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Permanently Banned

MAPM1 - Northern Desert Zone by nightmare cenz/123 Runite - 7/10
The sole shining star in this otherwise garbage contest. I quite liked the basic layout once I got the hang of it. The texturing on the inside area REALLY needs some work, and the item layout could use a lot of refinement, but this stage worked decently well. I'd also suggest putting some details in a few of the rooms that don't have any. There are also probably way too many WRMs in the stage.

MAPM2 - Digital Forest Zone by Metal Fighter - 3/10
This stage is way, way too flat. The visual theme actually works okay, but there's just nothing but a flat expanse with a flat expanse on top of it. You also are using multiples of the weapon panels, which is problematic.

MAPF1 - Frosted Meadows Zone by Nitrous Bunny - 3/10
There's nothing here. It's two big rooms and a connection between them. While there's nothing particularly wrong with the stage, as everything is at least made correctly, there's certainly nothing here to grab the player's interest at all.

MAPF2 - Dead Canyon Zone by A Cat - 0/10
So bad it's good much?

MAPF3 - Heinous Hidehole Zone by RedEchidna - 4/10
The layout seems fine, but something is completely broken and buggy because I shot several people point-blank and missed, and got stuck on many invisible walls.

MAPR1 - Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal - 0/10
This is a cute idea that completely breaks down after the second checkpoint. I have absolutely no idea how to complete that section and there is absolutely nothing in the stage that remotely suggests the method to complete it. Also, when making stupid gimmick stages, don't require startlives. Not a Thokfest has teleports for a reason.

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