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Originally Posted by Eblo the Hedgehog
If possible (which I doubt), make a special texture and/or flat that acts as a mirror. Similar to how F_SKY1 renders.
Might as well make something that creates a whole hall of mirrors, while you're at it.

EDIT: This was an old post in the wrong topic, so I move it here as directed by Prime 2.0. It's in this post so I don't have to double post.

Originally Posted by I previously
Originally Posted by Zanyhead
Add an option for only half of the players to be required to finish coop as opposed to just 1 or all, in case you still want teamwork, but you have a newb (or n00b, but that's what kicking is for.) problem.
This causes hangout servers to get worse on account of a minority wanting to finish the levels but majority hanging out. Also, it might be too hard for the system to keep track of how many is half of the players, so there's the risk of a glitch where everybody needs to finish which only makes hangout even less favorable for veteran players.

Originally Posted by Ground the Fox
Swimming frame slots (4 slots or 5)
Pretty good idea. This can increase the quality of the game. (+ I believe that's in the plans.)

Originally Posted by Ground the Fox
ability to only fly (no swim)
This + vice versa increases the variety of character abilities, resulting in more unique characters. :)

Originally Posted by Ground the Fox
sound for swimming (like in SA3)
Should be already in there, although I don't hear it often when using Tails right now.

Originally Posted by Ground the Fox
have those w/ fly and/or swim be able to lift more than one player while picking them up (just like in Sonic Heroes)
Fix'd. Another good idea, except it would probably require multiple players at the exact same spot. This would also require the flying/swimming player to be slower because of the extra weight. Another problem would be that too many players being picked up might be too much for the flying/swimming player to get off the ground.
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