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Originally Posted by glaber View Post
Made because I said I'd make the level back during the 1.09.4 days. Medivo was designed as if it was still going to be a part of the now canceled Mod Dimension Glaber. Medivo would had been Zone 3.
Nobody cares.

Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
MAPR1 - Stupid Circuit Zone by Neo Chaotikal - 0/10
This is a cute idea that completely breaks down after the second checkpoint. I have absolutely no idea how to complete that section and there is absolutely nothing in the stage that remotely suggests the method to complete it. Also, when making stupid gimmick stages, don't require startlives. Not a Thokfest has teleports for a reason.
Yeah, I got bored after the second star post. Mind you, it was conceived as a "winner by default" map, so that should give you an idea on the amount of effort put into its design.

I don't expect you to change your vote, but what I was going for with the third room was something that's hard to fight after playing SRB2 the usual way for so many years. Since there is no gravity, you can freely run off platforms without changing your altitude. Having a floor under your feet only dictates whether you can jump or not.

I hope somebody ends up making a proper stage based on this gimmick, because I think it has at least some potential. My map is stupid (hence the name), but hey, it was either that or my other idea, a map with a damaging ceiling so low you can't jump without getting hit.
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