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Originally Posted by Rumia1 View Post
For CA_NONE characters, couldn't you do something like check if the player has jumped and then pressed jump in the air?
I believe CA_NONE characters are excluded from using it because most if not all characters that have Lua-fueled abilities won't be assigned a normal one and will instead be assigned CA_NONE.

See, when you code an ability for a character and you finally get it to work normally in the vanilla game, you most likely won't be adding any exceptions to add-ons that may confict with it. The Red Star here for example requires the jump button to rise, and multiple characters use the jump button for custom abilities. If the above restriction of CA_NONE was not there, you'd see really silly things like Jasper shooting stars while flying with a Red Star or Shadow using Chaos Control and completely breaking how the Red Star moves the player.

Even having these CA_NONE characters use the Red Star after using a Whirlwind Shield is a little risky... some don't properly check to see if a character can still use their ability, and some people might want their character to be able to perform their ability after using the shield! There's a lot of uncontrollable factors involved with getting an add-on to work with every character out there, and it's much easier (and standard) to simply sanction it to work with vanilla characters and abilities.
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