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Mod updated to Version 1.1

Version 1.1

•Added 2 new commands!
• Encore: Switch between SRB2 and Encore modes! SRB2 mode is forced on whenever the encore maps are being played on Race and Competition gametype.
• EncoreMaps: Switches between SRB2's main maps and the encore maps. Even when you're playing on a save slot or a no save game!

•Bug fixes:
• Fixed a bug where players get their rings back when they get him when a bot is in the game. (When you select Sonic & Tails through character select)
• Bring back extra life monitors in main maps in race gametype.
• Made the swing chain tower in CEZ2E easier.
• Because Inazuma got released, his specialcolor for his life counter now supports all resolutions. This also applies to Blendcolor.lua
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