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Originally Posted by Rob
OpenGL is a lot more broken than you realize right now. From what I hear, there's just one or two things that need to be done now to fix it, but doing that is hard. OpenGL's code is there in ME, but I doubt it'll be enabled for people to use.
From what I've heard in past, I thought every line of OpenGL code was being removed altogether. It's good knowing the Devs haven't gone that far. I actually hope it's left enabled just so we can see how often it crashes. :P
Originally Posted by DarkSagaFromSegaLMA0
2: Shadows (PrettySRB2 ATM) - Characters have shadows in openGL. (please merge that in srb2me's software if you can.)
There are actually shadows in the current version's software renderer, but it's just a 64x64 square block underneath the character sprites.
Originally Posted by DarkSagaFromSegaLMA0
3: MD2. - Face it. 3D models? It's what Doom makes you have. Without it, it's not a doom game. Possibly, this is more or less a reason not to have it in SRB2ME xD
lolwut, DooM never had 3D models. MD2's are from Quake II, IIRC.
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