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Originally Posted by glaber View Post
Dated added to help identify current version.
Huh what? Your map was the only one that was updated last week (except Brawl's, but that wasn't even there a week ago). There's no point in adding dates other than confusing everybody.

Spoiler: Single Player
Rainy Jungle Zone Act 1 - 2/10
You clearly have no idea what you're doing, as the death pit disguised as leaves most effectively demonstrates. This was obviously thrown together in a few hours and no thought was spent on how it plays. In short, this is like every other of your levels. The maze was particularly awful, but the rest wasn't too stellar either. Some parts were way too cramped, like the tree hopping at the beginning, and the texturing was totally random (just look at all those colors). The path splits were confusing as always, the scenery items and enemy placement was also random, and the DSZ part was just totally unnecessary (and an eyesore in its own right). You do get some points for having some ideas, like the broken bridges, but there's hardly much to praise in here (and goddamnit, what's with all this Tortured Planet worship lately?)

Medivo Zone - 1/10
The highlight of the contest, and for all the wrong reasons. The one point you did get is simply for entertainment because it was comically bad. I thought of giving you another one or two for the cannonballs and that one neat path split with the fenced "balcony", but honestly, the bad stuff is just so ridiculously bad that you lose those points immediately. So let's rant a bit:

Problem one: The textures. Or the lack thereof. Pretty self-explanatory, but a huge problem, because making a level RED ALL OVER is an awful idea. The visual design (or lack thereof) goes hand in hand with this. There's nothing in this level at all, just the functional elements necessary for the gimmicks. As a test stage for the gimmicks, fine, but as an enjoyable stage, hell no. Immersion is the keyword.

Problem two: The "psudo" slopes. They lag like hell and their physics are awful. There this one slope where I need some speed to make it to the top, but I can gain that speed with a buildup of about 128 fracunits. If I'm too slow, I get transported down very gently and slowly by the conveyor, which looks hilarious. The whole thing would be okay if I actually needed to gain some speed to make it, but Sonic accelerates too quickly for that to work. Therefore, I'm left with lots of lag and a few meters of running.

Problem three: the PolyObjects. The platforming on those is annoyingly tricky because I can't really see them too well, let alone anticipate their movement. I also have no idea why there are cannonballs on the ceiling either. By the way, the first occurrence of these PolyObjects can be skipped with a mere thok. So much for playtesting.

Problem four: the layout. Some path splits were confusing because I didn't know if I was supposed to go there or was going backwards. You even used arrows, but you used them in places where they weren't needed at all, i.e. where there was not path splits. I have arrows, but if you do use them, at least use them where I want them and not just randomly somewhere. Better yet, design the stage so that you don't need any. Problem five is enemy placement, because you had some Egg Guards placed directly after diagonal springs. I like to be able to avoid enemies, thank you.

Now, why did you make this level? Did you honestly think that this mess could be enjoyable. The answer is probably no, but if you did, please stop designing levels altogether. You tried for five years and haven't yet produced a good map. But the actual reason you made this is luckily a different one: to "prove a point", to "break new ground", or better yet "because I said I'd make the level back during the 1.09.4 days". You don't even try to make good maps, you try to make some sort of cool gimmick maps and fall flat on your face all of the time. You haven't made one normal map yet, and incidentally, not one good map either. That, if anything, is Glaber Syndrome.

Make a little nice generic regular map and I promise you it will probably be quite decent. Your warehouse Match level could have been good if it hadn't been for the stupid weapon stacking. Emerald Lake could have been decent if you had not tried to port it as accurately as possible and introduced the stupid invisible barriers. The list goes on. Ditch the gimmicks and you can go somewhere. Otherwise, please don't ever make a map again.

Frosty Floe Zone - 4/10
I said last contest that I wouldn't review your maps anymore because you don't listen anyway, but this map has enough effort for me to take that back and give you a review. This level had some nice ideas, but you didn't spend enough time on fitting these into a good level. The result feels very half-assed and incomplete. The good ideas were the neat waterslide beginning, the custom trees, the falling icicles (although they don't provide much of a threat, try to arrange them in a way that challenges the player), the flamethrower platforms (although they didn't fit thematically) and most other gimmicks that relied on crumbling ice weren't too bad either. Some of the visuals were quite good, such as the 2D part and the first room (which was incidentally one of the smallest ones). I liked how the floor alternated between slippery ice, frosty floor and dense snow every once in a while, which made the level not quite as flat.

But as the level progressed, it grew weirder and emptier. The big tree makes no sense at all, and the yellow and purple textures in the last room don't fit. The entire flamethrower passage feels out of place, even if I enjoyed it quite a bit. In general, most rooms simply didn't have enough content to be interesting, and the platforms you used to get to the next room stuck out like a sore thumb. Try to incorporate the platforming into the visuals in an organic and logical way. The lack of secondary paths and the short length further hurt replay value.

You finally got some nice ideas, now you need to build an attractive level around them. When designing a room, make sure it looks attractive on its own and also make sure it has enough content so it doesn't seem empty. I know that takes ages, but the results are much more rewarding. Single player is only for the patient designers, as really good levels take a few weeks to make at least.

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