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Item Rain v1.2 - Cloudy with a chance of bananas Details »»
Item Rain v1.2 - Cloudy with a chance of bananas
Version: 1.2, by Togen Togen is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (1 votes - 3.40 average)
Released: 02-17-2020 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
Scripts Re-Useable Content

This is a script which causes items to randomly appear around the course. The item limit, rate at which items appear, types of items that can appear (this is separate from the items you can get from boxes!), and some other behaviors can be customized.

During a free race, items other than sneakers will not rain, and items will spawn closer than normal in battle mode.

Tested in singleplayer and 4-player offline multiplayer, both battle and race modes.

Console Variables
"Race" by default.
You can enable the script across both modes, in battle only or race only, or disable it entirely.

Off by default.
If "on", certain items will transform into hazards when rained.

90 by default.
Limits how many rain items are allowed to exist at one time.

2 by default.
Limits how many rain SPBs are allowed to exist at one time.

1400 ticks (40 seconds) by default.
Determines the number of ticks before a rained item is destroyed.

13 ticks (~0.37 seconds) by default.
Determines the number of ticks required between each rained item.

On by default.
If "on", items will have different chances to spawn based on their relative power.

70 ticks (2 seconds) by default.
Determines the number of ticks required before item rain begins.

On by default.
If "off", item boxes will be destroyed. If switched back to "on", the destroyed item boxes will not return until the next map.

ir_sneaker, ir_rocketsneaker, ir_invincibility, ir_banana, ir_eggman... and so on.
Determines the maximum number of stacks each rained item gives when grabbed, which is a random value between 1 and that maximum. For examples, grabbing a banana can provide anywhere from 1 to 10 stacks by default. Maximum of 255, and setting any of them to 0 disables that particular item.

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v1.2 uploaded.

Fixed a typo that would cause pickups to not be destroyed.

Corrected a few hazard entries so that those items would actually spawn their respective "active" versions, including SPBs.

Added a new variable, ir_rarity, which if on, randomly limits which items can spawn every turn based on hardcoded rarity values. Turn it off and all items will have an equal chance of spawning.

Added a new variable, ir_limit_spb, which controls how many SPBs should ever exist at once. This applies to both active and inactive SPBs directly created by Item Rain.
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Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
So true. Item rain in a nutshell.
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