienced players have to go extremely slow to even finish, the visibility was horrid going around turns, and the colormap messes up a couple of textures, and drops visibility even further, although it makes good eye candy on the ice.
Also, I find it maddening that you left a "developer's shortcut" with all the checkpoints and a monitor to bounce on to get to the spring, and practiced it before release, so you could win at any time if you want to by skipping 60% of the level. That's just cheap.
MAPR2 - Egg Flower Zone by Mach- Just a note... as contrary to intuition, this map is best played as Sonic. also on the crushers with the electric walls on the side, strafing helps you out a LOT there. On everything else, you just have to learn the timing for jumps, especially in the space countdown part.

More ratings and crit when I get around to it.
Match scores revised!
Added Circuit Score!

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There and back again~
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Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher View Post
What are you talking about? There is an end sign in the level, and I don't think it is a beta either.
I helped in some of the stages of beta testing RGZ for SonicMaster. I think I played the beta by mistake. I'll go back and re-evaluate it once I've played the REAL version.
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Pretty chill guy
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Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501 3/10
The architecture and overall design didn't feel coherent to it's theme, or even any theme in existence. It just felt like a bunch of cramped rooms filled up with bland platforming. The level simply wasn't enjoyable.
Graceful Coast Zone byD00D64 5/10
You've heard it all before; scenery was nice, gameplay kinda sucked. Too many enemies, glitches with the springs and stuff, and annoying geyser platforming. My first playthrough with Sonic was utterly annoying, so I switched to Tails. Tails can easily fly over EVERYTHING without being stopped. So after I was done I got Sonic again and went through all the way. It really does look nice though. And uh, 2D sucks. I don't know why you insist on removing an entire dimension of mobility, especially since SRB2 handles it so crappily.
Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster 5/10
Feels like a gimmick hub. In the process of making the level of dual nature, each path (up or down) felt unfinished and bland. Some of the gimmicks were nice, but really, they weren't implemented in a good fashon. They existed for their own sake. Also, the level was kind of ugly. It felt underdetailed and not very scenic. I have the feeling that you're levels are getting less and less inspired, and that you're only entering every time to keep some kind of record going.
Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade 6/10
Easily the best level of the pack. There was an overuse of flamethrowers, falling rocks and turrets however, and it really defeat the flow of the level. Everything was recycled over and over again, and there was a point in where I felt that it all should have ended already. This is especially true since there weren't really any points of interest present in the level. The first one was better. The 1.09.4 version.
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D00D64, I'm giving you a chance to explain your incomprehensible requirements for meeting Eggman in Graceful Coast Zone before I write down my final scores. I collected 50 rings but all it did was give me the silver emerald and an exit sector?..

Originally Posted by Mach View Post
MAPM7 - 30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna- (Did not play, but if he really did make it in 30 minutes it will probably get a 2/10 from me.
What the hell kind of reasoning is this? So if I said it took me 5 months to make my entry (I would be lying) I'd get a 10/10 just for the perserverance?
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Gothic Gardens 1 by VX501 - 6/10

I enjoyed this level. It feels like a back-to-basics level, and proves to me that levels don't have to adhere to an artificial standard of greatness in order for me to enjoy them.

There were a few hiccups, though. I didn't really enjoy how plentiful the deathpits were. I didn't really enjoy the 2D section either.

Graceful Coast by D00D64 - 5/10

I enjoyed the texturing. I enjoyed the music choice.

The music didn't so much "not fit" the level's theme so much as its scale. Rusty Ruins calls for artistic vision, cloudy skies and exploration-based level design. Speaking of exploration, I almost died before finishing the level because it took so long to find forwards.

Refurbished Gadgetry by SonicMaster - 6/10


The level was built for Sonic. The beginning of the top of the first large room with Knuckles is utterly impossible. I know I shouldn't be annoyed that this is a community of Sonic players, but I am.

Magma Core 2 by Blade - 7/10

I still am a Knux player and I still dislike levels built exclusively for Sonic. But that's not my main beef here.

Do you remember what flow is? Flow is running and enjoying it because the level lets you. Magma Core has flow, yes. However, that's bad. Whenever I see a flamethrower, I just run right into it. Because I'm enjoying running so much, I mentally tell the flamethrower to piss off, pick up a ring, and continue running. This happens over and over again until I'm just bored of the hazards. Because the only gimmicks here are hazards that hurt the player, I grew even more tired of the level the more I played it.

I'm getting too worked up over the OLDC. I don't think I'll be doing this again.
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Emblem Radar Ready
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I'm home and I'm rating

Almost all explanations will be done on Youtube in Video form.

Icicle Warehouse By me: No rating
This map is what popped into my head after listening to music for the Ice level of Donkey Kong Country 2. What influenced the level were Ordnance Storage, Clinker Cavern, as well as the new weapon system. It's going to take a few tries to actually nail down how placement should work.
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Originally Posted by Neo Chaotikal View Post
D00D64, I'm giving you a chance to explain your incomprehensible requirements for meeting Eggman in Graceful Coast Zone before I write down my final scores. I collected 50 rings but all it did was give me the silver emerald and an exit sector?
Go get 'em. Or just use Pandora's Box to do it for you :P
I suggest the latter, since I made a few Guide Dang It type locations.
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Originally Posted by glaber View Post
Almost all explanations will be done on Youtube in Video form.
Please don't. Put it in writing for easier reference just like the rest of us. A video is just tedious and useless. If you need to reference a specific location, take a screenshot for the love of god. Someone who wants your opinion on their map shouldn't need to randomly search through the video just so they get the opportunity to HEAR you critique their map instead of just read it.
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Community Noise Maker
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Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501 - 3/10

I'm not sure where the "gardens" part fits in here. Actually, I'm not even very sure what this level is supposed to be.

