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I was curious to see if this was compatible with the add-on that gives Super Tails those Super Flickies that automatically target and attack enemies. It was. Glorious. Now my bot partner is more powerful than I am. Why does he even need me? lol

Edit: Also tried it with Hyper Abilities, which lets me use Hyper Sonic. I remember playing S3&K and wondering why Sonic could go Hyper, but Tails would stay in his base form. Now I've got Hyper Sonic, Super Tails, and the Flicky army of death together in one game breaking package.

One thing I noticed, though. When I move fast enough to leave Tails behind, and he respawns closer to me, it replays the transformation sound effect every time. I restarted the game and tried again with just this add-on to make sure it was this. It's not a deal breaker or anything. It's just a little annoying.

Edit again: Now Tails is going Super when I jump, even if I don't press spin to transform myself. lol

Edit again, again: Okay. I think I found what's triggering it. When Tails is close enough for the prompt to have him carry me appears, and then I jump, Tails transforms. Don't know why. Also, he goes back to normal when he respawns.

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