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Originally Posted by glaber View Post
if 2.1.17 doesn't get released first. The current version does work on 2.1.16 though. But the tgf stages may cause lag.

Ok, I've been seeing a few videos on youtube of people playing the split release of this mod and having issues of missing graphics and music. I wish the split wasn't necessary, but with how the attachment system works here, it is.

so here's what I'm thinking for the next major update. The split release will be a modular one instead of a resource based one. What this means is that each "Exhibit" would wind up in their own wad files with a couple being grouped together based on file size. for example Green Flower would contain all the resources it uses such as extra textures and music, but emblem data would still be handeled by the main wad file that contains the main hub map, Beta Quest, and the TGF stages.

Bear in mind this would only be for the split release as the full release would still be too big in file size.
Will you be splitting the special stages into separate wads or do you not have the special stages from 2.0 and earlier? The demo stages are difficult, especially special stage 2, that one can go die in a fire.
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