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Since the Stuff to put in SRB2ME topic is purely for suggestion (because the devs go there mainly for ideas, and would rather not need to sift through clutter), I've decided to make a topic for the discussion of posts made in that topic.
Try to stay on topic. And don't forget the
tag when referring to a specific post.
If you're adding to an idea, go ahead and post in the suggestions topic. Other posts, such as "that's already been suggested and denied" go here.
Oh, and let's try to avoid "Seconded/thirded" posts. 'Kay? Those are just spammy.

Well, have at it, gents!

I'll Begin

Great idea Playah!

My "this may get out of hand in the distant future and start a flame war" sense is tingling...

I'll Begin

And Segmint spammed it!

Come to think of it, could we get some examples of what goes in which thread? I am, surprisingly, a little bit confused.

on Edge


on Edge said:
A "zoom" feature for rail.

I'll Begin said:
Been suggested, and it's not going to happen. Do you carry a scope on your arm? Because Sonic doesn't.

FuriousFox said:
Actually, the reason we don't want it is because it used to be available by exploiting a console command. Back then, it made Rail overly powerful, and we don't want that again.


SRB2 Hot Coffee Mod. Discuss, now.

In all seriousness, how about we discuss, to begin with, the multiplayer levels. #'fun has discussions about these, but which ones should stay for 1.1, which should be removed, and which should be added.

Nimbus Ruins has gotten a lot of flak. However, I think it should stay, as it's one of those few levels that favors Tails and Knuckles for reasons other than their flying/gliding. What do you think. Should Nimbus Ruins be kept?


WR 102
Nimbus ruins is actually a challanging CTF map, Jumping on those platforms isn't easy you know.
Nah, you just have to ignore the jumping and rely on speed. If you don't have lag, just run over them, then line yourself straight to the other base, and jump on a straight line.


Replace all the Maps that was Chaos Levels into King-Of-The Hill Levels and make a King of the hill gametype.
This is a stupid suggestion. Make a hangout gametype for having players have infinite lives.


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BlueZero4 said:
Silver Cascade should be considered for throwing out.

But that's one of the more balanced ones. Tails and Knuckles can easily get to the other base, but Sonic can still get there the fastest if he can bop that monitor in the middle.

Technically not a hard level, but that isn't to say there aren't parts that require skill.

I'll Begin

Sonicandtails218 said:
SRB2 Hot Coffee Mod.

I made that sometime in Feburary. Makes you think...

Super mystic sonic

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Metal star is purely imbalanced when it comes to Tails and his spinability. Sure, if you have luck and skill you can thok from the monitor directly to the base, but what on the way back? Everytime I got beaten to the flag by some damn Tails player that loves the spindash jump. Great....he got the flag again...yup...he flees to his own base....I steal his flag, and he flies of again. The only reason I was able to beat him to it was because I killed him and quickly tried to use a full spindash jump on that box.

And the huge field level with snipe posts is the worst level in the whole damn game. No skills, just mouse and teamwork do the trick. If you have 3 smart people on your team, you're the big winner of the whole game. 1 guy grabs a fireshield and makes the enemy base safe, 1 guy goes off to take the flag, and the other one(whoever is a mouse player) grabs rail and steal the flag from the enemy. Can anyone win here? If they play cheap, no. The winner would be decided from match points, not by flag points. Also, if you're here without rail, you're doomed. You're simply doomed. Hitting anyone in the field is nearly impossible unless you get lucky. Giving people a advantage with rail is fine, but don't make the players dependant on it. Any player here would hardly be able to hit anyone unless they're lucky.

Yeah, and Nimbus Ruins just sucks. Sure, as flag catcher its fun, but as a fighter/defender its too cramped to fight. And with even the slightest bit of lag, you'll probably play half as fast or you'll drop in the pit alot of times.


Iron Turret has been confirmed by Mystic as sucky-it's definitely slated for removal. Metal Star is balanced-sure, Tails can get the flag easily, but where can he hide? There's pretty much nowhere he can go, and anyone playing as Sonic can easily catch up to him and take him down. Tails can get the flag easily, but he can't hold it.

Nimbus Ruins is great because Tails and Knuckles's low speed is actually an advantage-even playing on dial up, I'm able to navigate the platforms as Tails no problem. It leads to a lot of strategic thinking-should you play as a slower character who you may not be as good with, or as a faster one who may be a promise of death?


Iron Turret sucks. It's simply still in the game to give us our 10 maps. Personally, I dislike Metal Star because it's impossible to guard the base in any way. If you're flag running, you have nowhere you can go to hold the flag until your team gets your flag back.

Nimbus Ruins, however, is a great map. Yes, it's hard, and yes, I die a lot, but in CTF, dying doesn't really matter. It would make an awful match map because nobody would get a positive score, but in CTF, the only objective is to capture the flag, it doesn't matter how many times you die to do it. It also gives players who enjoy Tails a chance to not be outgunned, as there is no rail and it's completely open.
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