This level is playable, and it has no errors or anything, contains gimmicks, but that's basically where the positives end. There was no effort put into the aesthetics of this level, and as far as gameplay goes, there's an incredible lack of polish overall. Some parts need rings, the place is screaming Death Pit Zone, Tails destroys the level design, terrible intro to the 2D section, terrible outro from the 2D section. There's a lot of ideas in here, and all of them are executed in a pretty half-assed fashion. Spend more time on this next time.

Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64 - 4/10

Unclear in direction, and rather poor enemy placement. "Dammit, buzzer. How does this zoomtube work? Why did I just jump back to a previous part of the level? Am I supposed to go up these geysers? How am I supposed to make the jump I can't see when that geyser isn't in sync with this one? Dammit, jettysyn." The result of this confusion is a time over. I think you already know most of what's wrong with this level, though, so I won't go on about it.

The music is quite well-executed. The aesthetics work well, but are a bit lacking it seems. Put more emphasis on sector-based scenery, especially for 2D levels. Other than that, I think that's all that needs to be said. This level was obviously a fluke, but I've played worse.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster - 6/10

I'd like to apologize first off that I didn't bother to complete this level. This was the last level I bothered to try out in the contest, and I was too tired/bored since it was midnight and I probably won't bother to go back to play any of these in the future.

From what I have played, though, it seems pretty average. The gravity switching was a creative way of executing nonlinearity, and while upside-down platforming is problematic in third person, your use of aesthetics near death pit helped keep it from being frustrating. Full of gimmicks like most levels I've played from you, but I didn't really feel any sort of adrenaline or anything while playing this. I dunno. I guess I'd have to play further to give you any better feedback.

Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade - 7/10

Imperfect, but respectable. The problem I'm seeing here is a lot of the same flamethrower gimmick that just isn't being used quite to its fullest potential, as others have said. As usual, it's nice to see that fire turret enemy around and OH MY GOD IS THAT THING FLYING AT ME oh wait I can just ignore it. Yeah, the flying flame thrower needs fire that spews faster. It's slow to the point where I just assumed the thing had explosive beans. I'm actually really impressed at the cinematics executed at the beginning and midlevel, perhaps just because I haven't seen any other level use it yet. Cool, anyway.

And uh, just so you know, you can use my remastered version of the song for your zone if you want to. I mean, since it sounds closer to the kind of sound you'd expect from SRB2, I imagine it'd benefit the maps.

And that's it for me. To be honest, I wasn't really quite in the mood to give reviews this time around, but I went ahead and did it anyway. Not as solid as the last few SP divisions, but hey, that's kind of to be expected with the new version and all. I'm sure we'll have better results as people gain more experience toying with the features of 2.0.

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Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
Go get 'em. Or just use Pandora's Box to do it for you :P
I suggest the latter, since I made a few Guide Dang It type locations.
I found three, the green, light blue and purple ones, in that order. Then I got the silver one from the final room. Where are the others?
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Originally Posted by Neo Chaotikal View Post
I found three, the green, light blue and purple ones, in that order. Then I got the silver one from the final room. Where are the others?
Well, for the sake of convenience of ALL other people reading this, I'll list 'em all.

-Green is to the left, above an underwater yellow spring being overlapped by an Eggman monitor. Run into the side of it to bounce off the spring without being harmed by the monitor.

-Orange is in a misplaced rock near the house with a 1up on it.

-Light Blue is in the building after the zoom tube. Go right, take care of the commanders, and it's in int room as well as an Armageddon shield and two Super Ring boxes.

-Purple is atop a monitor right of the zoom tube. As Sonic, whirlwind jump to get on the monitor without damaging it, then jump and whirlwind jump to reach it.

-Blue is near the beginning of the cave. There are 4 turrets and an oddly tiled floor center. Use the Armageddon shield to nuke the enemies, and the rock. I know, I really should have made this more obvious, but I need to redo a LOT of things...

-Red is near the cave exit teleport, on the tall red rock. You need to bounce on a Super Ring box in the water to reach it as Sonic. Along side the emerald is another Armageddon shield, in case you screwed up on the other one.

-White requires having 50 rings at the end of the stage. Step on the green tile, and it's yours.

-Eggman is in a room you are teleported to after getting all the emeralds, going in the white emerald room, and stepping on the green platform.
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Sigh... I'm reviewing Multiplayer.
Iron Turret Returns Zone: 8/10
It's a redo of Iron Turret with it's own spice-up. I like it. A Redone Weapon Ring System.

Battle Forest: 9/10
The only problem isthere are no emeralds at all. That makes a lot of people peeved. ):<

Misty Mesa: 8/10
Thing Placement is weird, and no Emeralds. :<
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