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Sure, there's finally slope physics in this mod compared to the other mods that have tried to implement slopes, but the slopes in CB are really missing something; they don't have any "launch" to them. When you run off a slope in CB you instantly fall down as if you ran off a straight platform, you don't fly off at an arc like in other Sonic games.

You do actually. The "launch" you're talking about is already in SRB2CB, it's only noticeable if you're going off a steep ramp at a fast speed.


Originally Posted by SSNTails
Impossible to do properly is the key word. An excellent effort here at making ZDoom-like slopes, but if you want to go full monty you're going to hit a wall real fast. If we added them to SRB2, we wanted them to be done properly...which involves rewriting nearly everything.

I honestly have no problem doing a code rewrite - I'm completely aware that this would be completely absurd for an engine like Doom and essentially requires starting over, but it would actually be fun for me to try and I don't mind having to make new octree/BSP systems and map formats since that's what it takes to get there.

I'm also aware that this would pretty much make SRB2CB a separate branch from regular SRB2 both code-wise and gameplay-wise, but I never expected SRB2CB to be incorporated into regular SRB2 anyway.

And actually, SRB2CB uses vectors to define slopes right now, it's a small first step, but it's something. The game uses plane normals for some simple physics such as sliding down and jumping off a slope, and lets MD2 models to rotate to a slope by finding the angle between the player's vector and the plane normal.
If I could just get a complete example of how to do Sonic physics in 3D, I could really get this rewrite going.

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