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Originally Posted by Blue Warrior
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Add an option for only half of the players to be required to finish coop as opposed to just 1 or all, in case you still want teamwork, but you have a newb (or n00b, but that's what kicking is for.) problem.
This causes hangout servers to get worse on account of a minority wanting to finish the levels but majority hanging out. Also, it might be too hard for the system to keep track of how many is half of the players, so there's the risk of a glitch where everybody needs to finish which only makes hangout even less favorable for veteran players.
If we're going to be asinine about hangout, add race's countdown timer then. Only difference is the timer ends the level rather than killing everybody.
I agree with Blue Warrior !

Reporting for hangout would be much hard with playerforexit on.

Editing rocks!:
Originally Posted by Autosaver
Slow down Tails when he uses fly with someone hanging.(EX:Tails carrys Sonic, which results in Tails speed for accelerating/ or lower fly time)
Why? He doesn't slow down in the Sega games. I think that would discourage player to use the Tails pickup ability.
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