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I was thinking of revisiting this project some time soon. I wasn't able to get a lot of feedback on my last major update, so I'd like to know what you guys think about the gameplay mechanics currently in place for the character, and also if the following bullets sound any good to you.
  • One thing I would like to do is try to condense the gameplay mechanics a little bit. For instance, I'm wondering if it would be better to use rings to replenish fuel or health, eliminating certain variables and item pickups in the process. By doing this, I'm hoping it will be easier to work Proto within certain maps and game modes (esp. Match and CTF, which currently forces me to strip Proto of most of his mechanics).
  • On the subject of Match and CTF: I'm interested in making Proto operate much in the same way he does in SP/Coop, which would be a radical shift in his meta. It would mean Proto using vastly different projectiles from the other characters, and also having completely different health mechanics. I don't play multiplayer, so I would need a lot of feedback in order to balance him correctly.
  • I feel like the "rush" system was a pretty good way of divvying up the pacing, but I'd still like to diversify the core gameplay a little more. I'm considering trying to give him more projectiles in some form. An idea I had was to modify his projectile properties based on what shield Proto was carrying (e.g. elemental shield lets Proto shoot bouncy projectiles, Armageddon allows for missiles with splash, etc.). Perhaps this could also carry over to deathmatch game modes, but I haven't thought it all the way through yet.
  • How do you guys feel about the current enemy warp ambushes? I was wondering if it would be more appropriate to make them situational; for instance, maybe they only start showing up in the level once Proto collects an emerald token.
  • I'd also like to add more enemy types -- in particular, tougher variants of ground enemies like the crawla or face stabber -- that would have a small chance of replacing an enemy already placed inside the map. Proto was ultimately made for combat, and I want to capitalize on that wherever possible.

Real life is slowly killing me, so I can't really make any promises on if/when I'll pull any of this out of my ass. But yeah, if there's enough interest, maybe I'll come out with something kinda neato around the time 2.2 comes out. Whenever that is.

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