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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Found a little bug...

Climbing during the example wad can lead to a Lua error, as shown below...

This could also happen in other maps, but I'm yet to see it happen.
That's probably an issue with the silly "minified" version I made for the ZIP. I'll probably just remove that for a rerelease, considering supporting it is a bitch. >_>

The normal version of the script doesn't have that error, so just use that.

Originally Posted by Larztard View Post
Question about Axis-2D. If I'm making a 3D level with 2D parts in it, could I still use Axis-2D without SRB2 having a fit?
Yes. Executing the Lua function with a tag of 0 ejects the player from the axis, just like in the example WAD.
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